Case Studies

Recovery from Gardasil Vaccine

“Sixty days have passed since my daughter had her HPV vaccine, Gardasil. I have my daughter back. While other mothers, unknowing of where to turn, watch while their children lie in their beds too sick to live their lives after Gardasil, my daughter is able to return to the life she knew…Peter Edwards used his expertise and experience to kindly and compassionately guide my daughter back to good health. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to Peter.”

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“I went through a month of hell while my body worked on expelling the toxins but I can honestly say, if you stick to your diet and treatment the rewards are there, and those rewards are good health”.

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Arthritis – Rheumatoid – Reactive – All types

“Today I am like a normal person health wise due to the treatment given by Peter William Edwards. He has given strict dietary instructions; I have stopped taking very dangerous allopathic medical drugs that were poisoning me”.

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“I no longer carry my bulky little Ventolin inhaler around with me. Asthma! What asthma? This cure worked for me!”

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Back, Neck and Spinal Problems

Now an amazing thing has happened. It feels as if all the muscles have relaxed, the tenseness and stiffness has gone and the deposits of whatever (?) around the joints and problem areas have disappeared.

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on the 12th June. My daughter immediately called a naturopath into the hospital, being yourself, and without realizing it at the time this was to change my life completely. I am sure on this day I was given a new life within a life and for this I am truly grateful.

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Children’s Recurring infections & Behavioural Problems

“I was totally amazed, Peter was telling me things about my son that I had been trying to tell doctors for five years.  My husband and I have been astounded at our son’s improvement… He has put an end to my five-year nightmare”.

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Children’s Skin complaints, eg dermatitis psoriasis, eczema

Within just one month her condition had improved and her skin was cooler to touch and the itching was starting to ease. After 3 months, her condition had improved significantly.

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CFS or M.E. (Chronic Fatigue)

So to all the people who have experienced chronic illness I want to say that yes there is hope as long as you accept responsibility for your recovery by changing your lifestyle and following Peter’s advice.

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Digestive and Bowel Disease all conditions

The results are especially astonishing when I consider that after twenty–five years of misery and restriction, (from a legacy of gangrenous appendix and septicaemia), and the resulting chronic Diverticular disease, IBS, toxic bowel and digestive problems from birth, with five major abdominal operations and four hospitalisations for various procedures! I now feel the best in years!

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Fertility Problems

After taking your advice with diet and lifestyle changes, etc., my body responded… My pregnancy went fine and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 8 pounds one and a half ounces on the 7th January. I wanted you to share our joy and to say a big ‘thank you’ for making this possible.

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“Thirty years of headaches stopped in just a few days!
On Peter’s advice I embarked on a special detoxification diet and changed my lifestyle. In less than a few days results and changes followed immediately and dramatically. From a headache every 2nd or 3rd day and dependence of Ergotamine, I went for 3 months without a headache”.

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High Cholesterol

I just have some amazing results from my doctor and can’t wait to tell you. For ten years at least I have had a problem with high cholesterol… These results are truly amazing! Thank you Peter!

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An interesting case study showing how it is possible to improve chromic sleeping problems.

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Macula Degeneration

“The optometrist is of the belief that my left eye has improved, while the eye specialist was amazed that no further degeneration had occurred”.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Patient’s husband ‘in complete shock’ and the extent of his wife’s improvement and recovery!Patient has returned to full time work and is living a normal and more than active life.
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The report below show an remarkable 9.4 PERCENT improvement in bone density in 12 months!

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Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

I now know, due to the results I have already had, that I am heading in the right direction. I also now believe that anyone else with an illness is able to heal themselves if they really want to.

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Ross River Fever

The change over the next few DAYS was miraculous, I had a small weakness in my knees but the rest of my body was pain-free and my energy was coming back.

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Skin Problems

My skin not only improved dramatically but I started losing weight and began to feel better in myself.

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Chronic Sinus – With Serious Pain!

My Dad is a very active 84 year old and has found the cure for a serious sinus problem he suffered for the past 20 years… After a couple of days the pain got weaker until after about 7 days, the pain had gone…Five months later we are very happy with the result.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

By the end of the second week I’d had 2 whole days without any pain. I knew for sure Peter’s therapy was working and I was so impressed. Now, except for a few minor jabs occasionally I am PAIN FREE.

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Weight Loss

28.6 kg lighter, no headaches, full of energy, feeling and looking younger. I’m a new woman thanks to Peter.
New found Health – I have lost 31 kilos. Having dropped three dress sizes!

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