Macula Degeration

I was going blind – but now I can see!

Another case of the incurable being cured!

After a routine eye examination by an optometrist, it was discovered I had a sight problem. I was subsequently referred to an eye specialist who diagnosed my problem as Macula Degeneration. Prognosis – 2 months to 2 years of central vision, then limited peripheral or side vision. There is no medical cure or treatment of Macula Degeneration. I then obtained a second opinion, the diagnosis was the same.

This period of my life was quite depressing. I was 47 years old and faced with having to give up working, driving, reading, not able to watch television. Faced with no alternative, I decided to try naturopathy. I had been recommended to Peter Edwards by a work colleague so, with nothing to lose, and very sceptical, I made my first visit to him.

I am very happy to report that my life has a much rosier outlook. By diet and minimal vitamin supplements, exercise and a very positive outlook on life, my sight is, if anything, clearer than 2 years ago. The optometrist is of the belief that my left eye has improved, while the eye specialist was amazed that no further degeneration had occurred.

My scepticism of natural healing was gone. I now believe you can take control of the state of your body by healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Of course, I had a very good reason to adhere to the rather strict changes to my lifestyle. But, I am now approaching 50 and am much healthier, fitter and more relaxed than I was years ago. I strongly recommend Peter Edwards and naturopathy.

– Lesleigh Ponti, Gold Coast

Again, give the body the right conditions it needs and it will heal itself where it is possible. And within the biological method I use, there is a lot of ‘possibles’!