Under the guidance of acclaimed


Peter W. Edwards ND, PhD. F.R.C.P (MA)


1 July 21: ‘Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies’ and ‘Healthy Ageing Institute’ are now both open and ready to assist aspiring students to realise their potential to fulfil their sense of destiny and become ‘Holistic Practitioners’ through mastering the specific subjects I practice and teach within the Natural Healing Arts.

Please contact me directly to find out more and get started. Your mentor is a highly successful ‘Holistic Physician/Clinician’ of more than 40 years experienced and skilled  in the Natural Healing Arts.

Students have potential to continue studies through an associated university to Degree level with recognition of prior learning for studies completed. 

You think education is expensive, try ignorance! However, the costs of study at this Academy and associated learning establishments are much less that current Naturopathic studies available. 

Evidenced-Based Training in:
The Art and Practice of Biological Lifestyle Therapies.  The Science and Practice of Iridology, Therapeutic Human Nutrition, Biological Detoxification and Revitalisation, Therapeutic/Remedial Massage, Natural Childcare, Digestion and Bowel Restoration and Care
Natural Physical Culture: Structural Balancing, Corrective Exercise, Spinal Decompression, The Art of Gravity Traction
Practitioner Power, Patient Management, Successful Publishing for Successful Practitioners.

Become a Certified Brain Health Trainer

Specific subjects can be studied without doing the full ‘Holistic Practitioner’ course.

It is my personal experience, repeated observation and deep conviction:
People can help themselves when they know what to do.
When the cause of the condition is revealed and the patient is instructed on ‘how to remove it’ and improve their health through healthy living, the committed individual can often achieve recovery and results that were considered impossible by the current medical system.
Correct knowledge in action – Is Power – and can change your life and the lives of those you teach! This is the basis of Biological Lifestyle Therapies. – Peter Edwards

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