Learn 'The Art of Touch' and 'Real' Therapeutic Massage from a highly experienced and skilled Remedial Therapist and Body worker.

Assisting the patient/client in safe and effective physical activity & exercise therapy to stimulating the healing response. Learn from a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, qualified gym and fitness instructor.

While Nutrition is not everything, without Nutrition, everything else is nothing! The course is for awake and aware individuals.

It may not be what you are eating but, What is eating you! Learn how to 'meet the patient / client where they are at'!

Possibly the most important skills for the Complementary Therapist. Learn life-changing techniques to enhance mental wellness, uplift and inspire.

There has never been a more needed time to study Complementary Therapies. While modern medicine will always have its place, it has become very 'hi-tech' and pharmaceutically 'drug based' to the extent, the treatment protocols often cause other problems.

Complementary Therapies on the other hand, are 'non-invasive' meaning, when applied correctly, they 'do no harm' as is written in the Hippocratic Oath. To my mind, Holistic Complementary Therapies are the future of sustainable, reliable healthcare on this planet.

 Correct knowledge in action – Is Power – and can change your life and the lives of those you treat/teach! This philosophy forms the basis of my Holistic Complementary Therapies courses. – Peter Edwards