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Evidenced-Based Training in:
The Art, Science and Philosophy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies, The Science and Practice of Iridology, Healthy Human Nutrition Made ‘Super’ and Simple, Biological Detoxification and Revitalization, Therapeutic and Remedial Massage, Natural Childcare, Digestion and Bowel Restoration and Care, Setting up and conducting a Detoxification and Healing Retreat or ‘Healthy Bed & Breakfast’
Natural Physical Culture: Therapeutic Stretching, Toning, Breathing and Aerobic Exercise, Structural Balancing, Corrective Exercise, Spinal Decompression, The Art of Gravity Traction
Practitioner Power, Patient Management, Successful Publishing for Successful Practitioners

It is my personal experience, repeated observation and deep conviction:
People can help themselves when they know what to do.
When the cause of the condition is revealed and the patient is instructed on ‘how to remove it’ and improve their health through healthy living, the committed individual can often achieve miraculous results.
Correct knowledge in action – Is Power – and can change lives! This is the basis of Biological Lifestyle Therapies. – Peter Edwards

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