Conducting a highly successful clinical practice since 1983, now mentoring dedicated students who aspire to become highly successful Complementary Therapists.

24.2.24 Until further notice,

This Academy is taking no new enrolments.

There is a true saying:

‘A deeper understanding explains complex concepts in simple language.’

Courses at this Academy are created for easy learning, deep understanding and successful application. No packing with unnecessary information or hours. All content is ‘subject specific’ and ready to be downloaded into your computer and assimilated into ‘your mind’.

Your mentor is a time-proven highly successful ‘Complementary Practitioner with 40+ experience in clinical practice ready to assist you.

Students have direct access to their mentor for him to answer any questions and discuss any related topics to the course they are studying.

Graduates can legally practice their skills professionally in Australia and 35+ countries around the worlds. 

This is a family business and course fees are normally far less than the larger colleges.

Courses available Spring 2023.

Unique Training Creates Unique Practitioners!

I am delighted to post a letter from one of my students sharing her experience 10 years following her graduation at this Academy and my Mentorship. Well done Kerrin!

It is with great pleasure that I present this testimonial for Sir Peter William Edwards.  For the past year, Peter has been my educator and mentor whilst studying his array of vitality living and natural health courses.

Thanks to Peters expert and professional delivery of material, regular support and patience and flexibility, I have not only learnt and discovered a wealth of information about the natural health and wellness industry, but also gained a deeper insight into my own aspirations, passion and determination to be a leader promoting the health and wellness message to others.

Within a period of 9 months I have achieved six ‘Certificates of Completion’ from the Peter Edwards Academy, and gained recognized prior learning from ‘Health Schools Australia’ for all subjects completed.

The difference being;

  1. I have experienced, on many occasions, one-on-one, if not small group, practical learning experiences directly from Peter himself, within a real clinical environment.

  2. The intensity of this wonderful and practical learning environment has shaved numerous hours from the usual procedure of enrolling directly into a natural health school environment.

  3. The fee structure at the ‘Peter Edwards Academy’ is a fraction of the cost of all other colleges and is flexible.

  4. Peter structures his course in a way that allows for earlier completion of different official certificates, each leading into the next, therefore a quicker time frame exists between study and working with clients.

Thank you Peter, for the opportunity to study under your motivating, wise, unique and expert guidance.  This year has certainly been a springboard year for me.  Thanks to the support, care and knowledge that you have imparted upon me, I will very proudly be opening ‘Stage One’ of my Health, Wellness & Active Living Centre.

Without hesitation, I would recommend that any person wishing to study within the field of Natural Health and Wellness contact Peter Edwards first to explore the endless possibilities he has to offer.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead, further developing my skills, knowledge and confidence under your mentorship.

Yours sincerely,

 Kerrin Brown


'Whatever you are seeking in life, that is also seeking you'.
This is true and happy are those souls who have an inner resonance driving them towards their source of creativity and expression!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakes”
– Carl Gustav Jung