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Self Help courses that Help You to Help Yourself!

There has never been a more needed time to study the healing arts.

First being able to help yourself. Secondly having the skills and being able to help all who want your help in building their health so strong, it will overcome disease.

BIOLOGICAL LIFESTYLE THERAPIES is a course in the Laws that govern health and life. How and why things happen biologically the way they do and how it is possible that we can work with these set laws to produce positive responses on a personal level.

I would like to shine light on why this course is different to other courses.

In studying the universal Laws of Cause and Effect, it is a course of learning in how to not only read and understand the expressions of the living organism, but also how to work with these laws for a positive outcome be it improved health or greater quality of life.

It is not a course of just giving a disease a name according to the symptoms and then ‘treating’ those symptoms with mainly medicines and remedies!

It is a course that works with the dynamics of the human organism (mind, body, emotions and spirit) to give opportunity for a more complete and vibrant expression of all that is possible and positive within the realm of human potential.

Peter W. Edwards

It is a course of instruction that will:

Teach you how to read the signs, signals and symptoms of the living body and understand them.

Enable you to work with the body’s inherent healing and rejuvenating capacity and powers of resilience.

Show you how to build health so strong it will overcome disease – where it is possible.

Educating people and empowering them to help themselves!

Health building supplements are used but as an adjunct to, not the main course of treatment.

It is a course of learning where you become, as Hippocrates put it, ‘Nature’s Assistant’. We will be working with the powers of creation in us and the Laws of the universe of what we are a part of. You will be working with the dynamic powers of recuperation in the body. You will be educating your patients how to ‘listen to and work with their body’.

Medicines, surgery and good body work will always have their place but, for a lasting positive outcome, lifestyle changes (as in diet, mindset, exercise, whatever is contributing to the cause) have to be made in order to move progress towards its potential.

‘Whatever you are seeking in life, that is also seeking you’.
This is true and happy are those souls who have an inner resonance driving them towards their source of creative and expression!

Finding what you want is the hard part. Knowing it and doing it superbly is much easier!

If the power of this course renovates with you, then not only you may have found what you have been searching for, but something possibly bigger then you has quite significantly found you!

We really do live in an ocean of life. A living universe evolving with creative energy and if we can understand and apply the laws that govern positive creative expression, this will influence how we ultimately experience life.

Luck and misfortune have nothing to do with it. It is all – created to coincide (coincidence) in direct relation to how we use or don’t use our creative instruments, our minds and bodies. We are constantly receiving back, what we are giving out and transmitting. Our body is an expressive instrument and whatever is happening on the inside will be manifesting on the outside. Likewise, when you start moving on the inside – you cannot stand still on the outside!

How can you give what you do not have?

An essential prerequisite to studying this course is that you accept the responsibility to make the most of your opportunity in life and dare to give place, time and energy to cultivate your positive aspirations and ‘sense of destiny’.

Do you want personal health, happiness, success and peace? They come with a price. The price is focus, dedication and discipline in applying ‘correct knowledge’ to your living. This brings me to the title of this course.

Biological Lifestyle Therapies (Natural Health Science)

What is ‘Biological’?
‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘logical’ meaning ‘sense!’‘Bio-logical’ means – ‘Life-Sense’ or Sensible Living (I like to call it ‘Vitality Living’) and this is the beauty of this course. It is a course of ‘wisdom applied to living’ for people with ‘Common Sense’. And please let me remind you, ‘common sense’ is not that common these days and this includes those of great education or high IQ’s. Sadly it is often leaders of business, organisations and Nations that choose unethical action to acquire profit or what they want.

Do not be fooled by this simplicity of this course. I have conducted one of the country’s largest and may I admit, most successful health centres for more than thirty years by simply teaching people how to live sensibly in such a way as to build health so strong, it will overcome disease and greatly improve their quality of life. This is a large reason why this course is different to any I am aware of. I teach a way of listening to and understanding the body (and sometimes life) and not fighting it but rather ‘working with it’ to a positive outcome.

Things fall into place for those who get out of their comfort place to move forward in the direction of their sense of destiny.
Powers grater than our own come to assist us as we go out of our way to help ourselves. The creative mind is a universal magnet attracting
whatever is needed so long as we are creating and maintaining the focused mindset.
No coincidence –
All is to coincide with our dominant aspirations!

A person’s body does not just get sick or a disease for no reason. It certainly does not start attacking itself as many of the modern medical minds would have us believe. This is a misunderstanding of how the intelligence of not only the human body works but also how the universe works. Keep in mind, we can see the dynamic laws of the macro environment by observing the microenvironment.

The body is always responding and expressing. Symptoms are singes that something is wrong within the fabric of your life. Taking medicines to take away the symptoms or stop the body from attacking itself is not a lasting solution and is not working with the intelligence of the body. It certainly gives no credibility to the truth that the body has any instinctive intelligence at all. It creates an illusion that the body is in a constant struggle against itself and floating in a tide of no law or reason! The good news is – there is law and for essential reasons!

The Law of Cause and Effect governs our inner and outer universe.
All is governed and can be predicted and calculated by applying the rules of this law, similar to the language of mathematics. Everything is in balance or striving for balance. Positive or good cause – positive or good effect. Negative or bad cause – negative or bad effect. No cause, no effect! This applies to our minds just as much as it does to our bodies.

Generating a rewarding career and healthy income in this golden age of opportunity, particularly in the field of natural healthcare is not a hard thing to do when you know what to do and how to do it properly. The ‘Wellness industry’ has become one of  the greatest growth industry of our age.

These are the days of a ‘hi tech – high cost’ and ‘low touch – low talk’, drug or supplement taking mentality. However, more and more of the ‘thinking’ modern community are realizing they must take responsibility for their own lives and play an active part in the implementation of ‘lifestyle strategies’ to keep themselves well, out of hospital and off chemical drugs.

Now is the era of ‘health and wellness’ education taught by teachers who ‘know their stuff, walk their talk and dispense correct knowledge of living.’

The Top 5 Percent
If you apply your faculties,
Focus, dedicate and discipline yourself –
You can be in the top 5 percent
of your field in ten years or less!

If you want this, if you work for this and if you are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve this:

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakes”
– Carl Gustav Jung


Vitality comes from the word ‘Vital’ meaning ‘Vibration’
Health is the ‘vibration of life’. Good health – strong ‘bright’ vibration.

Vibration is a resonance of energy.
Radiation of living energy that has intelligence and purpose.

To be vital is to resonate freely and unrestricted and in harmony with the laws that govern us and the universe in which we live.

Living, experiencing, expressing ‘flow freely and fully’ within the ocean of life of this living universe, being one with the wholeness of universal law and order enjoying all there is because in reality, you are part of everything that is.

And this is not just a course in ‘health’
This is a course in living – Vitality Living!

Introducing your teacher



Now let’s get down to business!

Following over 40 YEARS experience in the healing arts and practicing as a Natural Health Practitioner for most of that time, I have developed what I call, ‘Biological Lifestyle Therapies’ – ‘Teaching the Fine Art of Healthy Successful living’.

Here I am proud to offer a course of study to share this method that has proven to be not only biologically safe and effective, but also, capable of empowering people to achieve in a minimum of time, reliable excellent results! The texts for the courses are a selection of the books, E-Books and recordings in my ‘Vitality Living’ Series. Also, I have written extensive notes for many subjects including downloadable DVD’s plus questionnaires for each text and a study guide.

I will teach you how to work with the dynamic healing and rejuvenating energies of the body.
This information is essentially what I have learned from 3 areas:

1/My extensive studies and research

2/Very importantly my own life experience

3/From treating hundreds of thousands of patients.
The information I share is not offered nor taught in the current medical system and Government approved complementary medicine and natural health teaching institutions. Why? Because the method I teach is ’empowering to the individual’ and insists that they take responsible for their own health and life.

The ‘Natural Healing Arts’ is quickly becoming a lost art. How seldom do we find a ‘healthy health practitioner’ teaching ‘how to be healthy’ and showing their patients how to effectively empower themselves to take control of their own lives and futures? The opposite is true with more and more reliance on medicines, even ‘natural medicines’ with little regard for the innate and dynamic healing powers within the human body itself.

It is not only the medical profession that is missing the mark in the effective treatment of the sick and the implementation of ‘preventative medicine’ to keep the healthy well. The philosophies and power of the true art of natural health and healing have been diluted and colored by the controlling dyes of medical and Government regulations upon Government approved institutions teaching complementary medicines (all based upon the advice of modern research by the large  pharmaceutical companies)  to the extent they are so ‘complementary’, they now teach the similar medical mentality but use ‘natural medicines’ instead of drugs.

They train their students in patient medication protocols with little regard for patient education. This method, like the medical profession it follows, has short term relief of symptoms but is often deficient in the long term as it does not give attention to clearly identifying and removing the underlying cause of disease which is to be found in the fabric of a person’s life (how they think, feed and treat themselves and move their bodies). Simply, the cause can be found, in their lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, they give little or no importance to working with the dynamic healing energies and rejuvenation powers found in the living body except through the use of medicines. Most of the complementary health industry has climbed onto the medical bandwagon and become another profit driven, billion dollar industry promoting all sorts of ‘natural’ medicines and remedies to treat just about anything.

It is also not surprising that the people of this modern era are popping more pills and potions, following more diets and are more unhealthy, obese and mentally unstable than any time in the history of this planet. Is it any wonder there are more physical and mental wrecks and less people dying of old age? (20 million prescriptions in 12 months in Australia for anti-depressants speaks for itself as we only have 23 million people!)

While medicine and intelligent supplementation has its place, the Latin phrase ‘VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE’ expounding ‘The healing power of nature’ has all but been forgotten or just given lip service in most complementary medicine teaching institutions of this day.

The greatest industry of growth and potential in the 21st Century is the health and fitness industry. Self-help through education and positive lifestyle adjustments is the key to a new lease on life with lasting vitality (and teaching this is also a thriving career!)

I would like to teach you how to become ‘Health Educators’,
Not just ‘proscribers of supplements’ to cater for

Here, in the courses I present, I will teach you how to understand and utilise the innate powers of nature to produce biological healing and rejuvenation in its dynamic action and response within the human body. I offer you a course of study and specific training in the art and practice of ‘biological lifestyle therapies’, an art in the finest sense that is seldom found in this somewhat ‘lost’ modern world of what I have described as the ‘hi tech – high cost’ and ‘low touch – low talk’, tablet-taking mentality of the modern community.

I offer a living philosophy of
Building health so strong – it will overcome disease!
‘Lifestyle education is not only the most powerful form
of preventative medicine, it is also the single best cure!’

In this course, I have the role of your ‘mentor’. I would like to discuss with you the concepts you are learning about in order to assist your understanding to become more complete.

Are you looking for a good teacher? I’m looking for a good student!
One of the great strengths of this course is that it is ‘Evidenced-Based Training’ taught by someone who, as a healthcare professional has had more than a quarter of a century of highly successful experience in fulltime clinical practice.

This exposure is essential if you are to develop the ‘Practitioner Power’ you need for your own successful clinical practice!

Why have so many people recovered from so-called ‘incurable diseases’ with this method of treatment and healthcare?

It is not ‘the man’ but, ‘the method’ he uses! Now these biologically sound, safe and effective methods are offered to you! You can learn this method too.