ND, PhD, D.Litt, F.R.C.P. (M.A)

Former Professor

of Health Science

Holistic Clinician of 39 years

Correcting the Chemistry, Structure and Function of the Mind and Body. Treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Wellness and Vitality in our Advancing years does not happen by accident or good luck. It is planned for and created just like wise financial planning. Wise Self care is the most powerful method of Health Care on the planet. Be empowered and take control of your own health and life.

Providing Unique courses in Natural Wellness, Self Care and the Natural Healing Arts.

Learn how to get well, be well and stay well – Naturally! For personal & family investment or, professional qualifications. The Health Care of the wise – Is Self Care’.

Learn from former Visiting Health Science Professor and experienced clinician of 40 years, Peter Edwards ND, PhD.

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Online Store. Products created to Empower you to Help Yourself!

Peter’s years of practice and life experience has enabled him to develop some excellent ‘Self-help’ products. The Human organism is incredibly resilient and has a huge capacity to heal itself. Let Peter show you how you can help yourself where it is possible!

Ross River Fever

If you are suffering the debilitating physical and mental  effects of Ross River Fever, Be Aware – There Is Hope! Successfully overcoming this disease is possible. Please see what my ‘Revitalised’ patients say about their Full Recovery experience.

Also my latest addition of ROSS RIVER FEVER NEWS – Click below:

Ross River Fever and Dengue Fever Viruses