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Consultations, Treatments, Private Sessions.

Award winning Natural Holistic Physician and Author. Appointments in person or Consultations via phone/Skype as ‘Distance Consultations’ are also available.

Gain the power to Free yourself from this severe and debilitating virus.

75 to 90 % Reduction in pain, fatigue and other associated symptoms in less than 2 weeks for most.

A proven successful program for Eradicating the Ross River Virus.

Category Books

Online Store. Products created to Empower you to Help Yourself!

Peter’s years of practice and life experience has enabled him to develop some excellent ‘Self-help’ products. The Human organism is incredibly resilient and has a huge capacity to heal itself. Let Peter show you how you can help yourself where it is possible!

Enhancing Digestion, Detoxification, Revitalisation and Hormone Regulation

More energy? Raw materials to restore, revitalise and rejuvenate on all levels. Would you like to function better, feel and perform better and think clearer? Lower cholesterol, Increase Bone density? Reshape your body? We are on the same page!