Naturopathic Holistic Physician. Clinical Nutritionist, Therapeutic Exercise & Remedial Therapist

Adjusting and Balancing the Chemistry, Structure and Function of the Mind and Body. Revealing the Cause of Health and Disease. Showing you how to help yourself.

‘While Nutrition is not everything. Without Nutrition, Everything else is Nothing’!

Practicing & Teaching – HEALTH! How to Revitalise/Rejuvenate and heal yourself where it is possible. Building Health so Strong it overcomes disease.

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Online Store. Products created to Empower you to Help Yourself!

Peter’s years of practice and life experience has enabled him to develop some excellent ‘Self-help’ products. The Human organism is incredibly resilient and has a huge capacity to heal itself. Let Peter show you how you can help yourself where it is possible!

Enhancing Digestion and Balancing Hormones

Improving your digestive capacity is one of the most important things we can do to improve our wellness on All levels! Hormones? Without balance here, nothing else works! Giving females their mind and body back through hormone regulation and balancing.