Four Unique Formulas to:

Life Culture Pre/Pro Biotic – Improve your ability to Digest, Assimilate, Eliminate and Process foods and fuels *

Balance Hormones and give females their mind, body, stable emotions and life back

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Life Culture Pre/Probiotic to be taken for at least three months. This will repopulate the gut, particularly the small intestine, with beneficial flora conducive to supporting healthy digestion. It will assist in replacing abnormal and unhealthy putrefactive flora that may be contributing to an unhealthy systemic chemistry that may feed the virus.

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Apart from the hot flushes, painful & irregular periods,

Have you ever felt like you were going ‘crazy’ and could not control yourself or do anything about it?

Well, you are not alone! Stories of beautiful feminine spirits and for that matter, true gentlemen loosing it and becoming much less than their graceful best self fill the annals in history of the human species. Everything can be right in life but if the hormones are not right, forget everything else! Talk about a female Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! All this can be alleviated and bought to a point of grace, poise and personal power again if you are will to try this little herbal for yourself. I do recommend a consultation if your symptom picture is chronic and particularly eventful. The formula can be formulated for your individual needs.

Supporting the hormone secreting glands in a gentle enhancement towards physical wellness and mental ‘balance peace and poise’. The Pituitary Gland in the brain is the governing gland of the body and excerpts a powerful influence upon all the other glands of the body and in particular, the ovaries.

This formula has been described as ‘giving ladies their mind back’. Proven successful in reducing hot flushes, pain and heavy discharge with monthly cycle of elimination.

A must for relieving ‘change of life’ symptoms in menopause. Helping you to ‘wink again and mean it’!

‘The Pituitary gland I liken to ‘The Sun of your hormone/emotional universe’. All the other hormone glands revolve around it like smaller planets. All are subject to it and are influenced by it. Supporting this gland is supporting your wellness universe on all levels’. – Peter Edwards