Ross River Fever/Virus

Ross River Fever/Virus

If you have found this website, there is a strong chance you or someone close to you is suffering from the devastating effects of Ross River Fever-Virus (RRF). I have been in professional clinical practice for over 40 years and can honestly report, this has to be one of the most painful and debilitating conditions anyone can get. That is – until you know how to treat it and overcome it and this is where I may be able to help.

It is my experience that there are no supplements, medicines or vaccines that will kill the Ross River Virus. Symptoms can be slightly relieved by certain remedies but that is all. Without the effective treatment, the condition tends to remain or subside for a period then return again and again.

I have discovered that the virus cannot survive in a quickly alkalised systemic chemical environment which is produced within the special biological detoxification and revitalisation program I have created. 

The method I use has proven to be successful in over 90 percent of cases so long as the patient follows my instructions carefully. 

Please read the case studies below and see the positive experience my patients have had with completely overcoming RRF by following my biological detoxification program.

If you are suffering from RRF and condition has not improved, I recommend you have a consultation with me and I am quietly confidant we can achieve a lasting positive outcome within a short period of time so long as there is no other underlying disease condition complicating your health.


Peter Edwards

December 2016 – How I over came Ross River Virus thanks to Peter Edwards

I was a fit, strong, motivated 39 yr old that loved life and then I contracted RRV in April 2016 and my life changed drastically.

One week before my 40 th birthday I woke up one morning with a rash all over my body and my initial thoughts were I’ve had an allergic reaction. As the day progressed I noticed that my hands and feet started aching and my knees felt inflamed. I woke up the next day and couldn’t walk . It felt like I had broken every bone in my feet. I couldn’t bend my knees to walk down our stairs, couldn’t pour a glass of water, every joint was painful and I felt extremely old. I was really scared.

I went to my GP and was sent home with anti-inflammatories and antihistamines as they thought that I had an allergic reaction. I wasn’t convinced that it was a reaction as after I finished my course of anti-inflammatories all my symptoms came back again . A blood test confirmed  that I had Ross River Virus . My GP basically said there isn’t anything you can do except take these prescriptive drugs and rest . You will have it for a min of 6 months -1 year. I walked out feeling like I was just given a life sentence.

For the next 4.5 months I struggled with life. I was so depressed, in pain, extremely tired and I looked and felt old. I had my ankles strapped every day because they were so sore to walk . I would sit in a hot bath and just cry, and think what is happening to me, what has happened to my life. I had lost control of every aspect of my life.

I was at my lowest point ever and I excused myself from the table one evening and went into my bedroom. I didn’t even bother turning on the light, I just sat on the bed in the darkness, reached for my phone and whispered ‘please somebody help me’. I started researching and googling about Ross River hoping I would find a magic solution. Then appeared on my screen was Patricia’s video about how she survived Ross River virus with the help of Peter Edwards detoxification and rejuvenation program. And there I found Peter. I couldn’t believe he was located 10 minutes around the corner from me. Why didn’t I find him earlier ?? Everything happens for a reason.

The next day I called Peter and the appointment was made for the following day. This was the beginning of my journey back to health and boy, it has been amazing . Truely amazing!

Peter put me on his detoxification and rejuvenation program which is outlined in his book ‘Vitality, Virility and Longevity’. In that week I noticed a huge difference I couldn’t believe how well I felt and so clear in my mind as I suffered brain fog as well as all the aches and pain’s. Fast forward 3 1/2 months and I am now running my dog, lifting weights feeling and looking better than I did before I contracted RRV. I have learnt so much whilst been under Peters care. I read all his books, I followed his instructions word for word, I did everything he said. I was desperate to get better.

Peter didn’t only treat me for RRV , he educated me, he gave me the power and life lessons to carry on. He taught me how to be in control of my thoughts which has given me the power to conquer anything in life.

I am so so grateful that I found Peter. I can’t thank you enough, you have saved my life. I have my life back thanks to you  and I am so excited for the future. I have been telling everyone about you so just be prepared, you are going to be vet busy (LOL)

For ever grateful Nicole Peterson ??

Before : This  was taken the day I started Peters detoxification program. Death warmed up . Completely devitalise

After : This was taken exactly 3 months after my first visit with Peter. Healthy, strong and 100% revitalised!












From: Markus Israng
Subject: Markus Israng
Date: 14 May 2017 5:16:13 pm AEST
To: Patricia Edwards <


Dear Patricia and Peter

I would like to thank you for helping me to get rid of my Ross River Virus.
I have contracted the virus in February 2017 either after visiting
Broome or here in the Perth hills. Thankfully I have had only mild
symptoms compared other sufferers but the pain in my joints and muscles
was nothing I have ever experienced. At times it was so bad that I was
unable to move from the sofa to the kitchen to get some water or go to
the toilet without the help of my wife. Immediately after the symptoms
started I contacted my Naturopath here in Perth who put me on
intravenous Vitamin C and liver support medications. I also had help
from our Kinesiologist and a device called Rife machine. All those
therapies together helped me a lot and the symptoms were bearable.
A facebook page called ‘Ross River Virus sufferers’ pointed me in the
direction of Peter and Patricia from Vitality Living in Queensland. I
ordered the e-book Vitality, Virility and Longevity. The book just made
sense that I have to change my mind set and my nutrition in order to
overcome the virus and I booked a ‘distance consultation’ with Peter. We
had the interview on the 26th of April and Peter put together a detox
plan  for me.
On the 1st of May I started the detox plan for seven days. I actually
enjoyed the diet and I did not feel hungry at all. Towards the end of
the seven day diet, I started to feel the change coming on. I have to
add that my symptoms have not been too bad at the start of the diet but
were still there like a dull pain – maybe I just got accustomed to the
pain. The change was like someone had hit the ‘restart button’ as
described in Peter’s book. I have lots of energy, the pain has gone and I
feel better than before the whole RRV thing started. I feel less
exhausted and tired even after doing a long shift at work and my sleep
has improved as well. I am able to start my training with our beautiful
huskies again and look forward to the sledding season.
Thanks again, Peter and Patricia, you have given me and my family my
life back.

On 30 Dec 2014, at 10:04 pm,

Hi Peter,
Happy New Year to you and Patricia .
I would like to bring you up to date with my sickness (Ross River Fever). I had my sickness return on the 17th November and continued until 2nd Dec. Months before you told me that I would have my sickness come back for a period and then completely recover. That has happened. After the last day on Dec 2nd of my sickness, I have been completely healthy.

I haven’t had any symptoms at all, not tied or anything else. I feel well. I might add that when it came back, I felt as bad as I did months before. Completely wiped out, no energy and very sore feet.

I would like to thank you for your help and wish you well for the future. I do hope I have no need to call you again and that I stay healthy. I am staying close to your diet, except for seafood at Christmas.

Kind Regards
Terry Jones

Are you looking for a ‘Lasting Positive Outcome?

It has been my experience that all who develop this condition are in reality ‘set up for it’ long before they got it. I would like to share three case histories that I hope will help to clear up some misconceptions. Different individuals living in different areas of the country with different lifestyles and environments. All having similar symptoms and all being medically diagnosed as having Ross River fever. All these people have successfully recovered from this condition and have moved on and found ‘A New Lease on Life’ again. All were educated in the cause of their disease and shown how to effectively remove the underlying causes and revitalise themselves. All who follow my recommendations responded the same – positive with complete recovery!

There is an effective natural treatment for Ross River Fever.

Are Medicines and Supplements the answer?
Supplements can ease the pain and assist in a moderate recovery however: There is a much swifter more effective way! Nothing can take the place of a well organised detoxification plan to once and for all get on top of this condition.
You got this disease in the first place because your chemistry was conducive as a host to this particular microorganism carried by the mosquito. Unless you address the chemistry side of the story, results are slow and most often limited. The body systemic chemistry must be cleansed and made unsuitable for the virus to remain in and survive. Please view the videos and read the accounts from patients who have all fully recovered from what was very serious and chronic Ross River Virus.

Peter’s Book ‘VITALITY’ tells you what to do. 

April 2018. “Hi Peter,

I was lucky to be guided to your website by researching case studies early after being diagnosed with RRV on 19 February.  I believe that I must accept everything that comes into my life or goes out of my life and there is a reason for everything, so I took a positive stand and look at this virus as a cure for my already osteoarthritic knees.  It seemed to go straight to the weakness in my body which was my legs. I purchased your book and followed the detox program immediately as, when you are in so much pain, it creates “discipline”. I am 64 years of age and have benefitted greatly from this and I look forward to playing tennis again soon and returning to my exercise regime without pain.  I attribute my success to the detoxification program and thank you for the help you have given me.

Regards – Marilyn Pryor”

Vitality Cover copy

Specialised Consultations to treat Ross River Virus are available in person or by phone with Leading Australian Naturopath Peter Edwards. Also, Specific Ross River Fever Recovery stays are now conducted here at Peter Edwards Vitality Living Detox and Healing Retreat.

Another Success Story

What was happening to me? I was always a healthy, active person and now at age ‘only’ 61 I was feeling like a very old decrepit person. My whole body ached, I couldn’t walk without pain let alone run. It was not possible to do the gardening or housework (no that wasn’t an excuse). I had to pull myself up and crawl into bed as I couldn’t lift my legs and then wake during the night with every move I made because of the pain. I then found I could no longer lift my right arm, it just hung down my side and I had to use my left arm for everything and that was sore too. I visited an osteopath who was dumbfounded and sent me to have X-rays. The same day I visited a GP who had a blood test done right away for Ross River Fever. The result was positive and then I understood why it was called roaming arthritis. One day my legs would feel stronger and I managed to do a little work outside on our large property, only to find the following day I could hardly walk down the stairs.

The doctor prescribed Stillknox to help me get some sleep and anti inflammatories to stop the pain. I took the prescription then threw it in the bin! There was no way I would resort to taking this medication especially after all I had heard about them. I had heard Ross River Fever could last for many years and sometimes never go away, some people were unable to work again and some were on crutches. I decided to go to a Naturopath who gave me some supplements to help clean the liver and kidneys and I took the supplements religiously.

I very slowly noticed an improvement and I was able to start lifting my right arm a little. Over the following five months I found there were some days I could walk but my knees were weak and I could not get down onto the floor, and there was no way I could get up! Knee and shoulder pain would wake me at night and I took three Panadol through the night just to get off to sleep again.  I had rarely taken any form of tablets all my life and suddenly I was taking all these tablets!

After seven months I was talking to a friend on the phone and she asked me to go horse riding with her. I told her I didn’t think I would ever be able to ride again the way I was feeling and that I had Ross River Fever. She then said she had also had Ross River Fever for many years until she visited Peter Edwards and his detoxification diet was the only thing that helped her. So I visited Peter and followed his instructions. I took time out for myself and slowly spooned watermelon three times a day for three days then on the third night I lay in bed feeling very unwell. I was home alone and could not move. As this feeling progressed, I felt like something shifted inside me in my stomach area. I felt nauseous and as if my insides were turning over. After an hour or so it settled and I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning feeling the best I had felt for a long long time. I had a fruit breakfast and the alkalising broth and salad lunch following the instructions Peter Edwards had given me.
The change over the next few DAYS was miraculous, I had a small weakness in my knees but the rest of my body was pain-free and my energy was coming back. Apart from taking Peters Metabolic Formulas I was taking no tablets and feeling so good that all I could think of was how thankful I was to Peter for giving me my health back.
I am now a fit 62 and pain free.

Another satisfied customer! The patient was prepared to do anything and sometimes this is exactly what is needed! Willingness to do ‘whatever it takes’.

Now one year later, the patient has never looked back!

Case History Number 2

A young man in his late thirties presented to my clinic with chronic tiredness, re-occurring headaches, very painful joints, a constant supply of mucus and phlegm, no drive mentally and some depression.

He is a carpenter and has his own building company. His condition had become so bad it was seriously affecting his ability to carry on his work. Medical blood tests up until then had shown he had previously had glandular fever, although the day after his initial visit to me he phoned and related quite seriously his doctor had just confirmed his blood test revealed Ross River fever. I informed him that was just a name and would not change anything in our approach to restoring his health. This young man was an excellent patient. He did everything I asked of him, including having as much time off work as was needed for his body to revitalise and restore itself.

He rested, did the full detoxification and revitalisation program and went about supplying his body with all the needed biological requirements for health restoration and healing. The patient returned after two weeks and reported he was feeling slightly better in himself. His joints were not as painful, he was not so tired and he had lost 4 kg. I assured him this was 4 kg of ‘the bad stuff’ that had been eliminated from his body and that is why he was feeling better. I advised him, ‘Keep resting and give your body all it needs to recover!’ He left happily in agreement.

Two weeks later, being one month after the first visit, he returned. He was sore all over, even old sporting injuries were giving trouble. This was the reversal process where old symptoms return as the body is actively working on these areas of degenerative tissue. I reassured him about what was taking place and told him to just rest and continue doing what he was doing, and when his temperature rose above 37 degrees Celsius to have nothing but water and rest on his bed. No sun or mild foods – just fast and rest.

And this is exactly what happened. He began to get a very bad headache like at the very beginning of his sickness and that same night he got a fever. This was the healing crisis I had spoken of to him at the beginning of our treatment. His body had been allowed to develop and gather the necessary biological energy where it was able to make a ‘special effort of cleansing’ to remove and eliminate the unwanted poisons from the body. Fever is not caught it is produced! When it comes it is the sign the body is in a state of self-healing. Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, ‘Give me a fever – and I will cure anything.’

This is when fasting and rest is mandatory to allow the body the uninterrupted opportunity to use all the biological energy it can to correct and restore normality to the inner environment. This was by far the most beneficial thing he could possibly do at this time. This is an example of the principle of nature, ‘Do less and accomplish more.’ When the body produces fever, this is an increase in the process of metabolism, specifically catabolism. The breaking down and destructive process of cellular regulation and repair. Damaged tissue must be decomposed and removed so that the new cells and life to follow are able to replace them. Once again we see a dynamic, self-regulated, integrated system of order in progress. Always towards the wellness and benefit of the whole.

The patient returned again just over one week later and was able to report 75 percent improvement in his overall condition. Three weeks later he was to return and report 90 percent improvement. I advised he could plan to return to work the following week with the strict instructions he was to take it very easy to begin with and steadily build up from there, feeling his way and above all, listening to the communication of his body. I must mention, he was already learning to do this.
For the previous two weeks I recommended he do some light work around the home just to feel how his body responded and to, if possible, build up some stamina physically. This he was happy to do, however he reported even light work set him back to begin with. But this improved as he was patient and worked with his body not against it. I feel anyone who is recovering from a chronic disease condition, particularly something like this, must be mindful of the following advice: The three greatest physicians are Nature, Time and Patience. You cannot rush what the body and the laws of nature working in that body are trying to do.

Nine weeks later he returned and was happy to report he had been very well. He returned to work as planned, however he couldn’t take it as easy as he had hoped. He was back to 10-hour days on the job and then another two hours after that doing bookwork, quotes, etc. He had returned to basketball and tennis and was feeling more energy than he had had in a long time. He was retiring earlier and was waking earlier bright and ready for the day. He had lost 11 kg and was happy with his new healthier weight and new-found energy.

This energy was the result of supplying his mind and body with the biological conditions they needed to restore vitality.

This person has shared his own account in the hope it may ‘give hope’ to others who may be going through a similar experience.

My name is Gordon and I am 38 years old. I have been a patient of naturopath Peter Edwards for approx. 5 months. On recommendation I took myself along to his clinic after not being very well for approximately one month.

I had been to my medical practitioner during this month and on my first visit complained of not being very positive about things and generally feeling depressed. This was not normal and with a happy marriage, two beautiful little daughters and no financial problems I felt something was wrong. I had blood tests which came back with negative results. Within 10 days following my first visit to the doctors I started to show physical signs that something was wrong. I seemed to be tired all the time, sore in my joints and basically, had no go in me. Another lot of blood tests were taken with results showing I had at some time contracted glandular fever. But after a visit to a specialist was advised that the glandular fever virus was not active now and that I was probably just suffering from some type of bad virus.

Another week passed and by this stage I was finding it difficult to pick my feet up off the ground and the soreness in all my joints had become arthritic. Another visit to the doctors and pathology and within a few days got results back showing I tested positive for Ross River fever. My doctor advised me that the worst symptoms such as sore joints and tiredness normally lasted approximately 3 months and all effects from the virus could sometimes take about 18 months to pass, with some cases usually taking longer.

The doctor had told me the only thing he could give me for the Ross River virus was painkillers for the soreness and I would have to let the healing process follow its own course. It was at this stage that I decided to make an appointment to see Peter Edwards.

On my first visit to Peter he advised me that my body was ‘set up’ for contracting this condition and that I would need to make some adjustments to my sleeping habits (averaged about 6 hours a night) and diet, which he said all contributed to my illness. He also advised me that I had a problem with my liver and had so for some years although I had not known this. This he explained was why I had for the past years always had a problem with phlegm in the throat.

My new diet for the first three days consisted of just fresh juices (no citrus). This he described as a cleansing process. On the fourth to seventh day my diet changed and consisted of fruit for breakfast e.g. rockmelon, watermelon and pawpaw. Lunch was potassium broth and a salad of vegetables. Dinner consisted of 2 or 3 steamed vegetables and potassium broth. Fruit was eaten between meals if required. During my time on this diet my only side effects were one headache which lasted approximately 2 hours.

When it came to going to bed I was always late into bed and up early, late being about 11 p.m. to 12 p.m. and up about 5.15 a.m. Since being with Peter I have changed this and am now in bed about 9.30 p.m. and up at the same time 5.15 a.m. The difference in my thinking capacity and physical drive has been most noticeable, and of great benefit to my building business.

On starting back at work about 3 months ago I found within two weeks I was back into a consistent working routine. I work a 9 to 91⁄2-hour-day and then come home and make the phone calls associated with the building game. Then there is the occasional nights of book work.

Prior to contracting Ross River fever I played tennis and basketball and have recommenced these activities in the past two months. These sports are each played once a week. Tennis – 2 hrs of men’s doubles on Monday nights and basketball for 40 minutes on Wednesday nights. I find no problem playing and would comment that the loss of weight has helped in these activities.

In conclusion I would like to comment that I have never felt better both physically and mentally and have no hesitation in recommending my current lifestyle and habits as being that of a very good nature for both myself and my family.

– Gordon Ashmore.

The recovery this patient experienced from physical decrepidness and mental despair had all taken place over a period of four months. The normally accepted time frame for recovery is 48 months, and it is well known that many not only suffer the symptoms of this condition much longer than this period, but also drift into chronic fatigue syndrome. This is no surprise because although the patients are advised to rest, and they do, they still do not understand the reason, or more specifically the underlying cause of their dis-ease and hence do not know what to do to fully recover from it!

This is why having an understanding of the cause of health and how to maintain it is so important. This automatically reveals the underlying cause of disease and how to prevent it. As you will read in my books and hear me say so often, ‘knowledge is power’ – power to change your life.

I did not cure or heal this man, however I was able to show (educate) him how to ‘produce healing within his own body’. When the laws that govern our wellbeing are complied with, health is the inevitable result.

Health is the result of healthful living. When people live in harmony with their physiological needs, health is the inevitable result. Intelligent health care is self-care.

Case History Number 3

A female, 46 years of age, phoned from North Queensland with a bad case of what the doctors diagnosed as Ross River fever. She was at the stage where her whole life was being affected by it. She had constant headaches and what she described as terrible pain in her hips, hands, left leg and feet. Her hands and feet were also swollen to the extent she could hardly walk. She had been given anti-inflammatory drugs but she had worked out for herself this wasn’t the long-term answer, plus they did not stop the pain. I recommended she try to get down to see me personally in the near future if possible. However, until then I suggested she start a detoxification and revitalisation program immediately. I posted her the information that day.

After two weeks the patient phoned and reported no headaches and she was feeling better in herself. The pain and swelling also had improved. Two weeks following this, which was one month after the first consultation by phone, the patient was able to make it down to see me personally.
She came in looking like an old woman, shuffling and creeping along as if she was ‘death warmed up’. She reported very bad pain in her joints again. It was during this first visit that I was able to see clearly the main contributing cause of her degenerating condition. She was having a great deal of ongoing personal stress and anxiety, combined with a general feeling of hopelessness.

As I spent some time with her it was clear to see there were some very real areas of ongoing distress in her life. For months she had been living in a state of fear. Finally, this sickness and physically depleted state that she found herself in was like the last burden she could carry. She felt hopeless, didn’t know what to do or where to go. It was only when one of my former patients met this woman and saw her suffering, she was able to share with her how her sister had been in a similar condition and now was well. This gave her a glimmer of hope that she acted upon and I am grateful to relate, it was the beginning of the end of her suffering.

This lady needed ‘medicine for her soul’. I explained to her, unless she could find some inner peace and release all this stress and pent-up emotion, any changes to her diet or lifestyle would have little effect. I suggested she have some treatment with myself, some therapeutic massage to release some of the tension in her body. More important than the massage however, this gave me time to talk to her and explain the cause of her disease. I gave her some counselling in an effort to help sort out her mind and emotions. This proved to be very effective. I recommended she buy a book or two to give her a lift and this did prove to be ‘medicine for her soul’. I also recommended some corrective exercises for her to do every day to loosen and wring out her heavily burdened and toxic-laden body tissues.

The most important course of action in this case was to remove the negative contributing mental and psychological factors. These by far outweighed the other contributing causes of her condition. Unless she could start to think positively and see and feel some hope for herself, this condition would only degenerate further into chronic fatigue and become a part of her life. Bad or negative thoughts and fear make bad blood. Stress makes stress acids the body cannot handle. Attention to diet, rest and exercise alone would not be sufficient because this patient was burning up biological energy faster than her body could produce it. A day of stressful living uses as much energy as a week of productive work. No wonder she felt the way she did. The stress had been going on for years. You cannot find rest if you cannot find peace in your mind and heart.

Nothing we can do in this world and in our whole lifetime can truly be enjoyed and appreciated unless we are at peace with ourselves. If ongoing stress (fear) is present, dietary considerations, exercise programs, therapeutic body work, operations, whatever, all have little effect in removing the underlying cause of suffering unless peace is achieved and maintained in the mind, emotions and heart. No success in the world, can compensate for lack of self acceptance and inner peace. The words of Dr Edward Bach are worth repeating here:

There is no true healing without a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.

And it was the great psychologist William James of Harvard University that made this remarkable statement:

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

The counsel was given and accepted, and what was the result? Peace of mind. And with this peace came a sense of self worth. The detoxification and revitalisation (mentally and physically) gave health, and yes, healing. This patient was given a new mental resource, a new program to put in the computer of her life to reprogram her thinking and functioning. She accepted the new program with faith, pressed the ‘enter’ button and took action. The result? She was able to remove the mental virus that was contributing greatly to her health problems on all levels.

The breaking of the destructive physical, mental and emotional cycle gave her mind and body the opportunity to rest for the first time in years. The body is the servant of the mind and will respond and follow the commands and dictates of the mind. If the mind and emotions are confused on an ongoing basis, the physical body will be confused accordingly. Its function and all areas of operation will be compromised because of the background cry of ‘distress’ within the body. We have an ‘intellect on all levels’. The cells of our body are a loving, nurturing and interdependent society and are aware of what is going on in the room upstairs (the mind). Because of this, how you think has a very real effect upon how you function and how you function directly affects how you feel, your appearance and how you perceive life. Truly, enervation, lowered nerve force is caused more by our thoughts, how we choose to think more than anything else. This I explained to my patient and the importance of finding happiness and peace in herself, in her own interests and purpose for living.

She was a good student, she listened to my counsel and did her own study. She humbly applied what she found and her health and life was transformed by it. I have recently seen this patient, she looked wonderful and that is exactly how she is functioning and feeling and that was her exact response when asked how she was feeling, ‘WONDERFUL!’

She looks 15 years younger and she now wears the most beautiful, serene smile. She is happy and has inner contentment. She has lost 9 kg and has new life and a fresh start to living. This transformation did not come from just changing her diet and telling her to rest and stop worrying. No, this type of transformation takes place on the soul level. When a person becomes so low in body, mind and spirit that they are willing to do anything to retrieve themselves from the deep chasm of self grief or what I describe as a ‘functional metabolic rut’. Sluggish metabolism over many years devitalises a person and sets them up for physical and mental sluggishness and further enervation. Existence in a rut that can consume the whole life of the individual. A rut we are reminded is ‘a grave with the ends kicked out’!

It is interesting to follow the progress of this patient and to witness the dramatic changes which occurred over a four-month period. The patient had first contacted me by phone and described herself as chronically tired, having constant bad headaches, swollen and ‘terribly painful’ joints. The medical diagnosis: Ross River fever. Three months later the patient was feeling wonderful and looking wonderful, lost 9 kg, walking four times a week for up to an hour, very happy, healing in progress and feeling a new sense of inner peace and renewal. In less than four months this person had gone from tragedy to triumph and new life. This is not the end of the story, far from it. Her romance with life has just begun. Below I would like to share her own account:

I was at home on the central Queensland coast in March ‘94 when I awoke to find myself almost paralysed down my left side. I could not move without severe pain. My joints were swollen and I knew I was in big trouble. I suspected Ross River fever. This was confirmed by my GP whose remedy was painkillers and anti- inflammatories and that I could suffer for the next three years (not good news for body and soul). I had very good recommendation from a friend for a naturopath, Peter Edwards, at the Gold Coast.

I immediately arranged a phone consultation. I invested in a juicer and followed exactly as he advised. One month later I had the opportunity to consult with Peter in person. I limped in like an old woman and I am only 47. Peter read my eyes and ‘stress’ told the story. I had been set up for Ross River fever over many years. I had been dying inside without my realising it. Over the next few weeks major changes took place in my life. It was during this time I made my affirmation to be healthy, happy, prosperous and at peace. Since then I have not looked back. Having my faith, my positiveness and healthy eating and exercise I am now a new woman. I feel vibrant. It is so wonderful. Now just four months after being so ill, so depressed and so stressed I feel so healthy, happy and young. I am walking 45-60 minutes four times a week and I am able to set my mind to do almost anything. I owe my thanks to a friend, Maris, in her recommendation to Peter and I want to thank Peter for saving my life and giving me the will to live healthily and happily. I don’t class myself as on a diet, just a healthy way of life.

– Carolyn Hodgers.