Course Fees

Course Fees

  • The full Biological Lifestyle Therapies course is a ONE YEAR course divided into three semesters. The cost is $3,750 for the year’s tuition. Subject notes are included. Texts, charts and DVDs are extra.
  • Students have direct access to their Mentor during each term they are studying. Where possible, students are welcome to join a class meeting at our Rejuvenation Centre once per fortnight.
  • There is an enrolment fee for the course of $330 and includes a 30 minute interview (by phone or in person) to discuss exactly what you desire to achieve. From here, we set a study plan that will be the most effective for you and your unique aspirations.
  • This is for the serious person with a strong commitment to gaining the professional skills to establish a successful career in The Healing Arts and Natural Therapies.
  • Students can pay for their studies in full at the commencement of the course or in three instalments of $1,375 at the beginning of each of the three semesters.

The Academy is operated during the normal Queensland scholastic calendar year however, courses start anytime of the year.

Extra Courses:
Biological Detoxification$1,100 + Attendance at our Rejuvenation Retreat
Setting up a Wellness Retreat$1,100 + Attendance at our Rejuvenation Retreat

“If you think education is expensive, Try ignorance.” – Derek Botz

Consider well –
A year from now you will wish you had started today!


  • Accolades are awarded for successful completion of courses.
  • All prices include GST
  • Course fees are non-refundable
  • All course prices and details are subject to change without notice.