Lead the field in the modern world

The Top 5 Percent
If you apply your faculties,
Focus, dedicate and discipline yourself –
You can lead the field in your area of expertise.
Such is the power in you.


‘There will be ‘two societies’ in the future:
High-paid knowledge workers And low-paid service workers.

– Bill Gates

Share your message – with the world!

Peter Edwards is a sort after Professional Speaker presenting to corporate groups internationally. Now let him share with you how to do the same. He will show you how to promote your product and yourself – to the world – If you dare!

The course includes one months mentorship and is $450 and included two extensive sets of excellent notes and the e book, WRITE A BOOK – Share Your Story with the World.


Learn how to lecture

Learn how to write a book.

Author means – ‘Authority’ and you can become an authority in your chosen field. The exercise of researching and writing your own book is career changing in the most positive way. Learn from someone who knows.


Take you message to the world – And have a lot of fun doing it!