Course 1:

The Art of Touch and Massage Therapy – Full Body Massage

(DVD Vol 1 and extensive notes) $290

Learn from one who has specialized in the Art of Massage Therapy for more than thirty years with a proven track record of results and author of the book ‘BACK MAGIC!’

A detailed DVD and extensive notes make it possible to study this course in the comfort of your own home.

Peter’s successful and unique full body ‘Shaker Massage’ Taught in detail by the master Masseur himself!

Learn how to give an effective massage to relieve tension and completely ‘relax’ family and friends. Included is an especially recorded DVD with extensive notes showing Peter’s successful and unique full body ‘Shaker Massage’.

Course 2:

Advanced Techniques A: (DVD’s Vol 2 & 3) $179.90

Therapeutic massage – Trigger Point Therapy and unique ‘Cross Frictions’ for Treating Specific Conditions.

Here, ‘The Master Masseur shares his specialized techniques and shows you the secrets of ‘Finding the points’ and how to discover and develop the power in your own hands to ‘Replace tension – with Peace’.

Course 3: 

Advanced Techniques B: (Two sets of Notes) $99

MOXABUSTION – ‘The Second Half of Acupuncture’ – Learn the method of balancing energy of the body and specific techniques for relaxing tissue much deeper than hands can reach. (Notes Parts 1 & 2 are provided).

The greatest complement a massage therapist can receive is the comment, ‘I have had countless massages from many practitioners but none of them ever found the points you did!’

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Certificate are available for any of these courses. This is possible following an enrolment, examination and certificate preparation fee of $190.

Sample Massage Certificate