Advanced Certificate in Nutrition

(including Nutrition for Beauty Therapists):

This course covers subjects in the Certificate course plus:

Therapeutic Foods

Detoxification & Revitalisation

Holistic lifestyle recommendations.

This course looks closely and into detail regarding the importance of  healthy function of ‘Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination’ and how to enhance the ‘digestive capacity’ of the client to successfully process their foods and fuels.

Have you ever heard the saying:

“You are what you eat?”

Well, this is not entirely correct!

“You are What you digest!”

I have treated many individuals on great diets but still continue to suffer from chronic disease conditions.

Why? Because they are not able to ‘process’ the foods they are consuming.

This is why some people can try all sorts of medicines (drugs and natural) without any real lasting improvement.

Once they have the cause of their ongoing health problem identified and dealt with, the results come.

It has been my repeated experience that most people with ongoing health problems are generating a toxin within their own body through a ‘digestive deficiency’ causing fermentation, putrefaction which give rise to what is called ‘Endotoxins’.

Identify and remove foods that are fuelling this, give the mind and body what it needs biologically and importantly, instruct the patient/client on how to improve their ‘digestive capacity’ and we have completely new dynamics working within the body and I must add, mind! All too often the gut is also producing what is referred to as a ‘neurotoxin’ that can and most often does cause a brain sensitivity and accompanying mental dullness, mood swings, lack of concentration/personal power and a host of neurological conditions.

Very often an endotoxin will cause skin problems as the heat form the toxic is eliminated through the skin, (the largest organ of elimination of the body). Below are just two cases where detoxification of the toxin and most importantly, improving the person’s ability to digest food works its magic!

Other subjects included in this course:

A Long Life is a Healthy Digestive System

Beautiful Clear Skin is – An Inside Job!

Iris indications for acidity

Improving absorption of nutrients

Overcoming Gas and Bloating

The Gut / Skin connection

The Mind / Gut connection

How stress and negative emotion inhibits complete digestion

How digestion affects the bowels

How stress and negative emotion affects the bowels

How the bowels effect the skin

The roll of nutrition in pregnancy

Digestive issues during pregnancy

How digestive and bowel problems can effect pregnancy

Toxaemia during pregnancy

Mood swings during pregnancy

The roll of nutrition in anxiety and depression

Skin problems during pregnancy

Post natal depression and the roll of Nutrition


Alkalising the System

Cooling the blood

Nutrients to assist Gut Repair

Nutrients to assist Skin Repair

Nutrients to reduce scaring

 Lifestyle Recommendations

Replacement Therapy

correct living 1 correct living 2

Medical doctors had exhausted options

Only 16 weeks later, not only great legs, but 17 kgs lighter and a new lease on life!

Treating ‘educating’ the whole person – not just ‘the disease’!

You can learn to do this too!

correct living 4 correct living 3

Although challenging, this can be a most rewarding career.

These results do not ‘just happen’. They are worked for with understanding and skilful application of the natural laws.

My wife Patricia (Therapeutic & Nutritional Foods Consultant/Coach) joins me in teaching this course having worked with me for over 20 years and is an Australian ‘Best Selling Author’ with her Nutritional guide and recipe book, ‘Glow with Health’.

Being in clinical practice for all these years has given experience and understanding that is not commonly found in Nutritional courses.

Introducing your Tutors for this course, Peter and Patricia Edwards

August 2023. An unsolicited email from a patient of only 2 months treatment following our dietary instructions:

Hi Peter

I’ve got some really good news.

I’ve been to the Doctor and had a battery of blood and urine tests to check progress and have had what appears to be some good results. I’ve had high cholesterol for probably 15 years and have been constantly told to take medication after medication to bring down my cholesterol. Every one of them made me feel terrible, so terrible I didn’t take them. Having said that I also had a full heart check up recently which was fine as well.

I’d like to share my current Cholesterol results after been on your recommended diet. The low results in Aug 22 were the result of taking that injectable medication that really disagreed with me.

Why would you possibly eat proper food when you can just inject yourself with a chemical cocktail twice monthly? So convenient and only costing Medicare 20k a year!

So, I feel that these results show that I’m on the right track, thanks to your recommendations of course. I’m really impressed by what we have achieved so far. I haven’t beaten all my current issues yet, but I feel like I’m well on the way.

Thank you,