“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.” – Albert Einstein.

Learn from someone who walks his talk
Teaches and leads by the power of example

To whom it may concern,IMG_Kerrin

It is with great pleasure that I present this testimonial for Sir Peter William Edwards.  For the past year, Peter has been my educator and mentor whilst studying his array of vitality living and natural health courses.

Thanks to Peters expert and professional delivery of material, regular support and patience and flexibility, I have not only learnt and discovered a wealth of information about the natural health and wellness industry, but also gained a deeper insight into my own aspirations, passion and determination to be a leader promoting the health and wellness message to others.

Within a period of 9 months I have achieved six ‘Certificates of Completion’ from the Peter Edwards Academy, and gained recognized prior learning from ‘Health Schools Australia’ for all subjects completed.

The difference being;

  1. I have experienced, on many occasions, one-on-one, if not small group, practical learning experiences directly from Peter himself, within a real clinical environment.
  2. The intensity of this wonderful and practical learning environment has shaved numerous hours from the usual procedure of enrolling directly into a natural health school environment.
  3. The fee structure at the ‘Peter Edwards Academy’ is a fraction of the cost of all other colleges and is flexible.
  4. Peter structures his course in a way that allows for earlier completion of different official certificates, each leading into the next, therefore a quicker time frame exists between study and working with clients.

Thank you Peter, for the opportunity to study under your motivating, wise, unique and expert guidance.  2013 has certainly been a springboard year for me.  Thanks to the support, care and knowledge that you have imparted upon me, I will very proudly be opening ‘Stage One’ of my Health, Wellness & Active Living Centre in early 2014.

Without hesitation, I would recommend that any person wishing to study within the field of Natural Health and Wellness contact Peter Edwards first to explore the endless possibilities he has to offer.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2014, further developing my skills, knowledge and confidence under your mentorship.

Yours sincerely,

Kerrin Brown

 Pure Zest

“Choose to be Healthy, Strong and Happy”


Letter of Recommendation – Prof. Peter W. Edwards 2021

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation to express my deep gratitude and honour for Prof. Peter W. Edwards. I am currently his patient and a student.

Over the last few years, I have experienced a lot of stress, 2 life threatening pregnancies, loss, grief and physical pain. This led me into deep depression and anxiety. I tried to find help, answers and treatments through general medicine for many months, but all treatments were unsuccessful. My best friend, who is also Peter’s patient, introduced me to one of Peter’s books “Glow with Health”. This book has opened my eyes to holistic health. I have built deep trust and respect for Peter by simply reading this book. His approach to health, view on life and decades of successful experience captivated my attention.

I decided to make my first appointment with Peter in June 2021. My consultation was just brilliant. Since meeting Peter my world has turned upside down. Peter, by his holistic knowledge and experience, within a few minutes could identify all of my health issues by simply looking into my eyes using his Iridology method. To my surprise, Peter told me not just my symptoms, but most importantly, the cause of my symptoms. Peter asked me questions about my life and circumstances that no previous doctor ever asked. He checked my physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. I felt seen, understood, cared for and finally had answers with holistic solutions to improve my health. I have my hope back. By following Peter’s recommendations and prescriptions, just in the first few weeks I noticed a significant shift in my physical health and mental well-being. I am forever grateful for Peter being my holistic health practitioner.

I have always dreamed of studying holistic health, helping people to restore their body, soul and spirit. I have looked into many study options throughout the years, but couldn’t find the right path for me. From my first appointment with Peter, I knew I had found a great teacher. Peter is not only teaching health principles, but he is living them out himself. He looks healthy and fit. He has a clear mind and controlled emotions. I could clearly see vitality in his eyes. His clinic is full of peace, joy and healthy energy. I knew I wanted to be mentored by someone who demonstrates holistic health so beautifully. The timing was just right, as Peter was enrolling new students to start his Academy in July 2021. I enrolled without a doubt.

I am now watching Peter’s DVD lessons and reading his books almost 24/7. I find his material very engaging and practical, not only filled with knowledge, but also wisdom – This helps me to learn quickly. I have access to Peter via email and phone. He is very quick to respond to my questions. Peter leads our personal fortnightly mentorship sessions with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and fun. He is an excellent communicator. We share a lot of passion for holistic health, which makes it easier to engage and absorb new and complex information. Every time, I walk away inspired to learn more, with my cup not just full, but overflowing. I am very determined to do my best and study hard, so I can help to bring change, life and vitality to other people’s lives, just like Peter.


Nadia Varcoe

Peter Edwards with Graduating Students


Letter of Respect – Prof. Peter Edwards

It’s my honour to write a letter of respect and recommendation for Dr Peter Edwards.I have beenboth a patient and a student of Peter’s, and not only hold him in the highest regard in these capacities, but also consider him a friend, mentor, counsellor, seer, and world class leader in the area oftruly wholistic health and well-being.

In 2004, I first saw Peter as a patient, experiencing a full physical and mental breakdown.A chronic bowel condition, broken back, depression and anxiety, and two young children to raise whilst living in an isolated outback town, Peter’s treatment, education and mentorship literally saved my life.

I had been a fan of Peter’s years before I saw him as a patient, as I had lost several pregnancies and my first child and was on a quest to learn about health in order to have healthy children.With a library of Peter’s books, I learnt how to create my own health and successfully gave birth to two beautiful sons consecutively, which I attribute to following Peter’s protocols.My sons are now 19 and 20 and are robustly healthy young men.

After meeting Peter first-hand and being treated/mentored and supported to full recovery and vitality, I was inspired to become a student as I had not found any other practitioner who offered Peter’s unique health practices and wisdom.I successfully graduated with a Certificate in Biological Lifestyle Therapies. Over the last two decades, have taken comfort and trust in knowing that anyone I refer to Peter will be guided back to the fullest health possible.Conditions that are so-called ‘incurable’ by the medical establishment and alternative health practitioners are resolved on a regular basis under Peter’s care.

I loved studying with Peter, he is continuously evolving and expanding his practice and knowledge base to offer solutions in response to the health/disease environment at the time.In fact, I feel inspired to study with him again when he re-opens his Academy!!

Yours truly,

Sharyn Greenaway

Dear Peter,

Hope you are feeling wonderfully well and are having a much deserved rest after the fabulous seminar last week. You must feel much lighter to have graduated your students, and are hopefully now relaxing and taking a break. Thank you again for the incredible amount of effort that you put into each and every seminar – I along with all the other students leave feeling completely inspired and motivated. Not too mention so much more knowledgeable than when we arrived.

I always feel mighty changed when I leave Pan Harmony after a seminar, and love the fact that my world grows so much during the time that I am there. So Peter, when’s the next one??!! 🙂

Many Thanks Teresa

Perhaps for the first time I realise where and in what direction I want my life to head. You have been an inspiration – I want the knowledge you have, I look forward with excited expectation to the things that I will achieve. – Karen.

Hi everyone,

Just finished looking at the Graduation Photo disk. As I looked through them, I was smiling the whole time, remembering a great year, good times, and a new group of friends.

Thanks Peter & Patricia

Ann Webber

Am enjoying all the books. Have finished Glow with Health, Childcare Naturally, Vitality, Virility & Longevity and have bookmarks in each of the others. I am finding them all so enjoyable and it is very easy to read them all together. School holidays in our house are just so lovely. I hope to relax and get quite a bit of study (ha, if this is study, I can study forever) done.

– Janet Franzmann.

I have just gotten back and it’s been great to see the photos of our Graduation and see how happy we all were.
I think that it was a grand achievement by all.

Big pat on the back to us all and a big thank you to Peter & Patricia.

I love you guys.


Please be warned!
Studying this course of ‘life instruction’
and applying what you learn
Can be a ‘Life-Changing’ experience!

Below are a few Happy Graduates: