“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.” – Albert Einstein.

Learn from someone who walks his talk
And teaches and leads by the power of example

19 December 2013

To whom it may concern,IMG_Kerrin

It is with great pleasure that I present this testimonial for Sir Peter William Edwards.  For the past year, Peter has been my educator and mentor whilst studying his array of vitality living and natural health courses.

Thanks to Peters expert and professional delivery of material, regular support and patience and flexibility, I have not only learnt and discovered a wealth of information about the natural health and wellness industry, but also gained a deeper insight into my own aspirations, passion and determination to be a leader promoting the health and wellness message to others.

Within a period of 9 months I have achieved six ‘Certificates of Completion’ from the Peter Edwards Academy, and gained recognized prior learning from ‘Health Schools Australia’ for all subjects completed.

The difference being;

  1. I have experienced, on many occasions, one-on-one, if not small group, practical learning experiences directly from Peter himself, within a real clinical environment.
  2. The intensity of this wonderful and practical learning environment has shaved numerous hours from the usual procedure of enrolling directly into a natural health school environment.
  3. The fee structure at the ‘Peter Edwards Academy’ is a fraction of the cost of all other colleges and is flexible.
  4. Peter structures his course in a way that allows for earlier completion of different official certificates, each leading into the next, therefore a quicker time frame exists between study and working with clients.

Thank you Peter, for the opportunity to study under your motivating, wise, unique and expert guidance.  2013 has certainly been a springboard year for me.  Thanks to the support, care and knowledge that you have imparted upon me, I will very proudly be opening ‘Stage One’ of my Health, Wellness & Active Living Centre in early 2014.

Without hesitation, I would recommend that any person wishing to study within the field of Natural Health and Wellness contact Peter Edwards first to explore the endless possibilities he has to offer.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2014, further developing my skills, knowledge and confidence under your mentorship.

Yours sincerely,

Kerrin Brown

 Pure Zest

 “Choose to be Healthy, Strong and Happy”


Perhaps for the first time I realise where and in what direction I want my life to head. You have been an inspiration – I want the knowledge you have, I look forward with excited expectation to the things that I will achieve. – Karen.

Hi everyone,

Just finished looking at the Graduation Photo disk. As I looked through them, I was smiling the whole time, remembering a great year, good times, and a new group of friends.

Thanks Peter & Patricia

Ann Webber

Peter Edwards with Graduating Students

Dear Peter,

Hope you are feeling wonderfully well and are having a much deserved rest after the fabulous seminar last week. You must feel much lighter to have graduated your students, and are hopefully now relaxing and taking a break. Thank you again for the incredible amount of effort that you put into each and every seminar – I along with all the other students leave feeling completely inspired and motivated. Not too mention so much more knowledgeable than when we arrived.

I always feel mighty changed when I leave Pan Harmony after a seminar, and love the fact that my world grows so much during the time that I am there. So Peter, when’s the next one??!! 🙂

Many Thanks Teresa

Am enjoying all the books. Have finished Glow with Health, Childcare Naturally, Vitality, Virility & Longevity and have bookmarks in each of the others. I am finding them all so enjoyable and it is very easy to read them all together. School holidays in our house are just so lovely. I hope to relax and get quite a bit of study (ha, if this is study, I can study forever) done.

– Janet Franzmann.

I have just gotten back and it’s been great to see the photos of our Graduation and see how happy we all were.
I think that it was a grand achievement by all.

Big pat on the back to us all and a big thank you to Peter & Patricia.

I love you guys.


Please be warned!
Studying this course of ‘life instruction’
and applying what you learn
Can be a ‘Life-Changing’ experience!

I would like to share another
positive experience of one of my students.

In May 2007 as a result of moving house I went to the local Doctor in Robina. Because it was my first visit, he asked many questions about my health and my family history. As a result of this he asked me to have a cholesterol check.

The results were okay at a total of 5.5 but the bad cholesterol was a little high at 3.7. I have a friend who has a cholesterol of 11 so I thought this was pretty good compared to this.

Not long after this cholesterol test I saw Peter Edwards because of my ongoing headaches and neck aches. He advised me that my eyes showed that there was too much acid in my system and I could not tolerate sugar, gluten and lactose.
I immediately changed my diet and cut out these foods.

A week after seeing Peter he was running a three day retreat where you can detoxify(as per his book – vitality, virility and longevity) I joined in the retreat and did detox my system, but I took another four days off work and followed his detox for the full seven days.

I have changed my lifestyle and try to only eat nutritional food and exercise regularly and I also take Peters’ Metabolic formulas.
The detox worked and instead of headaches and neckaches everyday, I was down to 1 every two weeks.

In August 2007 I received a letter from the Doctor to come in for another checkup and do a questionnaire with the Nurse. This is a Government initiative for people in the high risk age groups for diabetes, obesity and other associated diseases.

I jumped at the chance to have another cholesterol check to see how my new lifestyle had changed my health.

My results were fantastic and in the space of 3 months of which only 2 months had elapsed since the retreat, my cholesterol was now only 3.9 and the bad cholesterol was down to 2.41, my blood sugar was great I had lost seven kilograms. My Doctor started to question me on how I had changed my health so quickly. He asked me if he had put me on cholesterol lowering drugs, of course I said “no, no drugs, I took control of my lifestyle by seeing a Naturopath, detoxing, eating sensibly and exercising regularly”.

He said “ most people in your age group are the opposite and their cholesterol is going up and so is there weight”.

He took me out to the reception area where the Nurse who had done the questionnaire was waiting, she had a huge grin and was waiting to congratulate me. Surprisingly (in front of the Doctor and patients she said in a loud voice “ he went to a Naturopath, he is very healthy and looks after his health”.

This really surprised me as I thought the last thing the medical fraternity would want is to sing the praises of natural forms of health, let alone a Naturopath. I sure did walk out of there with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Christopher Gillard
6 September 2007