About this Academy

Founded in 2002 by internationally award winning Complementary Practitioner and author, Prof. Sir Peter Edwards. Fellow of the Register of Royal Complementary Practitioners. (F.R.C.P)

As well as being a highly successful practitioner, Peter was an ‘in-demand’ lecturer in ‘Naturopathic Prescribing, Holistic Therapies, Naturopathic Philosophy and Iridology’ at Government approved teaching 1989 – 2000.

In 1992 Peter commenced writing, producing and publishing books and videos on Natural Therapies for Self-help and in 1999 received the, ‘Excellence in Naturopathy Award for Outstanding Contribution to Naturopathic Practice’ from the Queensland Naturopathic Association. In 2001 he was honoured with ‘Doctor of Literature’ (Honoris Cause) for the educational publications he produced in ‘Bibliotherapy’ (Self-help through books). These publications came to form the foundation of the courses now offered by this academy.

Peter’s career as a Holistic Complementary Practitioner spanned over Forty years (1983 – 2023) and has now stepped back from active clinical practice to focus on what has become a new career path with a passion. Mentoring and graduating highly skilled Holistic Complementary Practitioners trained in the Art of Science of Complementary Therapies. 

In 2021 Peter’s Academy became an ‘Approved Training Provider’ with the ‘Intentional Institute of Complementary Therapies’ (IICT) which allowed his graduates full membership in this international association and able to have professional insurance to practice the modalities they are qualified in. Each course is written by Peter for people to study at home online. All courses are taught by Peter except ‘Nutrition for Wellness and Awareness’ that he teaches with his wife who is a Certified Therapeutic and Nutritional Food Coach and is also Dean of Nutritional Studies at this academy. 

Extensive notes, Videos, audios and eBooks are provided. Teleconferences and zoom mentoring is possible in some courses.

Courses are continually updated and prices are normally much less than larger colleges.

Your Mentors: Peter & Patricia Edwards