Personal Fitness Training – Body Sculpting & Structural Balancing
(And ‘a must’ for all studying Massage Therapy)

This is the second half of the health and wellness story, the physical side. ‘Physical discipline is the first step towards self awareness’! Health is not just an academic or philosophical theme. It is a ‘way of living’. Health, healing and lasting wellness are dependent on knowing how to move the body to stimulate the healing response and raise the vitality. Anything in nature’s kingdom that is slowing down is either dying or, already dead! This subject is essential for teaching a ‘balanced, healthy successful living’. These practical subjects will be at a live seminar.*

Texts required:

  • Back Magic – rejuvenate your Body and Keep it Young for Life
  • Vitality Breathing – for peace and power
  • Vitality Breathing DVD
  • Vitality Walking – keeps you healthy and fit inside & out
  • The 30 minutes that can buy you 20 years – The Vitality Total Fitness Program DVD
  • Reshape Your Body – Reshape your Life DVD
  • E-Book – Spinal Decompression Through Gravity Traction
  • E book – Knee Rehabilitation

Accolade awarded at the successful completion of this course

Two ‘Key Visuals’ within this course of NATURAL PHYSICAL CULTURE
Physical exercise is the first mental discipline
A well organized weekly exercise plan is the beginning of a fit mind and this is the pre-requisite to a healthy and successful life.

The 30 Minutes That Can Buy You 20 YearsReshape Your Body, Reshape Your Life

Two workouts – to make it happen!

Did you know – a well organized weekly exercise program will increase nutritional uptake by 67 percent?
This is a biological truth that has been Scientifically demonstrated and published!