Back, Neck and Spinal Problems

Dear Peter & Patricia

I just want to let you know a very exciting update (progress report). It has now been approximately five weeks since I began your health program. When I first began the detoxification process I noticed my fingers loosening up and my joints seemed to be more flexible after only a week. Now an amazing thing has happened. I have incredible movement in my skeletal frame in my mid to upper back and neck area. Suddenly everything seems to be moving and clicking.

I want to and need to stretch a lot and find myself doing this at any given opportunity as I move about. It feels as if all the muscles have relaxed, the tenseness and stiffness has gone and the deposits of whatever (?) around the joints and problem areas have disappeared. It sounds a bit corny, but over the past few days I have felt so good and so alive, almost as if I could ‘jump out of my skin’ if that were possible. I feel very peaceful and relaxed – not stressed out like I was.

My eyes when looking at them in the mirror, seem to be getting clearer, my skin is beginning to glow and my thinking processes are sharper. I can’t remember ever feeling this good. The pysillium powder is great – I feel as if me elimination system is really working well now with the aid of the ‘In Lieu’ as well. Thank you so much for giving me back my life. I’m so happy and grateful.

Kind regards – Lyn Ashford

It is interesting to note that this patient had completed a full year of intensive Chiropractic treatments (over 100 treatments) with no lasting result that she could feel. Within five weeks of commencing my treatment method, the above results speak for themselves.

I had further Therapy Treatments and by the 5th week the change in my being was unbelievable. All aches, pains and cramps in neck area gone – no aching limbs – no pains in lower back – arthritis stiffness gone from hands and feet.