Fertility Problems

Infertility, difficulty with carrying to full term of pregnancy and women’s problems in general are so common in our modern society yet respond so well when the body is given the opportunity to adjust and correct itself. Below is just one account of a woman’s experience after being educated as to the cause of the problem and given a safe plan of action to assist her body in helping itself. The results? Well let’s hear what the patient had to say:

Dear Peter,

I was a patient of yours a few years ago, and I came to you for help with falling pregnant after I had lost my first baby 16 weeks into my pregnancy. It was conceived by taking fertility drugs as I could not ovulate normally. I also had a long history of bowel problems. After taking your advice with diet and lifestyle changes, etc., my body responded and was ovulating every month. After about 8-9 cycles I fell pregnant. I think I rang to tell you of the good news about 20 weeks into my pregnancy. My pregnancy went fine and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 8 pounds one and a half ounces on the 7th January.

We named her Carly Rae and we have just celebrated her first birthday and I wanted you to share our joy and to say a big ‘thank you’ for making this possible.

I thought you would be interested in knowing how your patients are getting on after treatment, and your success rate for further references.

I remember you telling me of a woman with similar problems to mine and that she had fallen pregnant after treatment and that gave me a bit of hope, so I am glad I was another success story for you to tell other women. Anyway I hope you have a happy 1994, I know we will, bye for now.

– Leona, Ray and Carly Batz.

Serious disease states that can arise during pregnancy.
Oh yes it can!

During pregnancy disease states can lead to where the health and sometimes the life of the mother or baby are threatened. Your knowledge, understanding and faith in what you are doing ‘the natural way’ is very important at this season of your life. Your ‘informed knowledge and action’ and access to the right practitioner is essential. If a serious condition confronts you while carrying, I must recommend you find a good natural health care practitioner. One who has an understanding of and works with the internal healing energies of the body. This can make all the difference to the extent of, in some cases, even saving your baby when others would recommend termination. The following story lends much to the principles I have shared throughout this book. It demonstrates the power of correct knowledge and faithfully applied action. It reveals that many can turn what first appears tragedy − into triumph. May I present a most remarkable story:

On October 19th, 1999, I was told that I had large fibroid tumours in my uterus, so large that my uterus was the size of a woman four months into term. To cut a very long story short I was told that I had a much less than one percent chance of ever conceiving a child, and that a hysterectomy would be needed as soon as possible. I did ask the doctor if there was any other way, what if I didn’t have the operation? The doctor responded that if I did not, then the fibroids would keep growing, eventually causing considerable pain and disrupting the function of other organs in my body. She said that I should discuss the fact that I wanted children with the gynaecologist so that they could help me with options and counselling. I was given the referral to the gynaecologist and off I went. Emotionally stunned. I tried to digest the idea of never having a child. My husband rang me in the car as I was leaving the surgery car park and there I had to tell him that I was to have a hysterectomy and therefore could not have our children. I was only 33.

Even though I knew better, I spent the next day at work completely miserable and sulked most of the day − I told no one. My husband rang me several times that day and I knew my behaviour was making things worse for him. I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. Later that afternoon I finally decided to behave in a more powerful way. I have read so many books on personal success − I knew better. Sulking and being depressed only made things worse for my health and for my husband Alex. I rang him back and let him know that I was going to fight these things growing inside; after all, people have overcome much worse!

I knew that the first step to healing was in my mind. The second step was to take action. I went home that night and pulled out three books to help me on my quest: You can heal your life by Louise Hay; The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn by Florence Scovel Shinn; and Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

I also had to find the right people to help me. Luckily, only three days after being diagnosed, my husband and I were off to learn from Anthony Robbins at a seminar he was presenting in Sydney. I devoured every word and every technique he taught. I was like a sponge. I wanted to learn, I wanted to heal and I so wanted a child of our own. Then, would you believe, only a day after arriving from Sydney a friend insisted we go to another seminar and there as one of the speakers was Peter Edwards. Peter had energy and an aura about him, which I found captivating. I took some brochures and went home to read up on him and what he did. And finally, later that week I rang an amazing friend − Vicki, who practices natural healing. Vicki, spoke to me about healing, state of mind, why the fibroids in me have come about both scientifically and metaphysically. She and other members of her practice massaged me weekly. I had started on the road to health and vitality.

My husband and I had told no other person. It was important to me that everyone felt and believed I was healthy. I wanted no sympathy, no negative responses. I believe that our society pays ‘tribute’ to poor health. And I knew that some members of our family would love to know I was like one of them − sick; and then attempt to compete with me for who’s got the worse sickness or the most pain. This was certainly something I did not want to get involved in. I needed to focus on health and success.
On the 11th January, 2000, after meeting with Vicki, during the massaging and questioning Vicki asked me to take a pregnancy test. She believed I could be pregnant − I didn’t know how, after all, the doctor had told me it was basically impossible to become pregnant. I remember Vicki telling me not to be silly, that many women fall pregnant with fibroids. I wondered, but with as bad a condition as mine? Anyway, the next day I confirmed that I was pregnant! I was so very excited and a little fearful as well. Vicki reassured me that everything would be fine. However my husband was not as sure.

So after much discussion with Alex, about a month or so later, I decided to give Peter a call. The testimonials in his brochures intrigued me. I studied them over and over. Peter was the only person that I did not know too much about. So I was careful about calling him at first and taking his advice. Our initial consultation was over the telephone. Peter showed much empathy. I decided to take on his advice (‘things’ just felt right). He suggested supplements and a cleansing diet, which had to be modified because of the growing child. However, as I was shopping for the supplements, I started to experience pain in my back, and abdomen. It very suddenly got worse and worse to the point I really didn’t think I would be able to drive home. I remember praying all the way home to get there safely. Once I got in I collapsed on the lounge floor, unable to get up from the pain. I was there for about a couple of hours, I could hardly move; eventually my husband came home. Alex helped me to bed where the pain seemed to get worse. My hips and thighs were starting to hurt too. At this stage the abdominal pain and lower back pain were quite intense. My bladder did not work as efficiently as it should; I found the only way I could go to the toilet was to bend forward. The entire night was a sleepless one and eventually I gave in and at dawn my husband took me to hospital for the very first time in my life.

Wow! What an awful experience, again I could write a book. I only stayed three days but it seemed like weeks. To recount a much shorter version, my fibroids had virtually been ignored. I was checked over as I came in and given morphine for the agony. My husband believes that during my stay I had enough morphine to knock out an elephant, yet I felt almost no relief. (I wouldn’t even take an aspirin during the pregnancy!) I became weaker and weaker until none of my elimination processes worked. The pain got worse and worse. I couldn’t lie on my back, front or sides because of the pain. I even experienced great pain from above my knees to my thighs. I felt two firm lumps on my lower back, only one doctor bothered to look and said she did not know what they were − she actually said it was probably that the lumps had always been there! The fact that I hadn’t been to the toilet in any way didn’t appear to concern them much. Eventually, they gave me a catheter and would you believe, the specialists insisted that I had a bladder infection. The fact that I still hadn’t been to the toilet any other way still did not seem to concern them. They (the doctors and specialists) kept asking me whether I had a bladder infection before. I kept telling them that this was not a bladder infection that I believed the fibroids were obstructing my bladder and bowels from working. This was scoffed at. I was in the worst agony of my life. An antibiotic was put in my drip for the ‘bladder infection’, and I started to waste away in such a short amount of time. The pain was so intolerably bad. All I could think of was to stay as calm as possible so as not to transfer anything negative to my baby. I stopped accepting the morphine, as I was fearful that the baby could be affected in some way. Every time I was given something I questioned whether it could affect the baby and was always answered, “no”. I spent much of the time on my elbows and knees because of the pain. I then had an ultrasound and there they discovered two more huge fibroids, the largest measuring nearly 13 cm in diameter; I now had five large ones in total. During the night I think one of the nurses noticed the way I was positioned and called in a doctor. This doctor said that they may take me into the theatre that night and remove the fibroids. I said, “What! But what about the baby?” I remember him nicely saying, “Well, if it’s causing you this much pain…” I knew I had to keep my wits about me, I was in so much agony, my health was slipping − and I knew it. I had never experienced anything quite like this before but I was not about to lose my baby − not like this; and I was not about to lose my health. I knew I had to do something. In the early hours of the morning I got up. I had the drip and the pole it was hanging on and I was holding the bag the catheter was attached to − I looked a sight. I was so weak I could hardly move. But I knew instinctively that I had to move. So up and down the corridors I went; the nurses did not say a thing as they watched me shuffle up and down, somewhat like a caged animal. I kept affirming to myself that I was strong, healthy and well. The doctors thought I was most strange because they could see that I was in a terrible state, yet every time they asked me how I was, I would answer, “Getting better.” I would get the strangest looks. By the third day, and now it had seemed like a lifetime, Alex looked at my charts at the end of my bed. He knew how important it was to me not to have drugs during the pregnancy (I wouldn’t even take a headache tablet) and asked why had I had a total of six different drugs in three days. I did not know this and was horrified. Then and there I started to make moves on going home. I was just becoming more and more unwell; I truly felt that I and my baby’s health were being compromised. Before I left I was told that I had a bladder infection, and that I would need to perform the catheter procedure (I’ve forgotten the correct terminology) at home. The way the specialist was speaking to me was as if I would have to do this for the rest of my life. I was truly frightened. I refused. I affirmed to myself, “I will go to the toilet again, I will heal, and I will have a normal, healthy, happy child!” I was given a handful of antibiotics to take at home, and basically I was told that they would see me back soon in casualty because my bladder was not functioning. During this stay I was told on several occasions that I would not carry my baby to full term. I was told that I would grow to a huge size and that there would not be enough room for the fibroids and the baby. They predicted that I might not go as far as 24 to 26 weeks. It went on and on.

I went home so very weak. I rang up Peter again, explained what had happened and started on his program. I bought several of his books and started to read. Again I learnt how to breathe; I learnt about skin brushing and I learnt about health and vitality. I could not do much else. I could hardly move. It was awful, but if I had to move I shuffled like a very old person, hunched taking tiny steps, or I would walk on my hands and knees. Alex could not take me
anywhere in the car because of the pain in my pelvic area, I could not sit still. Still the abdomen, lower back, hips and thighs hurt. Over time I walked to the end of our driveway, then to the neighbour’s house, then three houses down our street, and eventually I was briskly walking up to 14 km a day. On my walks I would affirm that I was healthy and vital. That I would carry this child full term and that I would have a quick, easy, normal, natural, enjoyable birth for Alex, the baby and myself.

I minimised my visits to the doctors as much as possible, due to the fact of the negative and destructive comments I would receive. One particularly awful visit was when one doctor said I would blow up like and elephant (because fibroids are ‘supposed’ to continually grow, especially when a woman is pregnant, due to the favourable hormonal condition) and there would be no chance of the baby going full term. He suggested that I go on an experimental program of injecting steroids to speed up the growth of the child! I was horrified! My husband and I rang Peter for more advice − he was such a wonderful help and even though Peter never dismissed the seriousness of my situation, he was always positive and aiming for the perfect outcome. I learnt not to listen to everything but to always listen to my intuition, which at times I did question. Every time a doctor found out that I was seeking alternative medicine and therapies, they either strongly advised me against it or gave me strong warnings frightening me with the loss of my baby. My argument was − what did I have to lose and yet I had so much to gain for if they (the doctors) had their way the baby would no longer exist! During the pregnancy I continued with the ultrasounds not just to see the baby (which was a most beautiful and moving experience for both myself and my husband) but also to see what was happening with the fibroids. Each time the fibroids had reduced! Every doctor, G.P., specialist or otherwise refused to take note of that. I was amazed that they all dismissed the fact that something positive was happening. Still relating doom and gloom for my health and the little possibility of this child making it into the world.

As the months were going by, the doctors’ opinions did not change. Even though I kept on passing the dates they predicted the baby would be lost or the fact that the scans were showing the fibroids were shrinking, or even the fact that I did not ‘blow up like an elephant’ (in fact due to the diet and exercise, I was in the best shape of my life; most people did not realise that I was as far into my pregnancy as I was). They continuously stated that it would be most probable that I would not have a natural delivery. That a caesarean section would have to be performed because there was a large fibroid in the way and blocking the cervix for the baby to come out. I quietly ignored this. I kept focusing on a natural delivery. A caesarean was the last option to me and therefore not to be focused on.

I did everything Peter had told me to do to a ‘T’. With the support of my husband I finished work to ‘work’ on our child and myself. I followed the diet meticulously, exercised every day, skin brushed, took my supplements and made sure as little as possible of anything or anyone negative entered my life. We didn’t even listen to the news and my husband facilitated this by even keeping the ‘in-laws’ away for a while! I took the lessons from others too (Anthony Robbins, Vicki and the books I was reading). I affirmed good results to myself every day. Such as I was going to have a ‘healthy, happy, normal, intelligent baby’ and I was going to experience a ‘quick, easy, normal, natural, enjoyable birth for myself, Alex and Tahlia’, (by now we knew we were having a girl). My world had to be a happy and a healing one. I knew I must be strong for the birth and calm and happy for our baby. I did everything that most people in our society today would regard as ‘weird’. Also, I actually enjoyed my pregnancy. Apart from the stint in hospital, I had what most would regard as the perfect pregnancy − no morning sickness, no cravings (I tend to believe these were due to the diet and supplements Peter had me on), no mood swings, no swelling, no waddling when I walked and minimal heartburn and back discomfort.

On the 30th of August I went for a routine check up with my G.P. This was to be one of the last before the baby was to be born. The due date was in two days! We had done it. I briskly walked up the kilometre to the GP in record time. I knew everything was well and the baby was healthy. I could feel her inside, she was so strong. Later that day I could feel ‘things’ happening, however I still went shopping, still got some work done and even typed out some letters. Later in the afternoon I bought a little rocker for the baby and went to visit my brother and his family. I picked up my husband from work (I was sitting on towels in the car) and asked him to take me to hospital for a little check because I could feel something happening. I did wonder if I was having some contractions but didn’t really think so. At the hospital I was asked if I was having contractions to which I replied no. I was put onto some monitors to which we found out that I was having contractions and that they were only 2 to 3 minutes apart. Further examination revealed that I was already 6 cm dilated! I was in labour and didn’t know it. Would you believe it; the doctors were still speaking doom and gloom?!! They were insisting that I have a caesarean section, however I kept insisting that I wanted a natural delivery. In the end I had a natural delivery with no drugs or painkillers and believe it or not, it was even enjoyable. The doctor and midwives thought I was ‘weird’. I wanted to free my mind of any negative thoughts, so I asked Alex to teach me how to dance the waltz. There we were in the labour ward, when my contractions were just 2 minutes apart, dancing. I was not their ‘normal’ woman in labour. Then once the ‘work’ began I used my affirmations and visualizations I had been doing for months and Tahlia came quite easily. The ‘work’ took about 2 hours. I had been in hospital for about 4 hours and the doctors guessed that I may have been in labour for about 12 hours (who knows?). Everything went so very well. Tahlia and I were out the next day. Tahlia was born on the 31st of August just after 1.00am; 24 hours within her due date. She is such a healthy, calm, content and happy baby. People who meet her always comment on how happy and contented she is. I believe this is due to how calm and happy I was during the pregnancy. Everything my husband and I did during the pregnancy paid off. We have been rewarded with a most beautiful angel of a baby. Our very own miracle.

The fibroids are still there. Around week ten after Tahlia’s birth I had another scan done and still the fibroids are shrinking. As soon as I finish breast-feeding Tahlia, I will be on Peter’s program with no modifications, as before. I am looking forward and know and believe that I will enjoy a full recovery. I certainly am on my way there. I fully recommend Peter’s expertise to all; I found his wisdom and knowledge to be priceless and his support was genuine for me as a person as well as a client. I truly felt at all times that Peter was working towards the same perfect goal as I was, even when he still pointed out the seriousness of my situation. As for Tahlia, she is very much a happy, healthy, normal and intelligent baby − just as I had affirmed during the pregnancy. We have been blessed. She gives us more joy than we could have ever imagined. I thank Peter as being one of the major contributors in bringing such a healthy, beautiful baby into this world and for my continual improvement in health.

Thank you!
– Natalie.

Well, what can I say? Such a story. Such a challenge to this courageous young man and woman, now a happy and healthy mum and dad of a beautiful child. Their story is an inspiration and one that exemplifies the need for ‘correct information’ and a competent practitioner working with a couple in need of sound health advice. I reprinted their story in full because of the message it brings and the light it shares.

This couple had a greater faith in what they believed than what they were told by the so-called experts who did not have the philosophy of working with the body as we have discussed throughout this book.

They sought after the ‘information they needed’ and found it!

They were helped by many that were qualified in the natural health field and worked with the body, not against it.

Their experience reveals yet again that faith, being a positive mental (attitude, combined with biologically sound (correct) information and action and applying it in the right way, is capable of (even at great odds) successful results. Their resourcefulness gave them the personal power to push beyond what many thought was possible. I would like to bring this out more clearly, the ‘positive mind set’ and the use of positive visualizations and affirmations during this very critical time was a major key to the mother’s strength and success.

The use of good books; ‘bibliotherapy’ once again reveals its ability to empower the reader and seeker of knowledge through self-help.

Natural medicines used skillfully have their ‘safe place’ during pregnancy. Always get a second opinion if the first is negative or at all doubtful. It can make all the difference (I could share many stories confirming this).

This couple worked with the physician! This is an essential key to success in any health-building program. The following concept is true, ‘Are you looking for a good doctor? I’m looking for a good patient!’ This experience is a clear example of the truth and power of the principle I shared in the first chapter: ‘You must be prepared to take responsibility for your own health and not leave it to another.’ This attitude of mind and action by this intelligent and thinking couple made it possible for their dream to come true and bring this beautiful new soul into this world as the photographs bear witness to.

And finally, very importantly and very comforting to mothers to be. When you follow a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, you are much more likely to have less pain and trouble during and after delivery!

You have read the above story and seen the trial and challenge this young lady encountered. How was her labour? The following email just following the birth reveals the answer well.

Dear Peter,

Tahlia was born on the 31st of August; 24 hours within her due date. She is such a healthy, calm, content and happy baby. She gives more joy than I had ever imagined. The rest of the pregnancy went extremely well. I exercised every day, ate well and made sure I stayed away as much as possible from anything negative and focused on having a quick, easy, normal, natural birth that would be enjoyable for Alex, Tahlia and myself. Everything worked out beautifully, even though the doctors continued to speak of doom and gloom even as I went into labour. They were insisting that I have a caesarean section, however I kept insisting that I wanted a natural delivery. In the end I had a natural delivery with no drugs or painkillers and believe it or not, it was even enjoyable. The doctor and midwives thought I was koo-koo as initially Alex was teaching me how to dance the waltz and my contractions were just 2 minutes apart. I was not their ‘normal’ woman in labour. Then once the ‘work’ began I used the affirmations and visualizations I had been doing for months and Tahlia came quite easily. It took about 2 hours. I had been in hospital for about 4 hours and the doctors guess that I may have been in labour for about 12 hours (who knows?). I was running around getting prepared and even though I knew something was happening I did not know I was in labour. Everything went so very well and I and Tahlia were out the next day.

Peter, thank you for your help and expertise during my pregnancy. You definitely helped bring into this world a most beautiful angel of a baby. She is perfect in every way. I’m looking forward to starting with you again.

Regards, Natalie.


I invite all young mothers, ‘mothers to-be’ and single dads to see my book, Childcare Naturally, for a very specific manual to show you how to have healthy vibrant children that don’t get sick! I have been very pleased with the help this text has given to many mothers and parents. If you will follow the advice I give, your children have a much greater chance of ‘not suffering’ from the many childhood diseases that are so prevalent in our modern society.