Childcare Naturally – How to Get Off the Medical Merry-Go-Round (eBook)


A brilliant book that covers diverse topics such as: how to feed your child to build their health so strong that they will overcome disease and stay well, preparation for bringing a healthy baby into the world beginning before pregnancy and continuing through pregnancy; fertility and reproductive problems for both men and women; supplements during pregnancy; morning sickness and other illnesses during pregnancy.

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How to get off the medical merry-go-round!

37 chapters of essential reading for all parents and expecting mothers. The information presented can make the difference between having children who, like the majority, get sick each year, or having healthy, robust children that don’t get sick. This e Book shows you how to feed your child to build their health so strong that they will overcome disease and stay well!

Super nutrition for expecting and breast-feeding mothers’ – The text is full of practical guidelines and this is followed by how to get back into shape after the birth. Breastfeeding and weaning are also covered in detail. A chapter devoted to preventing a child from becoming overweight; how to deal with fevers nature’s way. Childcare Naturally also embraces almost every conceivable aspect of raising children, including chapters on dealing with learning disorders, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, behavioral problems, sudden infant death syndrome, vaccination, and the impact of television and the internet.

Dear Peter, Congratulations on completing the book “Childcare Naturally”. It is a gold mine of information. At last there is an explanation of childcare options that work with the body’s natural capacity to heal itself if given the right tools. Every parent, clinic sister and library should have a copy! Yours sincerely, Gabriella De Battista, (Mother of 4)

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