Seven Secrets of Staying Young & Healthy, Successful and Sexy (eBook)


This book presents seven essential areas of personal lifestyle that, to a large extent, determine how healthy, happy, successful and peaceful you are and will be as you advance through the years. Keys for using our mind to become more positive and assertive and also knowing and achieving what we want are here. How to let go of ‘old stuff’ that is dragging us backwards! The book inspires and gives ‘mental resources’ to be more successful in our personal and professional life.


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Let Your Lifestyle be Your Medicine

This has become one of the most inspirational and literally ‘life-changing’ books of the series as it introduces you to the power of your mind and how to use this creative instrument to change your life for the better in any area you need. ‘Life organization’ is a key in this text. It is ‘Medicine for the Soul’ and focuses on seven of the most important lifestyle and mind resources that can set you up to find the happiness, health, success and peace you aspire to. Inspirational and motivational, this is the text to awaken your personal power and take control of your life!


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