Vitality Breathing for Peace and Power (eBook)


Learn how to calm your mind, clear your thinking and gain greater control over how you are feeling and responding. Oxygen is pure brain food and literally ‘electrifies the living body with energy’! This book was written by Peter to bring out the importance of not only how to breathe correctly, but also how to allow your body to also breathe more fully. Learn to breathe fully and experience life more abundently!

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Our bodies are ‘breathing machines’. Our skin breathes and all the cells in our body are living and breathing. Our whole body needs adequate amounts of life giving oxygen. Also, oxygen is pure brain food. Moreover, it is the most potent detoxifier on earth. It supplies ‘the spark’ of life to run all the biological machinery and this means, generating energy!

When you learn how to breathe correctly and  how to allow your body the same, you will have more energy for revitalization, healing and living. A most important book for all that want to regenerate their body and find a ‘new lease on life’. There is an excellent  DVD, ‘VITALITY BREATHING’  that is available as a companion with this book.

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