High Cholesterol

Friday 24th September

Dear Peter,

I just have some amazing results from my doctor and can’t wait to tell you.
For ten years at least I have had a problem with high cholesterol and because I am reluctant to take drugs I have tried very severe diets to try and control it. Finally it was decided that it must be genetic.
In March I first saw you and ever since then I have taken the Red and Green Metabolic Formulas. At the time I had just had a blood test and my cholesterol was 7.9. Following are the results of tests up till recently.

Cumulative Lipid Risk Report
Date 07/03/03 02/09/03 20/08/04
Total Cholesterol 7.9 5.6 5.0
Triglycerides 1.3 1.1 0.7
Measured Fractions
H.D.L. 1.33 1.79 1.76
L.D.L. 5.85 3.30 2.91
Total / H.D.L. Ratio 5.9 3.1 2.8

These results are truly amazing! Thank you Peter! I might add I did complete the detoxifications as you suggested soon after I first saw you and this probably contributed to the quick results in the first six months and I intend to do that again shortly.

Yours sincerely,
Yvonne H