Chronic Asthma is on the increase in children and adults throughout the World. Medical treatment is focused on maintenance and preventing acute or serious events. There is a better way! By identifying and removing causative factors of this disease combined with adjustment of the body’s systemic chemistry, it is very often possible to remove a lifetime of symptoms and suffering. Please view the following video and see how a mature person with very serious asthma and an acute lung infection completely recovered by following a well planned ‘Biological Detoxification’ program.

I would like to share an article that was written by one of my patients for Grass Roots magazine. Its content is a good example of the results that can be achieved by correctly identifying the cause of the disease, removing it, detoxifying the body and then following a more healthy lifestyle:

I had been diagnosed and treated as asthmatic since I was about 10 years old (I’m now 28). As a child I was treated with Brondecon and eventually placed on Ventolin inhalers. I carried my Ventolin with me everywhere and because I was sports minded, I would constantly suffer from attacks which would leave me sidelined, recovering. I had heard of people who had exercised or outgrown their asthma. So every day, off for a 6 km run, Ventolin in pocket, I would go. The result, more attacks and increased frustration. I eventually took some advice and went to see a well-reputed naturopath who advised me I would be rid of asthma in no time. Nodding my head up and down in agreement on the outside, but inside my logical thinking mind questioning this man’s credentials with his so-called advice for asthma.

All the milk I had been drinking up like a good boy and eating all my crusts were, as I was to discover, the major cause of my so- called asthma. I found out I was intolerant to milk and wheat products, which were causing my asthma. I was immediately placed on a detoxification diet of carrot and celery juice for two days, then for the next five days a diet of sweet fruits, e.g. rockmelon, honeydew melon and watermelon for breakfast, salad with plenty of greens (no meat, sauces, pickles, salt or pepper) for lunch and steamed vegetables for dinner (at least 3 varieties). I was also given mineral supplements to assist my body with other imbalances, wished good luck and sent on my way.

‘Who does this guy think he is,’ I thought all the way home, ‘a miracle worker? A cure for asthma. Ha!’ Deciding to give it all my best shot I stuck to the diet with my naturopath monitoring my progress with monthly visits over a 6-month period. I no longer carry my bulky little Ventolin inhaler around with me. Asthma! What asthma? This cure worked for me and I wholeheartedly advise anybody with a mild to serious case of asthma to see a naturopath. We don’t have to be sidelined in our favourite sport because of some ailment that was diet related. I do not advise you to ‘go it alone’ on this one, I believe you must work in harmony with your naturopath’s guidance. If I can be of any assistance please write.

– Darryl Simmons.

I love the skeptics, they end up my best patients and greatest advertisements! When these people are sincere and open minded, they’re inquisitive. When given a new idea or concept, they think about what they are doing, carefully question it and take it apart and make up their own minds. This is good, particularly in my work, because I have an unfair advantage. You see, all I teach is time proven and tested over all recorded history. In my case, my own experience and treating many thousands of people for over two decades has also confirmed to me the soundness of what I believe and teach.

It is all based in biological science. Interestingly, it has also shown me, ‘there is nothing new under the sun regarding health, just old wine in new bottles’. In summary, as you supply the right condition for your body to use, it will self adjust, self correct and where possible, heal itself! Just increase the vitality and the body heals and rejuvenates itself. Wow, what a concept! My unfair advantage is that I just supply the patient the right information (education) and their body does the rest!

Asthma – some interesting facts.

The Southeast Queensland region has had the highest rate of asthma death in the world, so I sure do have plenty of opportunity to see people with asthma. Here on the Gold Coast, figures show that the incidence of asthma in the region’s children tripled in recent years.

Australians are affected by it, and it’s on the increase. Asthma is the most common cause for admission to children’s hospitals.

Regarding this last case history, I treated this man quite a few years ago and his story speaks for itself. My experience has been the same for just about all of the people who have presented with this condition. Do I sound too confident? Well, apart from complicated instances where the patient has been on drug medication for years, the results are always the same:

Most people, particularly children, can overcome this disease when the cause is identified and removed!

Why? Because correct education is personal power! My medication is ‘education’. I simply reveal the cause of the condition and show them how they can help themselves and effectively remove this cause and give their body a chance to do what it does best – and that is healing itself. I do none of the curing. I do not offer a cure for asthma or any disease. I do, however, offer education on the cause of health and show my patients, listeners and readers (my students) how to build it so soundly that disease will not be able to continue to exist. Building health destroys disease. I do not fight disease, I build health and let nature do the rest. Following the detoxification and revitalization program I present in this book will give your body a fine start!

‘Are you looking for a good practitioner? I’m looking for a good patient!’ One who will listen to sound advice and then do their best in following it. The more effort they make, the better results they achieve. However, if the condition has been present for many years, and has been suppressed by steroids or powerful drugs, then patients will have to be persistent and patient to begin with. The patient may and probably will experience a retracing of disease. This occurs in natural healing in most conditions. As I have mentioned throughout this book, the symptoms of the disease can re-appear for a short time. This can be expected by most but, as you are careful to maintain what you have started and rest more when this occurs, it will pass and then you feel even better than before. This happens with most that embark on a natural health building program of self-care and should not be feared. If you are following sound advice, it is a sign you are on the right track.

There is a rule of thumb you can go by to ascertain the origin of the re- occurrence of symptoms. If your symptoms re-appear or get a little worse while following closely a natural health building program, particularly if you are in the process of, or are just completing a detoxification and revitalization program, then that is good news for you! Your body is initiating cleansing and change. Be patient, stick to it. REST as much as you can and expect the rewards to follow.

If on the other hand you have been off the rails, eating wrongly, overworking, playing too hard, then if symptoms return, your chemistry is most probably causing it and this is not positive. This is where you need to ‘get back on the rails’.

Chronic asthmatic recovered

I would like to thank Peter for improving my health to a point where I never considered possible.

I have recently moved from Sydney eight months ago and one of the reasons we moved was my asthma and allergies. We lived north-west of the city which got very cold so we had a fireplace which set me off very bad and I had two big asthma attacks in one year and was constantly taking ventolin and steroid puffers up to six times a day with no relief. As my asthma was getting worse I also started getting severe allergy attacks e.g. the whole side of my face or my throat would swell up. No doctor could find any cause for this except maybe the weather or a food allergy and told me to keep antihistamines with me at all times in case I had a reaction and I couldn’t get to hospital on time.

Eventually they gave me an allergy test and I came up positive to everything. By now I was at my wits end with no help in sight.

I met a man who referred me to Peter and I went to visit him and he told me my body wasn’t processing dairy, wheat and gluten. I instantly stopped all of these in my diet and from that date I have not had any asthma or allergy or used any medication.

I have had a dramatic improvement and thank Peter for letting me have a normal life again. I now recommend Peter to everyone, as I believe he has a lot more knowledge than any doctor that I visited.

Once again thank you for helping me, and my family thanks you as well.


Michelle Davis, Brisbane