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Trigeminal Neuralgia – Complete Recovery – Case Study 1

The next story is of a woman who was diagnosed with another so-called ‘incurrable disease’ known as ‘Trigeminal Neuralgia’, which is without controversy, one of the most painful conditions possible to experience. I have treated several people with this disease. All improved within the first month and most are fully recovered I am pleased to report! The body and mind are governed by express law. Work with these laws and it is amazing to see what the body can do.


1984 First attack of TN. After many weeks, finally diagnosed with TN and put on tegretoe, had to keep increasing dosage until no longer effective.

Referred to neurosurgeon and had “Micro Vascular Decompression was pain free for 16 years.

Sept/Oct 2000 Began having twinges along my jaw, which quickly developed, into painful trigger spots along upper cheekbone. Referred to neurosurgeon in Southport who could only offer some pretty barbaric procedures eg Rizotomy. Meanwhile found a Sydney Support Group who suggested some members were experimenting with “Capsaicin” Zostrix ointment. I started using this ointment and after 6-7 weeks was pain free! Kept on using it even after being pain free.

May/June 2002 Recurrence of trigger spots around cheek bone, jaw and fleshy part of cheek. Very difficult to eat and drink, and sometimes to talk, as this sets off violent jolts of pain. I feel I’m very close to having full-blown attacks – I am still applying Zostrix hoping it might work for me again. 2-3 weeks ago had a bad cold, which developed into chest infection, could not stop coughing which seemed to be making my facial pain worse. Went to local medical practitioner, was prescribed antibiotic (clomoxye) coughing stopped but still have some congestion and cannot blow my nose without causing terrible pain.

There I was, cooking dinner as usual, one night in September 1983 when, without any warning a terrifying jolt of electricity short down the right side of my fact. I dropped the saucepan I was holding, food spilled over the floor. It lasted only a few seconds, but left me standing, shaking all over and hanging onto the kitchen bench trying not to collapse from the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced – what was it? What had just happened to me? I had no explanation. The next day on my way to work, it happened again, this time I was sitting in a train. The sheer intensity of the pain was unbelievable. I huddled in the corner and hoped no one could see me shaking a gripping the seat. On arrival I went straight to a doctor, he had no idea what I was talking about, gave me an analgesic to rub onto my gums, and sent me to a dentist, there was no problem there, (mandiouber joint) either. After many visits to various doctors (the frequency and length of the attacks were becoming worse day by day.) Finally, a doctor who diagnosed “Inigeminal Neuralgia” (after I’d described the pain as being like forked lightning flashing down my face), a cranial nerve disorder that he could treat with a drug called Tegretol. This, he assured me, within a couple of weeks, would stop the attacks and it did, for about 2 months, then slowly but surely the pain started to break through. I had to keep increasing the dose, then I went downhill very fast, becoming more and more Zombie-like. It was time for me to see a neurosurgeon. The fear that all TN sufferers experience is almost as bad as the pain, because the slightest movement or a soft breeze on your fact can trigger an attack and we’ll do anything to avoid that! Which means you don’t eat, speak or leave the house, your life takes a super nose-dive and I could not contemplate a life like that. I April 1984 I went into Prince Henry Hospital for a “Micro Vascular Decompression” or MVD, which I thought would cure me, and I must say I had sixteen years pain free – I have since found out the usual time is 5-7 years.

In October 2000 – I awoke to what I can only describe as wriggley wings all along my upper and lower jaw. Even though they were not too severe I knew immediately what it was, I hoped in vain the twinges would go (I had been under a lot of stress) as the week passed I developed 3 bad trigger sports under my cheek bone. The fear set in again, I was reluctant to leave the house not knowing when a trigger would set off an attack. My son Greg, had been busy on the internet gathering all the information he could find on any new treatments that might be available overseas. “Gamma Knife” was one, but may only last 12 months, I believe a similar procedure is available now at Prince of Wales Hospital in Oncology Dept. I saw another neurosurgeon, he suggested a Radio Frequency Rhizotomy and sent me for an MRI. This procedure certainly did not appeal as it might not last more than a few months. Around this time the TN Association had some success stories with a topical cream called Zestrix HP used for painful diabetic neuropathy also for postherpetic neuralgia (following shingles). It contains 0.075 of Capsaicin and produces an analgesic effect. I started applying the cream 4x day. After 7 weeks the trigger spots were gone! I thought I would be OK now as long as I applied the cream – alas, by June 2002 the whole thing started again. Trigger spots along my upper and lower jaw, under my cheekbone, up around my eye and down the side of my nose and across my top lip – ever so much worse than the previous episode. I was desperate. There were long stretches of time during the day when I dared not move a muscle in my fact, times when I could not speak, eat or drink. I would hold a small teaspoon to the left corner of my mouth and pray it would not drip onto my jaw where it could set of an attack for two weeks. I lived in fear of a full blow attack.

One afternoon in total despair, I happened to be flicking through a magazine and came upon an article written by a lady with M.S. who had been successfully treated by a naturopath here on the Gold Coast, his name, Peter Edwards. I had heard the name before and remembered a lady I knew who also had T.N. and told me she had been treated by Peter Edwards that was a couple of years ago. I decided to ring her and ask if she was still pain free – “yes” she said, “go and see him”. I promptly rang for an appointment. Peter walked towards me hand outstretched – “Sorry, can’t smile” I remembered, he said “that’s OK a frown will do” so began my journey out of fear and pain.

After 2 days on Peters programme I was having long periods without severe jolts, I could now drink a little at a time. The real challenge was eating a salad, ever eaten a minced salad? I managed two teaspoons, then had to give up, trying to chew was not on the agenda yet – at the end of the first week the trigger spot on my top lip was gone! By the end of the second week I’d had 2 whole days without any pain. I knew for sure Peter’s therapy was working and I was so impressed. Now, except for a few minor jabs occasionally I am PAIN FREE.

  • I can splash water on my face.
  • I can chew my food.
  • I can drink from a cup.
  • I can walk in a breeze and
  • I can smile, laugh and talk without fear.

A million thanks Peter.
Andrée Chenevier

Trigeminial Neuralgia – Lasting Recovery – Case Study 2.

My health problems started first with bowel trouble, which I suffered for years then I was diagnosed with diverticulitus and over a period got worse, finishing up having a major operation removing a big percentage of the bowel.

A few years after that I developed a severe shooting pain like an electric shock above my right eye. After seeing a neurologist and two neurosurgeons I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and was put on drugs, which made me very dopey and only eased the pain for a little while. I was told to take up to eight tablets a day and would have to have liver tests every few months.

I was really desperate and didn’t know where to turn. I would have taken anything, as I couldn’t leave the house, couldn’t wash my hair and would wake up with shooting pains in the night.

I decided I would like to see a naturopath and someone recommended Peter Edwards. He was so very kind and concerned. He started me on a diet to detox the body, which was very severe. The first two days I was very ill, but soon started to feel better, the pain was not near to hard and less frequent. I saw Peter for about six months and was gradually taken off most of the tablets, but had to stick to the diet, which was very easy and sensible eating. It also helped me with my weight.

That all happened about four years ago and today my health is very good. I don’t take tablets, only one vitamin a day.

I still stick as close to the diet as I can and when I visit my doctor my blood pressure is perfect and all my friends tell me how well I look.

– Claire Amos.

With this patient, I did what I always do. Identified the underlying cause of the disease condition and gave a clear and specific plan to remove it. At this commencement of our treatment, I recommended a detoxification and revitalization plan. The rest is as you can see, a historical success that is largely unheard of in this disease managed by the normal medical protocol.