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CFS or M.E. (Chronic Fatigue) – why is everybody tired?

Why is this condition so common in modern society?

We hear a lot about chronic fatigue these days and it being associated with all kinds of disease states. Why is this so? Is there a common denominator on the causative level of this life-sapping condition, or is it just a coincidence that many people in our modern society experience a state of constant tiredness and fatigue?

If you have read other case studies I have shared, you will hopefully understand that the major underlying cause of this condition is lowered vitality that impairs the body’s ability to function efficiently includes restriction in the efficient elimination of body wastes. If not corrected, this situation leads to the condition of toxemia, which is in reality poisoned blood.

It is certainly no coincidence that so many people in our modern society are suffering what can only be correctly described as chronic fatigue.

It is interesting to note that all the various forms of diseases that cause ongoing chronic fatigue and painful joints such as hepatitis, glandular fever, Ross River fever, Dengue fever, cytomeglier virus, and ongoing chronic fatigue (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E.), etc., are all conditions which involve the function of the liver.

Regarding glandular fever, just about every day I see people, particularly between 20 and 50 years, having been positively diagnosed as having this condition. Glandular fever is in epidemic proportions in modern society.

Why? One reason is because of the overuse of prescription drugs, particularly antibiotics. All these chemical substances have to be handled by the liver over the years. Even the medical establishment is warning doctors that antibiotics are being prescribed too often.

People just don’t get glandular fever, Ross River fever, hepatitis, the flu, etc., they are set up for them well beforehand. The same way we are set up for all disease, there are no coincidences in health, just the law of cause and effect constantly in operation. We can get set up for health and vitality too! This is called a vitality cycle and is predictable as well.

Regarding disease, if a sick person walked into a crowded room and coughed and sneezed over everyone there, only some people would get sick. Why? Because they were all ready set up for it well before then. Their bodies had the right internal environment just ready to host the micro-organisms that the sick person was spreading. Luck has nothing to do with it. Remaining strong and healthy is a matter of choice and not chance as many seem to believe!

The liver is the ‘first filter’ of the body, the kidneys are the second. The liver is the major detoxifying organ of the body, hence its importance in regulating the chemistry of the blood, the body’s river of life. This is why all conditions that have liver involvement have as their main symptoms, chronic tiredness and, most times, painful joints. This is due to the toxic encumbrances being retained in the blood.

If the liver and blood are not given the chance to detoxify and the body as a whole given the conditions it needs biologically to self regulate, adjust and cleanse itself, recovery in real and lasting terms is slow and not fully possible.

Sufferers of these conditions are known to experience this chronic state of fatigue for years. Many will relate their symptoms have never fully cleared or that they can return years later. This is often the case and when the underlying causes are not removed, many go on to develop allergies and reactions to various foods, household and environmental substances.

Why is this so? Is there a reason for this, a common thread of cause in all these conditions that is not being addressed? Yes there is, there is indeed. Read on and let the cause of disease and the cause of health be revealed.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.)

A female 38 years of age presented to my clinic in what she described as a real mess. She suffered from many symptoms common in the condition of toxaemia. The patient had been suffering from what had been medically diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or M.E.) for the past three and a half years and was by this stage so severely debilitated by her condition she was restricted to a pension. She was pale, thin and only half alive as she will relate in her own words.

Yes, there is hope!

In August last year I came to Peter’s Clinic wondering if there was hope for one exhausted person who had been ill with chronic fatigue syndrome and DDT poisoning. Four years ago I felt healthy, enjoyed life, was a Personnel Manager and I owned my own house. When chronic illness hit my life like a bomb I was devastated. I spent weeks/months totally incapacitated and my world crashed in around me as I lost my employment, house, independence and health. I finally ended up on an invalid pension. Not many people understood the pain that I experienced on the inside as I tried to cope with chronic illness, so I poured my heart out to God, who sustained me through those times.

By the time I visited Peter I had been to many practitioners, some were top medical specialists. I had tried many different treatments. Some helped for a little while but it seemed that I would be continually ill for the rest of my life. Peter offered me the hope I had been searching for – ‘Yes, you can get back to good health but it may take 6-18 months.’ I didn’t care how long it took as long as I got well again.

Sometimes when we are ill we expect practitioners or others to offer the instant miracle cure – I did and I even expected that from God – but there comes a time when we must accept responsibility for our own health. Peter offered me a challenge – ‘If you do what I advise, then you will get well.’ Sensing hope for recovery I took his advice and fasted, changed my diet, started exercising (very slowly at first), enjoyed the sun more, removed a lot of stress from my life and generally improved my lifestyle.

Peter told me that I would experience times of illness as my body detoxified from the poisons in my system – he was right. For the next three months I experienced diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, tiredness, dizziness, back and muscle pain, etc.

Yes, I did need to see Peter for assurance that I was on the right track as I went through this cleansing period because at times I was very discouraged. Peter was very understanding, encouraging and supportive during this time – that gave me the courage to keep going.

In November, my health began to improve dramatically. Now I am doing regular weight training at the gym. I do not experience memory loss or chronic fatigue anymore and I am careful to know my current limitations and don’t overdo things. I have begun part- time work and enjoy the highest level of energy I have experienced in four years. So to all the people who have experienced chronic illness I want to say that yes there is hope as long as you accept responsibility for your recovery by changing your lifestyle and following Peter’s advice. It’s not easy at first, but Peter is always there to give advice, love, support and to ensure that the long term results give you quality of life. So not only is there hope but also friends to help you along the way.

– Diane.

Diane was one of those people every practitioner wants to meet. She had arrived at the stage of willing to do anything to help improve her condition. She did everything I asked of her, to the letter. As she relates, she sure did have to retrace the path of disease and this needed a firm conviction behind what she was doing so that she would not give up and consider it was not worth continuing. She did progress and the experience was a blessing to both of us.

As Diane related in her letter, and this is the key to the whole story, ‘I want to say that yes there is hope as long as you accept responsibility for your recovery by changing your lifestyle and following Peter’s advice’.

This is the key to recovery from disease to the restoration of health and the building of wonderful glowing vitality. ‘You must accept responsibility for your own health, life and future’. Do all that you can do to help yourself, seek out competent advice when needed and then apply yourself with all your heart and mind. Faith is a necessary factor in what you do.

It gives you the sticking power to continue even when the road becomes a little rough. Remember these words, ‘produce the right causes in your life, continue them long enough and the corresponding effects will come. So long as it is possible, your body will heal itself’.