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Multiple Sclerosis – Complete Recovery – Case Study 1

A young lady of thirty-two years of age and mother of one presented with the condition known as Multiple Sclerosis formally diagnosed and confirmed by MRI other medical tests six months earlier stating “Neuromyelitis optica’ of the left eye and T1 Thorasic demyelinization; Extensive demyelinization left side”. 

The medical prognosis: ‘Rapid progression’ causing loss of muscular co-ordination and function. Life in a wheelchair was inevitable. Through my observance of her difficulty moving, unless something was to change, this was indeed the case in the not too distant future. Upon arrival for the first consultation the patient could hardly make her own way into the clinic. She physically struggled to walk and negotiating two steps was a major challenge for her. The patient was having ‘an episode’ every four days, each lasting from a few hours to a few weeks. Three types of episodes were experienced and sometimes these could be very intense.

  1. Pain like ‘glass being pushed up into her feet’ as she walked and pain shooting up and down her body.
  2. Limbs limp and just hanging without control of muscles, toes curl under feet and fingers twist and become deformed.
  3. Sever shaking as in Parkinson’s disease and has lasted up to three weeks at a time.

The left side of her body being affected with ‘dead areas’ where the patient related she could feel nothing as if the nerves were dead. A constant feeling of ‘pins and needles’ in various areas of her body that she has learnt to live with.

Loss of sight in her left eye.

Upon taking a case history the patient related she had a history of sinus disease, asthma, endometriosis, slow blood clotting, A typical cells lazered 4 times, cone biopsy twice; tonsils removed, appendix removed.

Presenting symptoms also included:

Bloating, fatigue, Hay fever, Allergies to Penicillin, pethidine, (pre-op) pollen, and dust. Wakes up very stiff and sore. Craves sweets, Headaches most days.

Unable to have another child. Three miscarriages at 12, 14 and 23 weeks respectively. The last being twins born as ‘stillborn’ as they were further than 20 weeks.


Intense three-day intravenous infusions of quartazone and prenisone in massive, undiluted quantities.

Injections of Betaferon recommended but not taken due to fear of side affects.

Uramide (6 months).

Laxatives five times per day for chronic constipation for past six months because of the side effects of the above drug.

The patient being a Pharmacist chose to discontinue all drug medication because of their side effects.

MS causing progressive loss of movement, loss of feeling to certain body parts, cramping and sight in left eye being almost completely gone.

Unable to exercise because of MS.

Father died at age of 38 of massive heart attack.

It was obvious the patient has an underlying cause that has never been addressed. This is why she has always had health problems and at this stage in her life, is in the serious degenerative state she found herself in.

MY TREATMENT and MEDICATION: Education and careful systemic detoxification

Explanation of the cause of disease and how to remove it by lifestyle changes

I prescribed some of my books, gave my special detoxification and revitalisation program, specific nutritional supplementation and drew up a clear ‘action plan for her to follow’.


Patient returned two weeks later weighing 55 kg’s completely free of all symptoms.

Walked up stairs and into clinic, tall, straight, moving freely and well poised.

Patient radiant and literally glowing with health.

Following all lifestyle changes suggested.

No headaches or other symptoms

Bowels working well everyday

Patient has decided to come off all drug medication.

Only two small ‘episodes’ in four weeks!

Two weeks later:

Patient is glowing and very pleased with the results thus far.

Only two more small episodes since her last visit being four in total since treatment began more than eight weeks earlier.

Eyesight in left eye has improved, more colour but not form.

Eyes clearer, no headaches, can feel three toes on left foot now whereas was only one toe previously.

Walking most days with husband and son for 30 to 45 minutes.

Meditation everyday at 4 p.m. for 30 to 60 minutes

Patient’s husband ‘in complete shock’ and the extent of his wife’s improvement and recovery!Patient has returned to full time work and is living a normal and more than active life.

Patient’s account below:

My name is Janet Barsing and I’m 32 years old. I suffer from an incurable disease called multiple scleroses or MS. I was diagnosed with MS in July 2001. How this came about is as follows.

I thought I was getting a common eye problem called conjunctivitis, as I was a little run down, however, on Thursday night – I remember this particular night, as I ended up putting myself to bed relatively early after telling my husband of the amount of pain I was feeling in my left eye. When I woke the next morning I was taking our son to school and noticed my sight in my left eye blurry, and my eye felt as though I had been punched by someone in it. After dropping my son at school, I went to see my local doctor as I was starting to worry. Upon him turning off the light in his surgery to look into my eye, he noted a lot of blood behind my eye, however when he turned the light back on, I found myself unable to see out of my left eye. After the initial shock, I was seen by a surgeon that same afternoon, as first impressions suggested some sort of clot, worst scenario – on the brain. After test, after test, after test, with no actual diagnosis I saw an eye surgeon who’s sister-in-law had recently been diagnosed with Optical Neuritis, the first sign that can result in MS. Upon the request of this doctor, I had an MRI Scan which showed I had MS or black spot on my brain. However, only one was found and I was told I should not have any more episodes, this is common and some people have one episode and are find the rest of their lives.

I was told regular monitoring every 6 months MRI’s to keep it in check, that my sight would come back eventually and I shouldn’t have any more episodes. Exactly 10 days after I lost the sight in my eye, I woke up with pins and needles the length of my left side. My first thought was that I had had a stroke. I went straight to my Doctor who sent me to another specialist in Brisbane – a Neurologist who deals primarily with MS sufferers. He in turn was in shock over the rapid ferocity of demilinaiton in my left side. It was as if plaques had appeared overnight. I was given a grim outcome, told “what to expect” etc. etc. I was given a drug introveinously over 3 days – this drug was to take away some of the inflammation; a combination of Cortisone and Prenisone in massive, undiluted quantities. The side effects were staggering. I couldn’t urinate, I couldn’t stop shaking, I couldn’t have a bowel motion, I couldn’t eat and I still couldn’t walk or see out of my left eye, and I was hallucinating. I ended up worse than when I started. In the end I was on drugs to urinate, drugs to have a bowel motion, drugs to help me ease the pain I sometimes suffered – I was 32 and a wreck, a shadow of my former self.

I then decided I didn’t want to go on the Betaferon injections much to the horror of my Doctor. My husband, by chance met Dr Edwards and I was brought up in the conversation. By this time, my episodes were happening that furiously and often if I was able to walk or function 2 days out of the week, I was ecstatic. My husband got me in to see Dr Edwards on the Thursday in February 2002. I had trouble getting to his door. My hand was twisted into it’s usual knot, my leg wasn’t working at all, I was embarrassed to be in such a state, constantly apologising for my condition. In the hour, Dr Edwards took some photos of my eyes and noted I had a lot of congestion in my digestive system and various other things. We changed my eating habits, eliminating things for example dairy, sweets, meat, wheat and replacing them with fresh fruit, vegetables, rice etc. After 6 weeks on this eating regime, I was also taking Liver Detox tablets, Vitamin C powder, Neo-Sucro, SCF, ML20 supplements – my episodes had decreased to 4 in 8 weeks with the longest episode lasting 2 days. Who would think, by changing some simple things and maintaining my eating habits I have minimised the amount of episodes I have. I still have only partial feeling in parts of my left arm and leg, however the decrease in episodes is amazing. I would rate my general well being on seeing Dr Edwards 12 weeks ago as 10% – my general well being I would say is now 200%.

I know I will never be cured, but easing my symptoms without the use of synthetic drugs and seeing such great results simply by applying common sense and eating healthy foods and eliminating things my body doesn’t need. I wish my husband had met Dr Edwards when I was first diagnosed – maybe I wouldn’t have had to suffer to the extent I have. Anybody willing to give some something a go could be happily surprised. Just take a look at me, I now can keep up with my 6 year old again, all my thanks to Dr Peter Edwards for all his help and encouragement.

– Janet Barsing,

Thank you Janet, well done!

Multiple Sclerosis – Complete Recovery – Case Study 2.

In case, I did almost exactly the same as what I did in the preceding case study. Why? Because the body is governed by express law. Supply the body the right conditions and it will correct itself – where it is possible. Usually, this is the case!

Within a week I felt better and within one month I had no symptoms of MS at all.

In October 2000 I began to experience some concerning symptoms, not unlike flue symptoms to begin with, which continued to get worse. Symptoms included things such as dizziness, loss of balance, loss of co-ordination and difficulty using my hands and fingers. I was having trouble standing in one spot without falling sideways or having to adjust my balance. It took a small accident to occur before I took myself off to seek help. I was getting dressed for work and I lifted my leg to put on my skirt and fell flat on my behind and could not understand how it happened. The symptoms were also affecting my job, for example I was unable to type correctly and just found things more difficult in general. I knew something was not right so off I went to the doctor. The first doctor I saw was of no help whatsoever and told me I had the flue and to take it easy. However, I then visited a competent doctor who was convinced it was not the flu and sent me for some further tests. Within a few weeks it was confirmed that I had multiple scleroses. I had heard of MS but did not really know the full effects of the disease. It was a very devastating and stressful time. I had doctors advising me that I had to inject myself throughout the day with a new wonder drug called Betaferon and my partner and family advising me that was the right thing to do. I did not want to take drugs as I had always had a interest in alternative medicine and the power of its healing. I had visited several naturopaths over the years and believed in most of their philosophies. I did not know what to do and continued to experience symptoms for several weeks.

A friend I worked with suggested that I go and see her naturopath, Dr Peter Edwards, whom she knows is extremely competent in his field. My friend told me several stories that had helped her family and he sounded like he knew what he was talking about, so off I went to see him.

I liked Peter from the moment I met him, especially his positive approach to the bad news I had come to bear. He never once told me I was doomed which is all I had heard from the medical profession. He told me I had a chance to beat this if I followed his advice to the letter. He changed my diet instantly and gave me a few supplements to help with my nervous system and cleansing my body. He told me I had to have fresh juice every morning and exercise regularly. I thought to myself this all sounds too easy and where is that wonder tonic to cure my disease; he had not given it to me yet. However, what Peter had said to me that day about diet and the body and how it functions really made sense to me. The medical profession cannot explain to me why I have MS or why anyone else has various problems. Peter is of the opinion prevention is better than cure and in order to prevent disease we must stay healthy. I thought to myself, I like this guy’s approach what do I have to lose I will give it a go. I told my husband that I was not taking any medication and refused to give myself injections and was going to follow this diet and lifestyle changes advised to me by my naturopath Peter. My husband was very skeptical and to tell you the truth I was not sure either to start with but I was determined one way or another not to let this disease beat me.

Within a week I felt better and within one month I had no symptoms of MS at all. The only remaining symptom was the psychological disturbance from the shock of being told I had MS. I followed Peter’s advice to the letter and did so for months with no problem, of course allowing myself treats now and then. I then fell pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful son 12 months after my diagnosis. I had no problems throughout my pregnancy and no MS symptoms after his birth. My son is now nearly 12 months old and I am still healthy and well. Since I started going to Peter Edwards I have not noticed any symptoms of my MS reoccurring. I will not lie and say it has always been easy I have had to be very dedicated to my wellbeing and myself. Sometimes I just felt like quitting the good habits and eating what I liked again, but I kept going. Now, when I eat something unhealthy, I suffer for a day or two and realize that it was not worth it. Once you get used to healthy food the other tastes terrible and you really don’t even want it. I have been symptom free by merely following the lifestyle advice of a man who I am so glad I found. His caring nature and his encouragement have helped me greatly. Peter never treated me like a person with a disease, which is so important from this side of the fence. Peter Edward’s words of wisdom have changed my life and I feel honoured to be one of his successful patients.

Thank you Peter.

Simone McIntosh