Serious Sinus – With Serious Pain!

James presented to my clinic at the age of 84. He was experiencing extreme pain coming from behind his right eye. He had suffered this problem over the past 20 years and it would become very acute once a year during the colder months of winter. The pressure behind the eye would build up to the extent it would cause so much pain he would be hospitalised. It was getting worse as the years passed and now he was booked in to have an operation the following week.

Going through his eating habits and observing his eyes, it was clear to see just where the problem was coming from. The pressure that was developing was caused by a buildup of mucus behind the right eye in and around the sinus duct area. This was being caused by an over activity of various mucous membranes within the upper respiratory tract because of the over-acidic system causing irritation to the mucous membrane. The response of excess mucus being secreted as a protection was simply the effect of this cause. The natural inclination of the body is to move mucus upwards to the sinus duct where it gathers and then can drain out via the nose (the tap of the body). Catarrh is the Latin word meaning ‘to flow’ and a mucus discharge is positive in that the toxic waste material of the body can ‘flow out of the body’. But if this discharge is restricted or suppressed by medical intervention then the individual will have a problem on his hands as was the case with this gentleman. The excess amount of mucus was not moving out and because of its quantity, had the effect of blocking up the sinus passage. Sinus swelling, pressure and pain manifested as a signal of disease and that something was wrong. In this case the symptom was pain behind the right eye. The attempt to ‘dry up the sinus congestion’ with medications was not drying up anything. It was suppressing a symptom of disease and driving this toxic waste back into the body. Never suppress a mucus discharge, this toxic waste product needs to come out of the body. This is why the body is moving it out and draining it through a channel. You are safe so long as it continues to drain and the cause is addressed.

Through correction of his diet by following a good detoxification diet to begin with, this man has had a complete recovery, and the results came within the first four days of being on the detoxification diet and cutting out all those foods that were fermenting and causing the acid chemistry problem.

I saw this man 11 days after the first consultation. Well, was I in for a surprise! All I can say is, have you ever seen a healthy young rooster strutting around in a pen full of chickens? I mean he was walking tall, shoulders back and a grin from ear to ear! He was radiating with wellness and youthfulness, yes – big wide eyes and a beautiful smile. When it was his turn to see me I asked, “Well how are you?” He could hardly contain his response. “One hundred percent!” was his reply, “No pain for the first time in 20 years! No more heartburn or indigestion either – even my skin cancers have improved.”

Well, did he make my day? Eat your heart out Clint Eastwood! He proceeded to get better and better and now has finished all treatment from myself and is looking after himself. He is a new man, and he will be the first to tell you. Below is a letter written by his daughter:

My Dad is a very active 84 year old and has found the cure for a problem he suffered for the past 20 years. The family were at their wits end to know what else to try.
For the past 2 years Pethidine tablets and injections were the only thing to kill the pain and that was only lasting about 6 to 8 hours. Then a friend told me about a lady who goes to a naturopath called Peter and said how he had helped her.

I took Dad to see Mr Edwards as a last resort to try and avert an operation the following week. In the first visit he told Dad that his diet needed to be changed because his body was too acid and because of this, his body was making too much mucus and it was causing the mucus to build up in his head, so we changed his whole diet and cleansed his body. After a couple of days the pain got weaker until after about 7 days, the pain had gone and the mucus kept running down the back of his throat for weeks after.

Five months later we are very happy with the result and I would recommend Mr Edwards to anyone. He put us on the right track to a healthy lifestyle and showed us how healthy living can heal.

– Kathryn Williams, Brisbane.

Who said only the young heal fast? The healing and cure this gentleman found was simply, the vis medicatrix naturae I speak about in all my books – the ‘healing power of nature’ that is within all living organisms and works towards healing, restoration and health. All it needs is the opportunity to express itself. I simply showed my patient how to give his body the opportunity to heal itself. As Hippocrates taught all those years ago, ‘Nature heals. The physician is only her assistant.’ James, an avid fisherman affectionately known as the ‘Mayor of Fingel’, is now over 90 and still going strong!

A case history to learn from.

I would like to share a case history that will clearly demonstrate the dangerous potential of suppressing a mucus discharge or any symptom of disease for that matter.
A young lady aged 23 years presented with a history of a chronic mucus discharge the doctors called sinusitis. She had been on medications for years that seemed to ‘dry it up’ but periodically throughout the year it would get very bad. After taking a thorough case history and examining her I was able to explain to her the cause of her disease and then adjusted her diet and lifestyle to effectively remove these causes. I also gave her a detoxification diet. Well, she didn’t come back immediately. She returned over two years later. During this visit the young lady didn’t look so young at all. She shuffled slowly into my office like an old woman. She explained that she decided after her first visit, it was easier to take medications for her problem rather than making all those changes to her diet and lifestyle.

The young lady was now seriously ill. Her sinus had stopped because she had been on strong steroid drugs and the mucus finally stopped flowing. She related to me that every joint in her body was aching and the doctors suspected rheumatoid arthritis. The specialist predicted that she could even be in a wheelchair by the time she is 30. She was now chronically depressed and in a much worse state than 24 months earlier. Why? Because she chose to try the ‘quick fix’ method of medical treatment for her chronic sinus mucus complaint. Sure, she got the results she wanted. The mucus stopped flowing. But where did it go, or was the underlying cause for the mucus production removed in the first place? No, it was suppressed. The backlog of toxic, vile filth that had been working its way out of her body via the nose (the tap of the body) had been suppressed through the use of strong drugs. There is a certain amount of safety when we have a mucus discharge. There is a channel of escape for an offensive and dangerous substance to leave the body.

I know of a man who had epilepsy; he had a seizure and fell causing his leg to get burnt on the edge of the fireplace. This injury developed into a weeping abscess on his leg. For months it weeped and was attended to medically. Significantly, all the time it had the discharge draining from it, he didn’t have one seizure. When the abscess was finally closed up by the medical attention it was receiving, the seizures returned. His body had found a channel for the source of disease to escape. Now isn’t that something to think about? Many of the early natural and medical doctors understood this principle when they said, ‘Produce a discharge and you can cure anything.’

Getting back to the case history we are studying; in effect, the medications had successfully blocked the body’s channel of drainage. Now, in the body’s effort to clean the blood and protect itself, it channelled this poison into some of the hollow organs, tissues and joints of the body. If this was allowed to continue, then I expect this young lady would have ended up in a wheelchair.

Never suppress a mucus discharge! While it is flowing out of the body it has an avenue of escape from the body and is less likely to build up and cause further harm. Our attitude must always be, ‘identify the cause, address it and effectively remove it’. Any suppression of elimination from the body encourages a more serious problem in the future. There is always a reason for everything, particularly regarding health. It just isn’t bad luck or fate that a person suffers a disease. It is ignorance of set laws that are being broken now and in the past and even by that person’s parents and forebears insofar as they have contributed previously to setting up this condition (a genetic weakness) in the child. You can’t break the laws of health on a continuing basis without the negative side effects resulting at some future time. These simply manifest as the effect of a cause that was ignored. The results are the same and this can go back many generations. There are no coincidences in health as my mentor, Bernard Jensen, has stated many times. ‘One day sickness and disease will be regarded as ignorance.’ On a positive note, referring to genetic weakness, this can be neutralised most times!

This same young lady had more than the wrong diet contributing to her condition. Marital trouble and a job that demanded long hours of intense work and many times without a break for lunch.

None of this had changed since her first visit and it sounded as if it had even become worse. I recommended more rest, working only 3 or 4 days per week if possible in a ‘controlled and sane’ mode of work. Having time for lunch and finishing work on time after she had put in her eight hours. I explained what the drugs were actually doing within her body and also suggested she consider coming off the contraceptive pill she had been on for many years. Well, did I say the wrong thing according to her husband! – “She can’t stop work and come off the pill!” I gave her a therapeutic massage to relieve her pain and this gave me the opportunity to have a good talk to her regarding her situation and that if she continued the way she was going, she possibly would end up in a wheelchair as the specialist had suggested.

This time the patient made all the suggested changes to her diet, tried to rest more but still continued in the job she had. Symptoms improved slightly but that was all. Three months later she separated from her husband because she couldn’t cope with the stress in their relationship any longer. She came off the pill, which also helped. I again recommended she change her work situation, and one month later she was able to get part-time work at the same place and again this helped. About this time she and her husband got back together and he was now more considerate of her needs and there was peace at home. With more time to herself, she enjoyed doing all those ‘funny’ things I had suggested, e.g. plenty of sunshine, fresh air and water, good reading and rest physically, mentally and emotionally.

The patient was now, at long last, giving her body and mind the conditions they needed biologically to self regulate, readjust and heal. As you will know by now, healing takes place through cleansing and adequate rest and this is exactly what happened. About one month later she phoned and related how every joint in her body was aching, the glands in her neck were up and she had cold sores that she hadn’t had for years. She thought this was a good sign but wanted reassurance! I was able to tell her that this was good news and that she was on the way to recovery. I recommended she rest as much as possible, keep her diet clean and if her temperature went above 37 degrees, to have nothing but water, fast and rest. This was exactly what happened. It was not long after this that the patient was feeling much better and functioning the same. Symptoms improved month by month, all pains settled down, stiffness left her body and the patient was able to get on with life in a new, more enjoyable and energetic mode.

In this case and as in any case, as a person continues to live correctly (by this I don’t mean fanatically, just sensibly) and supplies the body with the biological conditions it needs for repair and healing, then it is only a matter of time before the living organism responds and returns to its normal state of function which is health. All symptoms and warning signs settle down because the underlying causes have been removed. So simple – so beautiful – so true.
The body is self-regulating, self-correcting and where possible, self- healing. Supply the right conditions and it does this beautifully.