Cancer? There can a positive!

There are no coincidences regarding health.

There is always a reason for disease and the fact is that when handled correctly, the disease can be a positive thing in our lives when accepted and handled in the light. By this I mean interpreting the reasons why things are happening the way they are. Learning the lesson in life, making changes where they are genuinely needed and then moving on, healed, whole and wiser in life for the experience. This is one of the purposes of life – learning, growing and becoming wiser through the experiences that life shares with us on our journey of discovery.

Often, it is seen that an apparently tragic accident or illness can be the catalyst and turning point in people’s lives when they handle the presenting situation with courage and a ‘positive’ attitude. I certainly found this to be the case in my life and have repeatedly observed this in the lives of countless numbers of my patients and people I have read about. Many recovering from what appeared on the surface to be serious health problems returned to a state of more than health and success in their living.

The people I refer to now have an appreciation of life and contentment in their living that the great majority of the modern age finds hard to even comprehend. Below is a letter from one of my patient’s that exemplifies this. Read it and see if you cannot find the pure beauty in these few words from the heart.

Dear Peter,

I am writing to thank you sincerely for your guidance during my illness with cancer. Without your wonderful expertise and support I know I would not have recovered as quickly as I have.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on the 12th June. My daughter immediately called a naturopath into the hospital, being yourself, and without realizing it at the time this was to change my life completely. I am sure on this day I was given a new life within a life and for this I am truly grateful.

Being told you have cancer is the most traumatic emotion, not knowing the outcome and the fear of what if. My family and I were devastated at the news and naturally we were all thrown into complete chaos. A lot of tears and negative thoughts were flowing freely at that time.

Several days after being told of the cancer I knew I had to change my attitude towards the disease and deal with this intrusion in my body with a determined and positive attitude and this I did with vengeance. I began a great deal of soul searching and acknowledged the power within to face and fight the disease. There was no way I was going to let this disease control my body.

During this crisis my family and myself experienced a great deal of emotions and fear. This might sound strange but today I am so grateful that our family was chosen to experience this terrible crisis in our lives.

As a result, we as a family have grown in such a loving way, we accept each other unconditionally and with so much love, appreciation of all around us and simply the new sunrise each day is joyous. Unfortunately we were not aware of these wonders before our crisis but now we are and for this we give thanks.

I realize today this is my journey and without the trauma and fears I would not be so beholden. Just the look of a child’s smile and sparkle in their eyes and little laughter brings me so much joy, simply looking out the window at a bird, tree or even the clouds gives me such pleasure.

Every day I give thanks to God for the opportunity of experiencing such wonders and with the hope of being able to relate to and help other cancer patients along their journey.

Before our crisis we all took life for granted and missed in many ways the true meaning of what life really is about. Now I am full of gratitude for today and all the days to follow.

Kindest regards and love,

Trish Odewahn.

A wake up call to all of us! Trish clearly demonstrates here the power of a positive mental attitude and the great wealth of strength and resource that lies within all of us. Her mental decision to choose a positive attitude and course of action was the turning point of not only her disease crisis, but also her life! I cannot begin to tell you just how powerful your mind is and its importance and governing influence over your entire life!

In Trish’s case, this crisis was the catalyst or turning point and just what she (and her whole family) needed to wake them up to life and the real joy of living.

My mother was diagnosed as having breast cancer the Christmas of 1977. Wow, did that give my whole family a wake up call! A call to life, unconditional love and appreciation of life. Any petty fogging and grievances were quickly evaporated in the light and realization of the worth of life and the undeniable power and emotion of love.

The same is true in every instance of disease and suffering. There is always a positive pearl of learning and understanding to be gained from the experience so long as you approach it with the attitude of acceptance and replace fear with faith and action. This, my friends, is the substance of miracles.

And what are miracles?
Just universal laws in operation
That we do not yet fully understand!
When God has a gift for us,
He wraps it up in a problem!
One of the best way I know for
God to get our attention and touch our lives
Is giving us ‘a health problem’!