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If seeing is believing – Enjoy this! This young man presented with a history of ugly, pussy white headed and blind acne. The photos were taken only 4 months apart but the good news is, this result will last as the cause was correctly identified and removed. A ‘Biological Detox’ and correction of diet was all that was needed. So simple, so easy, So true!

Another remarkable skin improvement to think about!
This case history is one that will hopefully give hope to all who suffer from skin complaints. This is a good example of the results many experience once they identify and remove the cause of disease and give their bodies the needed conditions to revitalise and restore normality to its chemistry, structure and function. The chemistry (condition of the blood) effects the structure (in this case, the skin). Behind every skin problem there is a chemistry abnormality just waiting to be corrected!

Case history

A lady presented to my clinic in her mid seventies with a very severe skin condition. She had been under medical management for a number of months, but to no avail. The condition only seemed to get worse. The skin on her legs below her knees was very red, dry, swollen, very itchy and was weeping excessively. The lady was also very overweight. Through taking a thorough case history and observing her eyes, it was clear to see where the cause of her affliction lay.

Her eyes revealed a chronic acidosis, lymphatic congestion, circulation problems and morbid accumulated waste products throughout the entire system. In short, this patient was suffering from toxaemia. Her liver and kidneys (the body’s filters) were overburdened and not keeping up to the workload placed on them from the above blood chemistry problems. The acid waste was working its way out of the body via the largest organ of elimination, the skin. Her wrong eating habits combined with inactivity caused an acid blood chemistry that in turn caused her body to hold a great deal of fluid. This had increased her weight to the extent she had had both knees operated on because of degenerative joints. In nature ‘the solution to pollution is dilution’. This is why many people have trouble with their weight.

It is the body’s attempt to store fluid in an attempt to dilute the acidic waste materials gathering in the blood and corroding the bones.

My treatment goal was to detoxify and revitalise the body by giving it the opportunity to successfully eliminate these toxic poisons. To accomplish this it was essential to improve the function of the vital organs of elimination, namely the lungs, kidneys and the skin, and the major organ of detoxification, the liver. I also recommended plenty of sunshine, fresh air and pure water. Importantly, I recommended she become more active following an initial rest period, and this was very much needed in her life. Inactivity makes the body old. By doing these things she would be providing her body with the biological conditions needed to correct the internal problems itself.
I went over her diet and corrected it, instructed her to drink more water and placed emphasis on organic mineral utilisation using fresh vegetable juices and broths. I recommended she go onto the detoxification and revitalisation program and I also removed all foods that were contributing to the fermentation and toxic condition present.

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


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Photo 4:

legs 4months

I particularly recommended she get out in the fresh air with as light clothing on as possible. This would improve elimination through the skin over the whole body. The skin is called the ‘third kidney’ and when the kidneys are not able to cope with an excess of acidity or toxicity, then the body will of necessity channel toxic waste out via the skin, and this is what was happening here.

By assisting the function of the body’s blood filters and organs of elimination, we were effectively providing an opportunity for the body to more successfully rid itself of the cause of accumulated toxins and symptoms. As the body was given the chance to eliminate more successfully through the kidneys, lungs and the skin, the skin on her legs naturally began to heal. At first, she did not make many changes at all and her lack of results revealed this. Not long after her first visit, she rang and reported little grubs (maggots) in her legs. This was a real motivation! This really made her take it seriously. She quickly adopted all the changes I had suggested regarding her diet and lifestyle.

Well it wasn’t long before we started achieving results. Her skin not only improved but she started losing weight and began to feel better in herself. She was enjoying walking and gardening and doing things she hadn’t done in years. Her family made the comment, ‘We have our mother back.’ This really was music to my ears.

Photo 1 shows the state of her legs when she first came to my clinic. Photo 2 was taken five weeks later and Photo 3 was taken three months later. As you can see, not only has her skin improved but she had lost a great deal of weight, 17 kg to be exact. This lady now has a ‘new life’. She is physically active, appreciates her food more and is enjoying a quality of life that can only be described as a trans- formation. Indeed, this family did get their mother back! Give the body the right conditions it needs and it will do the rest. Photo 4 shows the biological change clearly.

But this is not all, look at the difference in the lady. The experience has taken 15 years off her age and probably added a further 15 years to her life! Photo 5 was taken at the beginning of her treatment and Photo 6 taken five months later at the end of her treatment.

Photo 5:


Photo 6:


The patient is looking years younger and is enjoying new-found levels of energy and wellbeing. How did this transformation come about? Well for a start, I did not just treat this patient’s legs! I treated her whole system. I treated her life by showing her how to make needed changes to her lifestyle. I showed her how to give her whole body the biological conditions it needed in order to produce revitalisation, healing and recovery. This is why her entire body improved in health and not just her legs where the problem was obvious.
To the physician, it was clear her whole body was crying out for help. I simply showed her what to do, encouraged and reassured her (and to begin with this was needed) and let her body’s own internal powers of healing do the rest as only it could. This lady was revitalized and became younger because of it.

Regarding supplements, therapeutic remedies should not be taken long term and must be taken with wisdom. Too many people are over medicating themselves even on natural medicines! The key is skillfully identifying and revealing the cause of the disease condition, then prescribing the correct instructions regarding correcting the lifestyle of the patient which will in effect remove the cause. Any medicines come after this and must be kept to a minimum. The natural medicines are only an adjunct to the main approach of education. I have found the combination to be outstandingly successful and also very safe.

A nutritional food supplement such as my ‘Metabolic Formulas’ are the most natural and biologically effective way of ‘supplementing’ your feeding program on a permanent basis. They are an intelligent way of ‘supplementing’ your body’s needs.

The living body heals itself when given the chance.

Our minds and bodies are designed and have the capacity to adjust and ‘fix themselves’ where it is possible. Only our bodies can do this because only the living body can make new cells and new tissue in place of the old, and the condition and quality of the new cells is dependent upon the quality of blood and tissue fluids that bathe them.

The living body can renew itself and heal itself where it is possible. This is a principle and fact of biological science.

Success to You!