Arthritis? Osteo, Rheumatoid, Gouty, Poly Rheumatic Rheumatica, ‘Roaming Arthritis’ also known as ‘Ross River Fever’. All forms of degenerative muscular/skeletal conditions are all treated the same way by Peter. The results? Also the same! Positive and lasting!
No form of bodywork or medicines and supplements can achieve a ‘Lasting Positive Outcome’ if the person’s systemic chemistry is too acidic. Relief is possible but this is not my purpose! I work for a ‘lasting positive outcome’!
Please view just one example of the results that can be achieved through systemic ‘Biological Detoxification’ with Less medicines!

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Another so-called ‘incurable disease’ is cured!

Another so-called ‘incurable disease’ is cured! I would like to share an interesting account that exemplifies the error in the method of modern medicine and their drug mentality and treatment. The gentleman I will speak of was 75 years of age at the time he came to myself for help. He had been diagnosed with a number of ‘diseases’ over 15 years and eventually his condition degenerated to the extent it was found he had the so-called ‘incurable disease’ of rheumatoid arthritis. The many medical drugs he was given for the ‘symptoms’ that appeared along the way of this 15 year period actually contributed to the development of a more serious disease. To add insult to injury the medical establishment then put the patient on a form of ‘chemotherapy’ which is an extremely strong and dangerous treatment without even informing him of this drastic move and medication! I would like to share his story.

Dear Peter,

Since being introduced to you last September, suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my whole way of life has undergone tremendous changes, something I could hardly believe myself.
I had suffered much pain and frustration for 15 years; I had been put through stomach ulcers and prolonged periods of nausea from anti-inflammatory drugs and for 4 years before we met I was on Methotrexate, a drug I found to be chemotherapy treatment. During these years I had long periods where I couldn’t do my garden or the maintenance needed around the home. I did try many of the natural tablets and tonics available for the relief of arthritic pain. I tried to eat healthy food, but to no avail. I realise now that I had the right ideas but lacked the professional guidance to use these things in a planned system, which is what you did for me.
I suffered for months, before retiring in August when the index fingers on each hand bent out of shape and holding a pen could be painful, until I saw a doctor about pain in my elbows. This was diagnosed as ‘Tennis Elbow’ and I was advised to do nothing for 2 weeks. As I was busy building my new house, I did not take this advice, and carried on with the job. I did have many aches and pains during the building, but thought old age was catching up. The next event happened after I had made a steel clothes line post which I painted with red rustproof undercoat. The following morning I awoke in agony, I dared not move my left leg, the pain was unbelievable and my wife rang for the ambulance which took me to P.A. hospital where they pushed and poked about until nearly 11 p.m. with nothing to eat all day. Then I was put into a ward where my leg was put in traction. After about an hour (and several complaints) I unhooked the traction and made it look as if it was still hooked up. When they found out I just refused to have it again.
After all kinds of physio and tests for 3-4 days I was wheeled out to where some specialist was lecturing to medical staff.
Here I was put through all kinds of questioning, pulling and poking and eventually all attention was focused on a red blotch on my left knee cap and all these students were asked to comment. The comments were forthcoming and when I was asked if I had an explanation, I said, “Yes, red rust proofing paint!” Nothing further was said, I was wheeled back to the ward where I discharged myself the next day.
My next effort was a GP who said Rheumatoid Arthritis and I had blood tests which proved him right. He put me on Feldene; this set off an ulcer I had suffered 10 years previously. He then gave me Zantac, which did not improve my stomach. Next I had ‘Salayopyrin’ which the doctor said had no side effects and I could take as many as I liked of the prescribed dose which did not help. I found they did nothing at all so we moved on to ‘Indosid’ suppositories. These really knocked me about and after about a month I stopped them and found I suffered what I can only think of as ‘withdrawal symptoms’.
After this I tried celery seed, cod liver oil tablets and several items which really did not help. I realise now that professional ad- vice is required on the use of natural medicines.
After this I tried to carry on with nothing, but before long my joints were swollen and sore and in desperation I went to the doctor again. This was after selling our home and moving down to the Gold Coast. This doctor gave me ‘Prednisalene’ which stopped the pain immediately and so I let him persuade me to see a rheumatologist, a specialist with vast experience and who rarely ever used anti- inflammatory drugs.
I saw this man in June. He put me on ‘Methotrexate’, 4 tablets once a week; every Wednesday at 7 p.m. I had regular blood tests and the dose was increased until I was taking 10 tablets per week and for often as much as 2 days after taking my tablets I suffered terrible nausea and I just could not operate at all. I decided to stop this, and cut down to 6 tablets a week. I had already stopped ‘Prediyisolone’, it seemed to effect my vision, and I hoped to stop the nausea by reducing the dose but it didn’t. I went right down to 3 tablets per week but still the nausea persisted; this went on until a friend introduced me to you in September when I dropped methotrexate and all other thoughts of medication and followed your instructions to the letter.
As you know, I am 75 years old and therefore found the diet you set for me a very tough one to keep to, but my first consultation with you convinced me you had the right answers to my problem so I followed instructions to the letter, and 5 weeks later I was almost completely without pain. I lost a good deal of weight and at first this worried me, now I realise most of it I didn’t need and what I did need returned.
Since meeting you, I have begun swimming again, something I hadn’t been able to do for years, and in just about 5 days I achieved 20 lengths of our 50 metre pool. I have done this each morning as soon as it is light (5.30 a.m. to 6 a.m.) until this spell of cold wet weather for Easter. I now wait until mid-morning.
I have now rejuvenated my garden, my roses and shrubs and have just started paving an area that has been waiting for 3 years to be done.
I feel now that I can tackle any job, so I’m pleased today I shall be doing my own house painting. For all this I thank you most sincerely and I believe any arthritis sufferer can do as I have done, with your help and the will to stick to instructions.
Once again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Derek Duncan.

I like the comment that Derek made in hospital which had the doctors and interns baffled: “I was asked if I had an explanation, I said, Yes, red rust proofing paint! Nothing further was said, I was wheeled back to the ward where I discharged myself the next day.” In actual fact, he was correct in citing the reason he had to be admitted to hospital. He had a reaction to the chemicals in the paint he was using. This was enough to bring his already toxic system to a level of toxicity that his body was not able to tolerate and he had a ‘reaction’.

Over the 15 years of his suffering he had been given many medicines to remove symptoms but nothing was done to remove the cause! He mentioned he had suffered from an ulcer for 10 years before he had his diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis. This reveals clearly a major contributor to the cause that was not even considered or addressed.

The ulcer he had was a result of his body having too much acid and being in a state of toxaemia. If this would have been addressed properly back when he first noticed symptoms, it would not have advanced and degenerated to his eventual chronic and so-called ‘incurable disease’ of rheumatoid arthritis.

Please let me bring this out.

Many so-called ‘incurable diseases’ are being cured regularly by the correct understanding and treatment! My files are full of real-life personal accounts of real people overcoming diseases that had previously been labelled as ‘incurable’!

There is no mystery in health and disease. Our bodies are governed by the same laws of biological science that everything else on this planet and in our universe is governed by. The laws of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology are all consistent and reliable. All is set in order.

After you have finished reading ‘The Cause of Disease’ and ‘The Cause of Health’ in my book VITALITY, you will see clearly the reasons why some people do not suffer disease, stay vibrantly healthy and seem to remain youthful, while others do not!

The answer is:

‘Vitality and youthfulness are gifts of nature to those who live according to her laws.’

‘Good health is created by the way we choose to live!’

This gentleman was put onto a ‘chemotherapy’, which is one of the strongest and most toxic forms of medical drug treatment − and was not told!
In the MIMS Annual, the drug information guide, it states the following about Methotrexate:

Warnings: Methotrexate should only be used by doctors experienced in antimetabolite chemotherapy. Patients should be fully informed of the risk of fatal or severe toxic reactions involved with the administration of methotrexate and should be under the constant supervision of the doctor. Methotrexate is considered to be carcinogenic. (1998 MIMS Annual 9-767).

I called Mr Duncan as I wrote his story. Almost three years following his treatment and education through attending my ‘health centre’, he is happy to report ‘all that is behind me now’. He is well and enjoying a new lease on life. The right method of treatment works and lasts! So long as you are willing to help yourself.

I return to my point, although it is not true of all medical doctors and specialists, many still think they do not have to explain anything, give reasons why or, as this story relates, consider your long-term health. They prescribe very strong, often dangerous and potentially lethal drugs to patients and this without informing the patient of the seriousness and danger of ‘their method of drug medicine’. This sounds like medicine gone mad! Sadly, it is happening every day throughout the modern world.
Legally, doctors in Australia must now warn patients of all the risks of any procedures or medication (Rogers v. Whitaker, January 1992, High Court of Australia). Failing to do so constitutes negligence.

We must be very careful and be prepared to ask questions and if you do not get intelligent answers, realize that if your doctor doesn’t give you one, the doctor may not know one! May I offer some good advice?

Keep yourself well and stay off the medical merry-go-round!

I ask the question: Is it wrong to question your doctor or health care professional about the treatment they prescribe for you? May I say from my own experience, if you don’t, you’re a fool! You have to ask questions! We are increasingly well educated and the gap between doctor and patient has been shrinking for a century or longer. If my patients don’t ask questions I would be disappointed! You have to ask questions if you are interested in understanding why you have the condition and how you can help yourself to overcome it! I would rather not waste my time with any who do not really desire to help themselves now.

This would be a difficult task, and one that would waste time and energy. I’d rather give of my vitality and education to those who desire to ‘participate’ in their own health and healing. These are they who go on to arise and shine with new life as the many stories and testimonies share. Many, like Mr Duncan, who were given up as ‘incurable’.

This gentleman was put onto ‘chemotherapy’, which is one of the strongest and most toxic forms of medical drug treatment − and was not told! This was not professional and not wise patient management.

Disregard for natural biological law and the routine use of highly toxic drugs go largely unquestioned, and are daily dispensed as ‘medicine’ in huge quantities to a generally trusting public. When I look up the drug medication my patients have been prescribed and are taking daily, the mind boggles! One gentleman comes to mind who came to me with ‘reactive arthritis’ and was a diabetic. He was on all sorts of drugs but when I looked up one particular drug, I was astonished to find that this drug that was so highly toxic and dangerous, the MINS medical manual warned that all medical staff must wear a mask, goggles and gloves if handling this drug and if it came in contact with their skin, there was an urgent procedure to follow. My patient was swallowing this chemical on a daily basis! I say again, ‘The mind boggles.’ He knew nothing of this danger and when I read this information to him, he couldn’t believe it. Thankfully he is no longer on this drug and is a healthier happier man through lifestyle therapy. Below is his story of survival.

Amratlal Dahyabhai Khatri

History of Reactive Arthritis and Allopathic Drug Treatment:

I had a joint pain in the left leg at the buttock. Initially I put a hot water bag and applied cream on that area and gave massages for couple of weeks. The pain continued to increase. I had consulted my G.P in Fiji (I was Fiji resident at that time) where he diagnosed it as rheumatic pain. He gave me painkillers (drugs) for couple of weeks. The tablets gave temporary relief but after stopping taking tablets, the pain started again but this time was unbearable. It was very difficult for me to even walk a short distance. I was unable to walk up or down a stairway without having any strong supports. My G.P prescribed me BTZ tablets. This initially gave me considerable relief of pain. After taking these tablets for a couple of weeks, I found my pain to have almost gone. It was okay for a few months and then the pain returned. I was again prescribed the same tablets by my G.P. This time this drug did not produce any relief for a couple of weeks so my G.P then gave me a double dose of BTZ by injection. These injections caused almost complete disappearance of pain the very next day. The effect of this injection remained for a few months. Then the same pain at the same place returned. My G.P gave me same BTZ injection and I got well for some time. This system went on for few years. Whenever, I had the problem, my G.P. gave me BTZ injection but I did not find myself permanently cured from this disease. In the meantime I came to know that the BTZ tablets and BTZ injections could cause blood cancer. Also I came to know that the BTZ tablets and BTZ injections were totally banned in Australia by the Australian government for its dangerous side effects. After learning of the toxic effects of BTZ tablets and injection, I stopped taking any more of them. Pain started in all joints and muscles of my body. Both my feet were swollen like a bun and pain throughout the body did not allow me to walk without great difficulty.

Things got worse. Joint and muscular pains became unbearable and around December, my eyes often went red and I had almost the entire day of foggy vision. During this period I had changed doctors many times and had been prescribed varying painkilling drugs, which in turn resulted in other side effects to my stomach etc.

With my eye-problem, I went to see an eye-specialist. He checked my eyes carefully and diagnosed that I was suffering from reactive arthritis. This reactive arthritis caused inflammation inside my eyeball, which caused foggy vision. This Eye specialist gave me eye drops, which helped. My joint and body pain was on a come- and-go basis. My blood report showed abnormality all the time. ESR in my blood count was around 130 – this should be 20 for normal.MyG.Ptriedallthedrugsheknewofandothertreatment to get ESR to normal but had no luck. I then decided to fly overseas for further better treatment of my reactive arthritis and I flew to Melbourne, Australia.

It was June, I was referred to a rheumatologist by a G.P in Melbourne. My general condition was very bad at that time. My blood ESR counts was above 130. All the joints of my body as well as all muscles were extremely painful. I was unable to walk properly and felt tired walking ten steps only. At night in bed, I was not able to turn to either of the sides on my own. It was very difficult for me to get up from a chair. Once up, I had to stand for a while before I could start walking. The rheumatologist requested more blood test and X-rays. The rheumatologist also confirmed I had “reactive arthritis”. The Rheumatologist prescribed the drug Salazopyrin-EN TAB-EC 500mg and advised me to take one tablet of Salazopyrin once a day after meals. After one week he requested another blood test and recommended two tablets – one tablet twice a day after meals. He then requested for a blood test to see for side effect of the Salazopyrin. The test report showed no signs of any toxic side effects. Gradually on a weekly basis he increased Salazopirine to six tablets a day, 2 tablets 3 times a day after food. At this stage I found some comfort to my joints and muscle. With no signs of side effects, I continued to take six tablets of Salazopyrin a day for the next two to three years with regular blood tests. I then gradually reduced the Salazopyrin dose to two tablets a day, one tablet twice a day. I had reduced Salazopyrin tablet to once a day after meals. I only took additional one or two tablets when the pain seemed to have reappeared.

I knew that my condition (reactive arthritis) had not gone completely. Although I felt normal, I consulted a rheumatologist in Brisbane. I had informed him that I was taking one Salazopyrin once a day after meal. He explained that one Salazopyrin tablet does not make any difference and it will be okay if I stop taking one tablet a day. He said if my joints or muscles became painful, I was to start with two tablets of Salazopyrin a day. I went back to Fiji this treatment kept me almost normal up to early year.

Prescription drugs are ‘scheduled poisons’

In March the following year, pain returned to my joints, especially in the legs, fingers and toes of the feet. I started with two tablets of Salazopyrin a day. Two weeks passed and brought no relief. I gradually increased Salazopyrin dosage to six tablets a day. There was no sign of relief, in-fact the pain kept getting worse. My feet, legs and knee were swollen. My right hand thumb became stiff and bent. I then consulted my G.P in Fiji. He gave me painkilling drugs and Celebrex Capsules 200mg. Celebrex capsules gave me little comfort, the pain and all related complains remained. I came to BrisbaneforfurthertreatmentandtheG.Pprescribedmoredrugs, Salazopyrin, Colgout and Celebrex, which I had continued for some time.

The period between June and October was very bad for me. Most of the time I was like a cripple – unable to stand, or walk, unable to balance myself. Sometimes I was in a wheelchair or on a walker and sometime with a walking stick. To stand up from the chair I needed strong supports from my sons one under each of my shoulders to get me to stand. I had consulted a rheumatologist. He prescribed me more drugs, Prednisone (Panafcort) 10mg. Prednisone gave me relief but still I needed a walking stick and still had considerable pain. Rheumatologist also gave me additional Methoblastin 2.5mg tablets. The Pharmacist explained the dangerous side effects of Methoblastin 2.5mg to me, but I took no notice as it was bringing me some relief. I still was with my walking stick and needed supports from my sons to assist me to stand up and start walking.

In October, one of my community friends gave me the name and suggested to see Naturopath, Peter William Edwards. At that time I was much worried and aware of side effects of the drugs Methoblastin and Prednisone, which I was taking and I wanted to turn to herbal medicines from the right person instead of allopathic drug medicines to avoid side effects of the allopathic medicines. I made an appointment with Peter William Edwards in October and he had seen me with my painful body and with my walking stick in my hand. He checked my both eyes and diagnosed all the diseases I had. He gave me natural medicines and a strict diet. He gave me a whole program to follow. He also advised me to take only gluten free food. He also stopped me consuming specific foods in my diet. Within one-month time I had lost 10Kg weight from 67Kgs to 57Kgs. I lost weight but it did not effect my strength. I felt better than before but still had lots of pain in my foot and a swollen leg. On my second visit he checked me and seemed happy with the improvement he saw. I was very anxious to get well and I asked Peter when I would become normal – health wise. He said that it would take about 2 years to get normal.

Peter brought my attention to the dangerous side-effects of Methoblastin that’s when I decided to stop taking Methoblastin.

I went back to Fiji in January with noticeable improvement to my health and some complaints about muscular and joint pains. I met a Hindu-Indian-religious priest in Suva, Fiji. He gave me heavy massage on whole body with concentrating more on some specific body parts regularly for three days. He also gave me few exercises to do in regular basis with daily walking. I felt very good with the massage he gave to my painful body.

In conclusion, today I am like a normal person health wise due to the treatment given by Peter William Edwards. He has given strict dietary instructions; I have stopped taking very dangerous allopathic medical drugs that were poisoning me. Regular exercise and walking has also played a vital role in improving and maintaining my health. I have had heard lots about yoga and exercises for perfect heath throughout my life, but now I fully realize the importance of yoga and exercise to our own health. I also realise that consuming the wrong foods which are not suitable to our body, is also a factor, and can give us health troubles throughout our life. THE RIGHT AND REGULAR BALANCED (not too much not too less), SUITABLE FOOD TO OUR BODY AND REGULAR EXERCISE ARE THE KEY OF A HEALTHY LIFE. (I am a strict vegetarian from last about 8 years).

Thank you Peter Edwards

What a story of ‘rescue and survival’! Good work Amratlal! I would also like to say ‘good work’ to Amratlal’s two fine sons who accompany their father each time I have seen him. It is a wonderful thing to see loving devotion shine as they support their dad! I have seen this gentleman just recently and he is walking tall and straight and his son related to me his father is running!

The fact is; this gentleman would not have died from the condition of ‘Reactive arthritis’. He more likely would have died from the extremely toxic and potentially fatal side effects of the many drugs medicines he was given to ‘remedy’ his complaint! This truly is another case of the medicine being worse (more deadly) than the disease!