Digestion and Bowel Disease – All conditions

Inflammatory – Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Diverticulitis, IBS etc and including Digestive problems e.g. Reflux, GORD, Gas & Bloating, Abdominal pain and problems of ‘unknown origin’.

Since writing and publishing my book, HAPPINESS IS – A Regular Complete Bowel Motion, in 2003, I have had people contacting me not only to thank me for my book but, asking if I would assist them on their path to recovery in this very specific area.

In reflection of my career that spans over three decades of clinical practice, I have had special interests in a few areas. However, I have to report that I now know without doubt, my area of speciality. It is in the area of ‘Gastroenterology’ (Gastrointestinal or GIT) and ‘gastro-enteropathy’ (Stomach and GIT) or simply put, I specialize now in Digestion and Bowel Restoration and care.  I guess I am a Naturo-Gastro-Path!

The many years of serious struggle I myself had in this very unpleasant area of human anatomy and physiology and my eventual success and avoidance of imminent surgery has given me a more than a deeper level of understanding in this area. I am very pleased to share I believe it has also given me a great sense of empathy for others suffering in this area.

It has been my experience that, as is consistent with all my writing and philosophy on health and rejuvenation, the human body is governed by express law and that by working with these laws can we understand what is causing the problem and them reduce and remove it, then give the body what it needs to work with in order to start functioning efficiently again, it usually is just a matter of time before improvement is felt. I must make it clear, all the causes must be dealt with and this is where many do not find lasting success.

Often it is not what the person is eating but, ‘what is eating them!’ Also, it is my experience, that: Behind every bowel problem – is a digestive cause’. 

If I have had success in this area, and I have, it is because I address the problem at a cause level and always improve the efficiency of the stomach and small intestine where all digestion and assimilation takes place. From here the colon automatically responds.

Dear Peter,

… The results are especially astonishing when I consider that after twenty –five years of misery and restriction, the resulting chronic Diverticular disease, IBS, toxic bowel and digestive problems from birth, with five major abdominal operations and four hospitalisations for various procedures! I was on the slippery slope towards imminent bowel surgery and colostomy. I can now face the future again positively in mind as well as body, a blessing indeed, and something money cannot buy.

Yours sincerely
– Shirley Wisdom

Dear Peter,

I wanted to thank you for your great advice and wonderful products that I received from you last year. I came to you with the bowel condition ‘inflammatory bowel disease’ and I was in a lot of pain. I was treated by you for about 8 months with wonderful improvements in my health and general well being. I moved to Bundaberg due to sickness and a death in the family and was unable to thank you personally and let you know that I would be moving. I want to thank again for my much improving health.

– Mandy Lovell