Gardasil Vaccine Reaction/Injury and full recovery 

As my story may be controversial to some and questioned by others, I feel I must begin before the beginning. For context, background should be shared. My husband and I are Queensland born, tertiary educated and hard working. Our family life is typical, no different from many others. Our two children have good general health. My now twelve year old daughter, in 2014 and 2015, missed a total of four days of school due to ill health and in early 2016 was dancing for five hours each week and playing netball for two hours each week. She was happy and confident.

In February 2016, I received by email, consent forms from Queensland Health for my daughter to be vaccinated at school. I have looked back over these documents many times. They state, without qualification, these vaccines are safe and these vaccines have been rigorously tested. Our children had received all vaccinations throughout their lives as per the recommended schedule. I consented and returned the forms.

On 14 April 2016, my daughter received her HPV and DTaP vaccines at school. The following day, my daughter had two patches of raised lumps which were itchy on her legs. One patch on each leg. Each patch was approximately 10 cm x 7 cm. She was otherwise well and went to school.

On 16 April 2016 my daughter awoke and discovered that both her legs were completely covered with raised lumps that had hard white centres. I examined the rest of her body and there was no evidence of the rash anywhere else. One hour later the rash had spread in a welt across her stomach and was also on her neck.

We visited Naturopath, Peter Edwards. Peter examined my daughter thoroughly. Using iridology, Peter determined that my daughter’s liver was inflamed. He queried any recent chemical exposure, had we painted our house, had our house been sprayed for insects. No, No ….. I mentioned the vaccination, “Could be related” was Peter’s response. It was as if she had been poisoned, Peter explained. Peter determined a prescription for my daughter which we began immediately.

Early the following week, my daughter’s rash was extremely itchy. She was beginning to suffer from mild nausea and dizziness. She was also becoming fatigued, suffering from cramping and abdominal tenderness. By the end of this week, the rash on her legs was breaking down into weepy lesions.

We visited Peter Edwards at the end of this week. Again using iridology, Peter determined that my daughter’s liver was under siege. Peter explained that his research had confirmed his initial suspicion, my daughter was suffering a reaction to her HPV vaccination, Gardasil. Her liver was attempting to process the toxic vaccine. Peter adjusted my daughter’s prescription.

My daughter’s symptoms became more chronic. She was unable to attend school. It was an effort for her to leave her bed. She was suffering from severe stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, sore to touch abdomen, fatigue and was very pale. Food increased her nausea. Her rash had broken down into open wounds.

We continued to see Peter on a weekly basis. As my daughter’s symptoms evolved, Peter made changes to her prescription. On days when my daughter was suffering from extreme pain, Peter was available to us by telephone and email.

Six weeks after my daughter was given her Gardasil vaccination, her symptoms, while still present, became less severe. Her appetite and energy levels began to improve. She was still suffering from dizziness and nausea but was able to go to school for three days each week. A pain developed to the right of her abdominal area right around to her back on this side. It became intense and debilitating but thankfully Peter’s hands on treatment with a special Chinese herb brought immediate relief each time we visited his clinic. He also showed me how I could apply this herbal treatment at home which was a great help.

Twice during this time, Peter asked me to have blood tests and abdomen ultra sounds to ensure there were no other factors contributing to my daughter’s illness. Each time, blood and urine tests and abdomen ultra sounds, showed everything as normal. These tests brought me into contact with mainstream medicine. GP’s, Paediatricians and high ranking Queensland Health Officials who suggested that my daughter had an eating disorder, that she had a psychological problem and that she should have her appendix removed. I was told that it was impossible for these symptoms to be a result of the recent vaccines.

Sixty days have passed since my daughter had her HPV vaccine, Gardasil. I have my daughter back. She is eating, she is laughing, she has tried out for the touch football team and she can’t wait to get back to dancing. While other mothers, unknowing of where to turn, watch while their children lie in their beds too sick to live their lives after Gardasil, my daughter is able to return to the life she knew.

Peter Edwards used his expertise and experience to kindly and compassionately guide my daughter back to good health. Peter spent many of his own hours researching so that he was able to fine tune his prescriptions leading to a positive result. There wasn’t a quick fix. The process required meticulous and comprehensive practises over a period of time.

It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to Peter.

What a story and I must admit, I did feel deeply involved in this treatment. I had seen this young patient from time to time over recent years for common issues that many young girls have as they grow. All were successfully sorted and I was very pleased with the health and wellbeing of my patient that I had come to know and admire as a very polite and sunny young lady. This presenting and potentially serious condition did catch my attention. Particularly after I commenced research and learned that on a worldwide scale, over 45,000 young women and young men had fallen victim to the very serious toxic side effects of this ‘Gardasil’ vaccine. Many young women even in their twenties have actually died as a result of this vaccine. Many more have been left in a state of long term debilitation.

The more I researched, the more I became concerned but did not let this be shown to the mother or daughter. In this situation, I told the mother I was ‘on-call anytime’ if needed which was needed quite a few times as the symptoms progressed and as the patient’s body worked hard to rid itself from this very offensive toxic chemical and survive this crisis.

As the symptom picture did change. It was obvious to me that the pain in the right abdominal areas around to the back was clearly the liver working very hard but, I had to make sure I was not missing anything and did request twice that medical tests were carried out. Both times, ‘nothing’ and the second time the medical doctors suggested it was all in the young girls mind and that there definitely was no link to the vaccinations!

It is interesting to me that no one in Government, public life or of any social standing will dare to question the safety of vaccines even though there are continually new reports on the internet on a global scale raising the alarm that something is seriously wrong with this new vaccine. Presently, there are many Countries taking legal action against the Gardasil manufacture. Many more have now banned this vaccine. Please see my post here.

In conclusion, the outcome of treatment has been successful however, we are still carefully monitoring the recovery process. I did contact a world renown Health Practitioner who has raised the alarm well before now and has been treating many young people with serious complications from this and other vaccines. This was necessary for me to become ‘as informed as professionally possible’ to be able to give the correct recommendations and prescriptions in this critical situation.

While not claiming to have all the answers, I am ready to assist wherever possible families and young people struck down with this so ‘unnecessary health crisis’. The biological method I use is safe and measured to the individual’s capacity to ‘work with’ the biological Laws of Nature that govern the living human organism.

May I share the best cure for this disease?

‘Prevention is better than Cure’!

Please do the research. It is all on the internet to be seen clearly. See my post here. Make up your own mind with an informed decision. I am not a believer in ‘Uninformed following’ as the medical establishment, Government bodies and Multinational Pharmaceutical companies would have the population do. If you ask a doctor about the safety of vaccinations, they cannot say that they cause any serious side effects. If that medical practitioner did, they would most probably be sacked, publicly discarded and deregistered. Please observe talkback show host on all media outlets, television personalities and celebrities. Will they dare to mutter anything negative about the system of vaccination that is touted to be the only true way of staying well on the planet? No, they will all say something like, ‘I believe in the science’. But they have not done any reading or research, they are just ‘Following the Follower’ and keeping safe within ‘the system’ that feeds them.

Please share this information with others as it just may help to avoid other such casualties and suffering.

Health and prosperity to you,
Peter Edwards