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Treating Injury Caused by Vaccination

I make it clear, I believe in Natural Immunisation and give place for Safe vaccination

People say they believe in the science behind vaccination. My qualifications, practice and experience are Forty Years in the field of Health science and I agree with genuine well researched scientific support. But greater than all current scientific opinion (that is constantly changing according to the better understanding through intelligent observation and investigation) the Laws that Govern the dynamics of life and Nature, are all consistent and do not change. These have to be the foundation for building correct understanding. This is the ‘biological path’ I believe in and practice with.

Each individual is unique physiologically and biologically. As a Clinical Nutritionist there is a Law that must always be respected: ‘Biochemical Individuality’. This is why everyone reacts differently to chemicals they are exposed to.

A worldwide problem has emerged and accelerated in the past few years with the practice of routine vaccinations. A growing percentage of children and young adults are experiencing serious injury and death following vaccination.

The potential of danger is magnified when an offensive chemical cocktail enters the body via injection straight into the blood stream. It bypasses all the body’s natural defence barriers. It has the potential to be highly disruptive, offensive and dangerous to the individual whose system to not tolerate those particular chemicals. Adverse reactions can be serious and sadly are sometimes fatal.

To allow this practice of medication with its potential serious side effects in some individuals is not ‘Safe or Good Medicine’. It is dangerous and Bad Medicine. What is concerning is this form of medicine is now being pushed by the Government and medical establishments to be ‘Mass medication’ or punishment and penalties apply.

Concerned parents and grandparents are contacting me regarding the ‘Safety of Vaccinations’, the pressure being applied on them to have their children and grandchildren vaccinated and pressure to get vaccinated themselves to protect their children!

Worse still, I am treating more children and young adults suffering from the serious effects of ‘INJURY from vaccination’. See the testimonial of a mother who’s daughter has recovered from a serious reaction to the HPV vaccine. https://vitality.com.au/case-studies

I know the pressure is real. Even as a young naturopath and clinical nutritionist, I bowed to pressure from parents and friends and vaccinated my first child. She had FIVE convulsions within days and had to be hospitalised. Her and none of my other three children were ever vaccinated after this and were amount the healthiest children at their schools right throughout their schooling!

Things cannot continue as they are as the number of children and young adults being seriously harmed  and dying directly because of vaccination is accelerating.

There are some very well researched and credible websites I recommend to you and I invite you to read some stories of other loving parents vaccination experiences: www.vaccinationawareness.com.au

Another very informative website: http://vaccinationdecisions.net  Judy Wilyman, who recently completed her PhD on Australia’s Vaccine Policy, and has a particular interest in the injuries sustained from the HPV vaccine.

A disturbing growing number of young girls twelve years to young adults are suffering from ‘Reactions to the HPV Vaccine’. Reactions range from debility to death. There has been enough serious reactions and deaths to warrant some states in USA and the European Union to withdrawn their support for it. Spain now joins a growing list of countries where criminal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, which includes France, India, Japan, and many more.

Gardasil: The HPV Vaccine and our new reality! 

Medical practitioners prefer to describe these reactions as a ‘coincidence’ or the ‘new norm’ rather than providing scientific evidence that HPV vaccines are safe, effective and necessary.

Teenage girl died just 5 days after having HPV vaccine jab

This case was reported in the Manchester EveningNews in the UK 9 May 2016.

Another very well researched and presented website on the effects of vaccination. Sanevax.org

Victims and families of victims who did not survive share their stories


10% of girls receiving this vaccination

Sent to hospital Emergency room within 42 days!

A study conducted by the Canadian Ministry of Health shows that 10% of those receiving the HPV vaccine are sent to the hospital Emergency room in the first 42 days following vaccination. What makes this much more concerning is that the research authors conclude that adverse events are “low” and describes them as “normal” compared to other vaccinations!

Click here for the full story


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The Movie the Government Does Not want you to see

The movie VAXXED is currently going viral in the USA. First withdrawn by Robert De Niro because of film maker threats to boycott his annual Filmmakers festival but then reintroduced a week later through his feeling of moral obligation that the movie has to be shown. I recommend you see the film clip on the official website, www.vaxxedthemovie.com . It has information including filmmaker bios, Director and producer statements and a must read  downloadable chapter from “Vaccine Epidemic,” written by Mary Holland, J.D., entitled ‘Who is Dr. Andrew Wakefield”.


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According to my research and real life observations, many vaccines are not safe, very dangerous and causing serious problems with many children and young adults. I can see a real debate happening here in Australia very soon about parent’s freedom of choice or, in our case in Australia, “Lack of freedom of choice” to vaccinate! Presently,  no media outlet in Australia will cover a ‘Pro Concern’ story on vaccination. Well shall I say, ‘Not Yet, But the conversation is coming’!

Using the eye as a window to the body

The eye quickly reveals abnormality and poisoning. It reveals any treatment that does not promote a healthy response within the body. Many of the modern drugs may alleviate symptoms but, are very ‘Toxic’ and unhealthy for the body. Also, the use of heavy metal chemical cocktails in vaccines cause serious disruptions to the functionality and dynamics of the living organism. This also is seen in the eye. It is not surprising ‘Iridology’ has been denounced by the medical establishment and no longer taught by most naturopathic schools teaching their causes in guess what? ‘Complementary medicine’!

The eyes reveal among other things, tissue irritation and the functional capacity of the organs and systems of the living body. Specifically here in this case, Iridology shows any offence to the liver, the body’s main organ of detoxification and protection from toxic chemicals entering the bloodstream. The biological method I use provides the conditions needed to assist the living body’s natural instinct to self regulate, self adjust, ‘detoxify’  and heal where it is possible.

I am not  a crusader to stop all vaccinations

I believe in natural immunisation and the principle of ‘Safe vaccination’. I’ll leave the debate to those more researched with this subject than I. Working with the biological laws that build health rather than destroy it, my approach is to detoxify the body of the poison, neutralise the reaction, and encourage full recovery of victims and their families where it is possible.

Please contact my office for further information.

Guard Well Your Body & Mind – And avoid unnecessary medical interventions!