Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Poly Cystic Liver &

Poly Cystic Kidney Disease

The case study you are about to read below is only one of a number of success stories treating this condition that is considered medically as ‘incurable’. I am pleased to report, – this is not always the case. When the body is given the right biological conditions and the all important cause of disease identified and removed, often the body can do what the medical profession considers impossible. I know that at least one of my patients who was a member of the ‘Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome Society’ for many years who fully recovered to where medical tests revealed NO TRACE of this disease, the doctors told her that the condition she had suffered from had been ‘miss-diagnosed’ by her medical doctor all those years ago and could not have been that disease at all as the condition is ‘incurable’!

PLease enjoy the following story and you will see this patient not only had poly cystic ovarian syndrome, but also had poly cystic liver disease and ploy cystic kidney disease. BUT not any more!

Carol is one of my many patients I have not met face to face although having almost completed her treatment with me. Our contact has only been through the ‘Distance Consultations’. When I received her ‘Patient Questionnaire’ to study before the first consultation, I realised as I read, this woman was not in a healthy state at all. Correct understanding and specific education and treatment would be essential for our success. Thankfully, Carol has come to the place many of my patients arrive after a lifetime of disease and suffering. They are prepared to do anything! This is what I need and this is what they need! ‘Are you looking for a good doctor? I’m looking for a good patient!’ Sums it up well. The following account Carol has shared speaks for itself and I ask you to please consider the lifetime of medication did nothing to assist this to woman find real recovery and lasting health. Only when her body was given the chance it needed to readjust and where possible, heal itself, did sound progress come. And so quickly. Below is a revealing story from a determined and successful woman.

“My name is Carol and I was born on the 4th of April, 1954. I am the 2nd of 12 children and grew up in the country on a farm. As a child I consider I was reasonably healthy but still contracted the usual childhood illnesses including measles, mumps, chicken pox and as a toddler, whooping cough.

During my high school years I remember having frequent bouts of tonsillitis and it was suggested I have my tonsils removed, however they couldn’t remove them when they were inflamed and there was no point when they weren’t, so consequently I still have them.

During my middle to late teenage years I was regularly diagnosed with sinusitis for which I was prescribed antibiotics. These would clear the infection until the next outbreak.

During my 20s I always prided myself on being very healthy as in the next approximately 10 years I had no time off work due to illness. When I finally did have time off it was for two weeks due to being floored with a bad case of influenza. Around this time I also started experiencing problems with constipation and then haemorrhoids and my GP directed me to take a laxative type product, which I took up until a few years ago.

During my 30s I seemed to be much more susceptible to colds and every few years would end up with a good dose of influenza. During this time I also regularly lost my voice with laryngitis. This would occur once or twice a year.

In 1990 I had my first bout of pneumonia. This was diagnosed as being in the bottom section of my left lung. I was given massive doses of penicillin and told that it would be at least six weeks before I was back at work. However, during my 2nd week of work I was very active and was back at work by the beginning of the 3rd week. Once back at work I continued to get colds and laryngitis for the next few years and gradually became aware of a continual flow of mucus down the back of my throat.

During winter 1996 I contracted influenza once more, which this time developed into a chronic cough which was incessant. I still remember watching the video of my daughter’s Grade 6 Leaver’s Assembly and hearing my cough all the way through the proceedings.

Despite having this very annoying cough I did nothing about it until my next bout of pneumonia in 1998. Once again it was diagnosed as being in the lower section of my left lung. I had just begun taking vitamin and mineral supplements and didn’t feel all that bad. The doctor told me I didn’t look that sick but the X-rays told a different story. I was started immediately on antibiotics but after almost a week I was getting worse. By now the pneumonia had spread to both lungs and it was decided to change my antibiotics, even though the one previously prescribed was the one recommended in the pathology report. On this occasion I used six courses of antibiotics.
During my frequent visits to the doctor during this time, I voiced my concern about my continual coughing and the mucus flow in my throat. The doctor was surprised that this hadn’t cleared during my treatment. I was tested for whooping cough and tuberculoses but both came up negative. As a result I was referred to a respiratory specialist who conducted a number of tests before sending me for a CT scan.

This scan confirmed that I had bronchiectasis. This was present in my right middle lobe but also in both lower lobes. The scan also indicated the presence of poly-cystic disease. This was not really a surprise to me as I already knew my father and some of my brothers and sisters had polycystic kidney. However, in my case, cysts were present in the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
I was told by the specialist that there was nothing I could really do about any of these conditions, just try to keep them at bay for as long as possible and I could expect to live a relatively normal life punctuated by bouts of illness which ultimately would worsen my condition. I was told it was not really necessary to go to the hospital until I started coughing up blood by the cupful.

We talked about surgery to remove the diseased tissue but it was decided that at the moment the risk was too great and also, as it was present in 3 lobes, it covered quite a large area of my lungs. It could be a consideration further down the track if and when the condition worsened to such an extent that the benefits outweighed the risks.
To prevent the condition worsening too quickly I was advised to undertake a number of steps which included 30-60 minutes of exercise each day, avoiding dehydration, postural drainage, regular sputum cultures, annual fluvax, pneumovax every 5 years, antibiotics at times of flare-ups or if not improving with simpler measures or just if unwell, and hospitalisation when coughing up excess blood.

After an initial period of shock (I couldn’t believe I’d ended up with a chronic lung condition when I’d never smoked) I launched into a regular exercise program, started to cut unnecessary fats from my diet and continued taking supplements. Over the next 6 months I lost nearly 10 kg and felt a lot better. I decided to see how I went without the vaccinations.
In March the following year I awoke in the middle of the night and realised that once again I had pneumonia. The last time this happened the doctor told me to take some painkillers and see him in the morning, so I did just that and tried to get some sleep. By the time I rang the surgery the next morning (a Saturday) I got the answering machine message that the surgery was closed for the weekend and was given a number to ring in case of emergency. As we were struggling financially at the time and couldn’t really afford a house call, I decided I would try to hold out until Monday and dose myself up with extra vitamins, particularly vitamin C. This I did and much to my surprise I woke in the middle of Saturday night with a coughing fit but I was actually able to cough without the gripping chest pain I had continually suffered from the previous morning. I steadily improved and turned up for work on Monday morning. I was still quite tired for the next couple of days but by the Wednesday was almost back to normal.

This was my first real awakening that conventional medicine was not all it was cracked up to be and that maybe there was something in alternative methods.

One thing that had concerned me since my diagnosis was, if I became dependent on antibiotics, where could I go if they started to not work? This latest development gave me hope that something could be done.

Towards the end of that year, and after a couple more similar bouts of pneumonia, which were resolved in the same manner, I came across a naturopath at a Health Expo. I started regularly seeing her and she began to expose me to the whole world of alternative therapies. Through homeopathic remedies she was able to ease my coughing to some extent (on a few occasions I had coughed up bright red blood) which was quite a relief. She also mixed remedies for me, which eased and then eliminated pneumonia symptoms, introduced me to breathing techniques and worked on my body systems using magnets and acupressure, which increased my energy levels. The other thing she did was allow me to systematically borrow many of her resources, which I enthusiastically devoured.

One of the resources was an iridology video by a Queensland naturopath called Peter Edwards. As I had for some time held a keen interest in iridology and had already read a couple of books on the subject, this was of immense interest to me. I watched this video many times and finally decided I wanted to know more. I contacted Peter and ordered some of his books and systematically began to read them. During this time my father was experiencing health problems and I decided to ring Peter to ask his advice. At this stage he advised me that he was able to do telephone consultations, an option I later took up.

I continued seeing my local naturopath as I was still needing something to curb my coughing and ease my pneumonia symptoms. I began to come to the realization that all I was doing was easing my symptoms. I was constantly taking a large number of tonics and homeopathics but if I stopped, the problems were all still there.

In August 2000 I decided to do a detox as I had read about their benefits in Peter’s books. To check out exactly what to do, I rang Peter. He suggested I fill out a patient information form with a brief summary of my condition. I did this and waited for him to contact me. Soon after I was contacted by Peter who informed me that my lung problem was the result of a blood chemistry problem and that I had toxaemia.

The problem stemmed from my digestive system as I was unable to successfully digest wheat, dairy and refined products, and sugar. As a result the semi-digested matter would lie in my intestines and turn toxic. Instead of nutrients then entering my bloodstream, I had toxic waste products which were continually being transported throughout my body. In an effort to protect itself, my body would over produce mucus, hence my problem with mucus continually draining down my throat, my constant coughing (my body trying to eliminate the excess mucus) and my susceptibility to infection.

Peter outlined a detox program for me which was along the lines of the one set out in his book Vitality but catering for my individual needs. I was to have 2 days on only juice, followed by 5 days of fruit, salad vegetables, alkalizing broth and vegetable juice, together with 2.5 liters of water daily. At the end of this time I was able to introduce some avocado, brown rice, nuts, etc., and if I wanted I was allowed a little chicken, fish or egg.

During the first few days I began experiencing a number of symptoms. My lower back, which previously would ache at night or if I was tired, began to ache more frequently. I experienced headaches, extreme tiredness (so I would sleep all day) and after about a week I thought I had pneumonia. I experienced extreme pains in my chest and had difficulty breathing, coughed profusely and coughed up blood-stained sputum. I consulted Peter who assured me I was only suffering the symptoms and I did not actually have pneumonia. Sure enough, without any problems, the symptoms subsided and my energy levels began to build.

I followed the eating and living guidelines, continued with my exercise program which I had never stopped, and by December that year most of my symptoms had all but disappeared.

Six months after my initial detox I am still adhering to the basic eating and exercise principles, I still drink 2.5 liters of water a day, still skin brush and am enjoying life much more. I have more energy, can keep going for much longer as I no longer tire easily but much more importantly, most of my initial symptoms are no longer a problem. Although I continue to take vitamin and mineral supplements, for 6 months I have had no medications at all. Also during that time I have experienced no illness whatsoever, even though members of my family and people I have come into contact with at work have suffered colds and other illnesses. (Gone are the days when I would only have to come into contact with a person who had a cold and I would develop pneumonia).
More importantly, I now cough very infrequently.

I no longer fear having to sit in a staff meeting with a glass of water alongside, waiting for one of my uncontrollable coughing fits. These would happen without fail as soon as I sat down. A family friend who frequently rings us made the comment recently that he could no longer hear the regular coughing in the background, which he had become used to over the years.

The constant mucus drain down the back of my throat has all but stopped. It now only presents infrequently, and in nowhere near the quantity.

During the past year my right wrist had begun to ache constantly, this ache is now only present on odd occasions which are now becoming less frequent.

The pains I had been experiencing in my lower back, which I suspected were related to my kidney problem, have also subsided and are now almost non-existent.

I intend to continue with my present way of eating and living as I feel I still have a long way to go before I am completely restored to excellent health. However, I don’t find this a problem, as I now love this type of food. I still have the odd treat but immediately return to the correct food as I realise anything outside the guidelines, taken in quantity, is bad for my particular system. I am no longer interested in eating cooked vegetables as they seem to lack the flavour of raw salad vegetables. I have also grown to love brown rice.

I now know, due to the results I have already had, that I am heading in the right direction. I also now believe that anyone else with an illness is able to heal themselves if they really want to.

I would like to sincerely thank Peter for his support and guidance, for his enthusiasm for life and for giving me back my life.

– Carol Davidson.

Let your lifestyle be your medicine.

I must point out, this patient improved with no medication from myself. And what she did take herself was not a significant amount. I asked if she would like to use medications or, be treated through her lifestyle. Carol chose the latter and has been an excellent ‘student’ and has followed all instructions with dedication. This is an example of the power of ‘changing one’s lifestyle’ in overcoming disease. This makes the physician’s (teacher’s) job so much easier. What we did here was, supply the right conditions and the body did the rest. I am pleased to report Carol has continued to improve and is now well on her way to lasting vitality, a younger body and a much higher quality of life. Well done, Carol!


Carol (right) visited with her daughter and we finally met face-to-face following our successful experience together. As you can see, Carol is looking ‘radiant’!

Stimulating the healing response
With minimum intervention.
Maximizing vitality and health,
Treating the cause, not the symptom.