An interesting case study showing how it is possible to improve chromic sleeping problems.

“When I first met Peter & Patricia I was an absolute wreck. My physical energy was so low I had to lie down to digest my meals. I could barley do many normal day-to-day activities like have a shower, walk up stairs, stand for long periods of time or sleep. For 6 months I had had an average of 2-4hours sleep per night. I had been to see multiple specialists & integrative doctors. I had even spent a weekend in hospital in an effort to resolve my worsening fatigue and insomnia. I was a mere shadow of a person and Peter referred to my body as that of a “prisoner of war.”
The medical industry was a circus of appointments, expenses, tests and complicated diagnoses that involved several medications or heavy supplementation.
I went to see Peter after hearing of a glowing recommendation from a relative who had overcome their similar fatigued condition following Peter’s advice. I was completely desperate for even the slightest improvement in my condition but was very nervous to see yet another practitioner.  After 10 days of Peter’s guidance and going through the detox I had a night of sleeping for 6 hours straight, unmedicated, and I went for a light 2km walk. I was beside myself with happiness. Over the following weeks and months I carefully followed Peter’s advice on rebuilding myself and went from strength to strength, My fatigue gradually lifted and my sleep became more consistent. He was there for every dip and rise in my rollercoaster. He listened to my fears, he gave me hope. He offered his heartfelt empathy in a way practitioners rarely do. He encouraged patience and continually offered me gems of wisdom that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life.
Peter understands what it is like to have to start from scratch and everything that that journey entails. His knowledge and gentle method of practicing saved me. I can’t highly recommend him enough to anyone suffering relentless fatigue and insomnia or to anyone who is searching for a more grounded, simplified and natural way to heal, I will be forever in debt to the knowledge & wisdom that he gave to me during the most sensitive and difficult time in my life.” Nat.