We hear a lot about allergies these days. Just about every second person has some form of allergic reaction to something! And the reaction can be completely different in each individual. Some people suffer Hay fever, some acute sinusitis, others chronic sinus congestion. To many it causes obstruction of the airways causing difficulty breathing and asthma. Others suffer skin complaints or headaches. Very commonly, allergy sufferers experience mucus problems that lead to ear, nose and throat irritation and congestion that can occur on a continuing basis. Disease conditions that affect the ear, nose and throat are everywhere in our modern society and medicines to ‘dry up the mucus discharge’ and treat the accompanying symptoms are being prescribed and dispensed at an amazing rate. Excess mucus production and problems relating to the mucous membranes are commonplace in society now and almost accepted as a normal part of life for many. It does not have to be this way! For every effect there is always a corresponding cause. Remove the cause and the effect will cease to exist also!

Below is a case history of a young man who had been plagued with ear, nose and throat problems for many years, yet after just two months of treatment and following the same advice given in my book VITALITY, he reported ‘1,000 percent improvement’. How can such a remarkable turnaround happen? The answer is clear, once again supply the right biological conditions and the body self adjusts and corrects itself. You will note however as the patient relates, it was not easy to begin with, he had a ‘month of hell’ before he improved. Now he will be the first to say it was the best thing he has ever done:

My early childhood and teen years were fortunately free from any serious illness with exception of a severe bout of glandular fever at the age of 18. Caring for my health was not high on my list of priorities.

Just prior to my 21st birthday I developed headaches of a persistent and disturbing nature. These headaches were located around the eyes and forehead with significant pain and congestion through the sinus passages. I consulted my doctor, who, after referring me to X-rays of my sinus canals, treated me with antibiotics to clear up an infection. Along with the congestion I developed a post-nasal drip of unpleasant tasting mucus which, because of its infected nature, irritated my throat. This also required treatment with antibiotics.

The problem of headaches and inflamed throat followed a definite cycle beginning with sore, itchy ears and congested sinus, which in turn led to an infected throat. When treated with antibiotics the situation degenerated into a heavy head cold with huge quantities of yellow mucus. However, upon detailed examination with the aid of a tiny microscope inserted up my nose, to his surprise my tonsils were in excellent condition and the walls of my throat while swollen were not infected. While it was obvious the situation was not normal the removal of my tonsils would not help matters. It was his opinion that due to the resistance he encountered while pushing the probe through my nasal passage, I had an allergy of some description. I left the surgery slightly shaken as now I was totally confused.

I spoke to my sister about the matter and she suggested I see Peter Edwards, a naturopath who had helped her and her two boys. I made an appointment that day. I will not go into details about the treatment as Peter is the expert, not me. In a nutshell I had developed an allergy to dairy food, milk in particular. As a youth I consumed a minimum of two litres of milk a day, as well as large quantities of yoghurt.
I have now cut all dairy food from my list, substituting soy milk for cow’s milk. These minor changes to my eating habits, in conjunction with some vitamins and minerals, has totally rid me of my previous symptoms. I feel I must stress that my road to recovery was not smooth; Naturopathy for me was no quick fix method. I went through a month of hell while my body worked on expelling the toxins but I can honestly say, if you stick to your diet and treatment the rewards are there, and those rewards are good health.

Thank you Peter for all you have done. – William Hendriksen.

As I questioned the patient about his diet during the first consultation, it was clear to see he had a food intolerance. His body was not coping with the quantity of dairy products he was consuming. His body was producing copious amounts of mucus because the chemistry of his blood was not clean. It was loaded with toxic encumbrances from mainly an excess consumption of dairy products. The lactose contained in the dairy products was fermenting in his gut, producing acid that was irritating his mucous membranes. They were simply doing their job and producing mucus as a protection against the acidic chemistry. I readjusted his diet and lifestyle and recommended a detoxification revitalisation program to replenish his vital energies and set his body into ‘detoxification mode’. This was enough to signal his body that it now for the first time, could get on with the job of cleaning house and that is exactly what it did. His ‘month of hell’ was music to my ears because it revealed to me his vital energies of self-correction were in active operation. As long as he persisted, it was now only a matter of time for revitalization, health and healing to be restored.

Yes, there is hope for most who suffer from allergies and often you will be surprised how simple it is to improve and overcome the accompanying effects of this condition.