Children – Recurring infections & Behavioral Problems


“Dr Peter Edwards has helped us look after the health of our children naturally for the last six years.

We were referred by a family member after our first son had a series of ear, nose and throat infections followed by an acute asthma attack. At first we were skeptical, but it wasn’t long before we realized the benefits of Dr Peter’s natural therapy.

The most important thing that we have learned about our children’s health is prevention is better than a cure. Dr Peter has taught us to maintain healthy diets, identify early signs of sickness and act quickly to reduce the severity of common illnesses without drugs”.

Rosie & Denis,
Heritage Park, Qld

It is results like this that have made my career the most rewarding service of my life. I must add, I cannot have any breakthroughs and lasting positive results with children unless the parents work with me and support my instructions. Rosie and Denis have been the key to the lasting success here – Great work mum and dad!

Your children do not have to suffer!

It used to be just the elderly who were on a merry-go-round of drugs to treat their conditions. Now it is commonplace for children to be on a cocktail of proscription drugs to treat their health conditions. Very disturbingly, the normal recommendation is for the child to ‘stay on them’. This is not ‘good medicine’ and although the use of drugs sometimes has its place, I am against the use of drugs if there is a better way to do it!

Again, once the underlying cause of the problem is revealed and acted upon, the results are swift and lasting in most cases. Read a few letters from my files and see what the parents say about the method I use.

Wow!!  A lot of drugs for an 18 month old.  We felt we had to find another way.  Luckily we were referred to Peter.  What a blessing that was, we have never looked back.

Mark and Rita Houlahan

Just a note to let you know Kai was 90% better after 3 days and is now close to 100%.  It was just amazing to see him recover, what a shame more people don’t give their children a chance by treating them this way.  Thank you.

Lorraine Saunders

I was totally amazed, Peter was telling me things about my son that I had been trying to tell doctors for five years.  My husband and I have been astounded at our son’s improvement.  It’s just wonderful to be able to pack away his nebulizer and not have it sitting by his bed in case of an emergency.  He has put an end to my five-year nightmare.

Lee Goodall

Our son has not had an asthma attack in almost one year and he is his old lovable self again.  All this is due to our monthly phone consultations and your constant support.  Thank you.

Leanne Hohnke-Jansen
Órient Station

Children can also benefit from these diet and lifestyle changes

We were on holidays on the Gold Coast over Christmas and our daughter, who has suffered from asthma and eczema since birth, got very sick and her skin became infected.

We have taken her to many doctors and specialists but they couldn’t help. We had heard of Peter Edwards and being at our wits end we finally were able to locate him. He saw Kaitlyn and explained how it was a digestive problem, which also made sense for her being a severe reflux baby.
Within two months of being on the diet we had a totally different child.

Not only did her skin and asthma settle down but her behavior changed. She is happy within herself and just goes off and plays by herself, which she never did. For the first time since she was born we can now enjoy our little girl without the worry of why she was screaming and scratching uncontrollably and can actually leave the house without the worry of her being irritable.

Thank you Peter

R. and N. Morris