Vitality, Virility and Longevity (eBook)


Vitality, Virility and Longevity, is all about supplying your mind and body with the right biological conditions, and surprising yourself at the incredible healing and rejuvenation power of your own body. The first, and most important book for all people who are serious about helping themselves to revitalization, health and healing which is in reality, rejuvenation.

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Rejuvenation of Mind and Body

What is ‘Rejuvenation? Simply –

Each new generation of cells is more vital than the last!

This is Peter’s ‘most recommended book’ and ‘most important’ for any suffering with serious disease. It reveals what is needed and necessary for healing and rejuvenation – where it is possible. Metabolism is the key to healing and healing is just another name for rejuvenation. The human body is much more resilient than people realize. It is dynamic in function and response when it is given the chance. It has the capacity to self-regulate, self-adjust and heal itself where it is possible! A remarkable concept that has been forgotten in this modern world. Supply your mind and body with the right biological conditions and surprise yourself at the incredible healing and regenerative power of your own body. Stories from many that were given up by orthodox medicine as ‘incurable’ now completely recovered and vibrantly well! This informative text is essential reading for everyone who is serious about stimulating the body’s healing response and setting themselves up for lasting recovery.

After only five weeks – I can’t remember ever feeling this good
It has now been only five weeks since I began your health program. Now an amazing thing has happened. It feels as if all the muscles have relaxed, the tenseness and stiffness has gone and the deposits of whatever, around the joints and problem areas have disappeared… over the past few days I have felt so good and so alive, almost as if I could ‘jump out of my skin’ if that were possible. I feel very peaceful and relaxed – not stressed out like I was. My skin is beginning to glow and my thinking processes are sharper. I can’t remember ever feeling this good… Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I’m so happy and grateful. Lyn Ashford.


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