Understanding an INTERNAL BATH, Enema and how to use it most successfully- (eBook)


Become a Master of Internal Detoxification and Decongestion of the Colon through the therapeutic use of Peter’s Internal Bath. This e book shows how to maximise your abilities in gaining quick and easy  relief when needed.




Peter gained a deep level of expertise and understanding of colon detoxification during the years his bowels did not work for themselves.  He was able to cleans his colon each day effectively by the use of his Internal Bath. This e Book shows you how to improve your ability to give yourself an effective enema and relief from constipation and compaction of the colon. It is also excellent for intestinal implants using therapeutic substances. Used regularly, this will assist in soften and removing compacted and backlogged matter from the colon.

Learn how you too can gain relief in minutes with this very important instruction book on internal personal hygiene. Fascinating reading for any who suffer from bowel problems.

This e Book is the ideal companion to maximise the benefit of any Enema procedure.


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