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Peter’s four decades of highly acclaimed clinical practice and life experience often enables him to help many who have suffered chronic disease for many years without relief.

Consultations are personal and have been referred to as ‘life-changing’.

Peter offers ‘real solutions’ to set up a plan for lasting physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation where it is possible.


Online Consultations available

If you are ready to take your health and recovery seriously – so am I!

I respect your time and keep appointment times as close as possible to scheduled times however, sometimes I am running late. This is usually only a few minutes.

We will do our best to serve you, we ask is that you respect our ‘Clinic Policies and Procedures’ so we can enjoy a positive and successful experience together.

Consultation fees:

Normal first consultations are 40 minutes in duration and are $220.

Follow up consultation fees are according to time needed:

20 minute $95. 40 minutes $135. 50 minutes $165. 60 minutes $195

To claim from a private health fund please request to be sent an invoice and present it to the health fund as long as they cover Nutrition.

Please Note: All prices subject to change without notice.

1 review for Consultations

  1. Carolyn

    “I want to thank Peter for saving my life and giving me the will to live healthy and happily.”
    I was almost paralysed down my left side. I could not move without severe pain. My joints were swollen and I knew I was in trouble . My GP confirmed Ross River Fever and said ” You could suffer for the next 3 years”.

    I had a very good recommendation to Peter Edwards… I immediately arranged a phone consultation. Since then I have not looked back…

    I am now a new woman. Now just 4 months later after being so ill, so depressed and so stressed I feel so healthy happy and young and I am able to set my mind to do almost anything. I want to thank Peter for saving my life.

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