Life Garden

Boutique Accommodation with Cafe

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Patricia’s Kitchen

Patricia’s Kitchen combined with our organic produce and absolutely sensational views cater for the most discerning appetites. Home made bread with home grown eggs and the finest ‘organic’ foods, drinks and treats we provide ourselves or source.

For those who want to go further, we will have available our unique Spa facilities. You can include a stretch class and ‘Reshaping’ workout session in the gymnasium.

Patrica Edwards

Why ‘Life Garden’?

We teach ‘Wellness as a Way of Life and on all levels’. This necessitates the essential lifestyle quality of being as much as is possible, in control of our own lives, health and future. This brings with it the necessity of not just being real as an individual but also, being as independent as possible. This includes being as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

‘We are responsible for our own health and wellbeing’.

You only have to look at the amount of chemicals and genetically modified organisms being allowed in foods and how they are being manufactured to see there are serious problems with the modern food supply. We are not fanatics – far from it. But we like to think we are using common sense and applying wisdom to our living.

We have followed our sense of destiny in setting up our lifestyle and created for ourselves, a large and magnificent garden around us.

An edible landscape of beauty, work and play.

We have planted many hundreds of trees, shrubs and plants distinctive to our purpose of creating a place of inspiration, rest, rejuvenation, and also providence.

The trees are mostly the cream of spectacular Indigenous and Australian Natives. Included in this are many native edible ‘Bush Tucker’ shrubs and over one hundred sun-tropical fruit trees.

Yes it does take time and energy to manage such a property. But the rewards or shall I say, ‘Fruits of our labour’ are sweet!

Life Garden

We create our environment and our environment creates us.

We invite you to see and feel, smell and taste our ‘Life Garden’. See if you are not inspired and captivated in your imagination. Maybe you too will be inspired to a new sense of destiny by sending your roots deeper into the soil of life’s enduring values.

Bring a friend and enjoy a real treat together!

Looking forward to seeing you, serving you and tantalizing your senses!

Peter & Patricia Edwards

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Life Garden Boutique Accommodation Package

Arrive and be greeted with a freshly cut Coconut or Organic Preservative Free Wine. Settle in and experience the sensation of our unique Ozone Spa, steam room and pool. Relax on the deck enjoy a delicious Dinner overlooking the lights of the Gold Coast. Retire to your magnificent room and in the morning, treat yourself to our popular Breakfast. Most of the fruit and vegetables we serve are grown in our organic gardens. Our ‘very spoilt Chooks’ provide fresh eggs served with homemade gluten free bread, accompanied by organic tea and coffee.

Internationally Acclaimed Health Practitioner and Author Peter Edwards is also available for Wellness Consultations, Therapeutic Treatments, Stretching and Specialized Gym classes. We have one of the most well equipped Gymnasiums you will find anywhere. It is not size, it is quality of equipment!

Our Spa and Hydrotherapy Facilities are included during your stay. In our steam room you can cleanse your pores in pure sensational rainwater. Cool down in the pool and under the hydro-jets. Finish with a treatment from the underwater jets of the ozone spa.

We also have a large selection of DVD’s and books from our library, both entertaining as well as educational. Peter’s seven top selling DVD’s are also available to view in your own room or in our large entertainment room with BOSE surround for groups.


$490 for two persons per room per night or $795 for two nights, all meals and facilities included.

Therapeutic Stay at our Rejuvenation Centre

For Therapeutic Stays at our Rejuvenation Centre, see visit our Rejuvenation Centre page. These are specialized ‘Rejuvenation Retreats’ offered for people who desire to overcome serious health challenges and transform their lives. Detoxification, Revitalization and personal ‘Re-Invention’ are our speciality!

Payment details

A MasterCard or Visa Card payment is required to confirm booking. Cancellations less than 24 hours of the arrival time will incur one nights cancellation fee. All rates include GST.


Thank you Peter for sharing with us your knowledge and wisdom, and the sanctuary of your beautiful home and garden. We have benefited greatly from your therapeutic treatments and your expertise in this field.
Patricia: what can we say about your wonderful preparation and presentation of food – it was simply awe-inspiring!
We leave here feeling refreshed in mind and body. It has been a life-changing experience for both of us.
With many Blessings
Karen Potts / Ellen le Roux


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