Our stay at your Rejuvenation Centre

Liz Gray
7th April 2014

Dear Peter & Patricia
I must admit I had my reservations about the detox weekend and if I hadn’t been so sick, I would never have done it!
However despite the hard time of the first couple of days, it has been the most amazing weekend!!
I feel so good today, my skin is unbelievably smooth and I have learnt just so much!
I loved the surroundings, the beautiful and fruitful garden, the steam room, the food, but above all, the wonderful company.
Peter, you and Patricia have a wonderful calling from God and are so apt at hospitality. We’ve felt comfortable and at home from the time we’ve arrived and feel that after this weekend we can call you our friend! We hope this will lead to other times of fellowship and fun together!
Love in Christ, Liz Gray

Return from your Rejuvenation Centre

Dear Peter,
Now that I have returned home from the week at your unique retreat, I would like you to know that I am still feeling absolutely wonderful, rejuvenated, revitalised and mentally alert.

After only the first three days of your programme of detoxification and natural therapies, my longstanding relentless lower back pain of many years, miraculously disappeared and has vanished completely. What a relief – I can now go around with a smile on my face.

The constant personal support, encouragement, and reassurance from you and your charming wife Patricia, has been invaluable and has meant everything to me, as I know that I would not have been able to achieve such excellent lasting results on my own confidence. You promised to “work with me” and you did so, being readily available at all times – a situation, which is rare and unique nowadays. It turned out to be the best 72nd birthday I have ever had!

The results are especially astonishing when I consider that after twenty –five years of misery and restriction, (from a legacy of gangrenous appendix and septicaemia), and the resulting chronic Diverticular disease, IBS, toxic bowel and digestive problems from birth, with five major abdominal operations and four hospitalizations for various procedures!

I now feel the best in years and am confident that your simple vitality lifestyle teaching, and especially bowel management, diet, exercise and supplements will keep me so. I was on the slippery slope towards imminent bowel surgery and colostomy like my brother. He has not been so lucky to find you in time in UK.

Once again I can now lead an active normal life, and travel about again without fear and restriction, a situation nearly impossible before, when my bowels controlled my life. NOW I CONTROL THEM with new confidence and a more relaxed attitude to life. Needless to say my husband is delighted, and we are planning to open up our lives again with travel, holidays and hobbies. I can now face the future again positively in mind as well as body, a blessing indeed, and something money cannot buy.

I send you congratulations for your successful efforts and grateful heartfelt “Thanks a million”
Yours sincerely

Shirley Wisdom


I knew I would visit Patricia and Peter at Pan Harmony a second time ….. and I even enjoyed it more…… using the spa, the steam room, and the pool…..

Afterwards a wonderful dinner….. everything was so delicious!

Thank you very, very much for your hospitality and the great time.

Robert Amgwerd, Lucerne Switzerland


Sometimes you meet people in life who tell you all the “amazing” things they know, and how they can help you….. and yet no results!!

It finally nice to meet a couple who live and teach what they truly believe in; and have documented results and glowing testimonial from all over the world.

Patricia, thanks for all your friendship and help during my stay and than you for all your beautiful meals!!

Peter; what can I say… where do I start?? You’re not only a brilliant teacher, lecturer and person, but you are also caring.

David Cavanagh, Thailand


A million dollar week! Just loved the personal touch, your kindness, your patience with all my questions and your beautiful selves. Just loved the one on one learning and writing out the “Plan for Action” when I get home is of paramount importance for me. Just love the 5kg weight loss, the views, the sunrises and sunsets, the music, the everything. And best of all – I’m looking forward to looking like a “Million Bucks” in the very near future.

Valerie Mannis, NSW Australia


Dear Peter & Patricia,

Thank you so much for all your knowledge, ethics, answering all my questions, fixing my shoulder problem etc. Thank you for checking in on us and keeping track of our progress, you two are true professionals.

I enjoyed all of the amenities and found hope and confidence in the steam room, cold showers, spa and gym. I have left with a great sense of focus, foods and hope for the future. A special thanks to Patricia for all of the delicious food.

Jacki  Young (60+ curved spine) Qld Australia


Judy and I had a wonderful 4 day experience. Peter is a true professional who has a passion for his work. It is understandable why he has been recognised internationally for his work.
He is ably supported by his wife Patricia who is an expert with the food preparation.
We appreciated the extra personalised attention we received.

Erol & Judy Brazenall, Qld Australia


Your retreat – hospitality and beautiful home are a God send. I was very blessed and privileged to share a magical and uplifting experience at Pan Harmony. Thank you a million times over. I feel revitalised, alive, passionate about life and happy and content. Refreshed in so many ways. Thank you Peter for your good nature and wise lessons. Thank you Patricia for your beauty, serenity and glorious care of all us. You deserve all the appreciation there is to give.

– Jodee


Dear Peter & Patricia

I look forward to announcing to my family that I am now a non-smoker. Thank you for the environment, food, treatments, your expertise and care that has enabled me to get started back on the road to healthy eating and lifestyle.

Thank you,


Dear Peter & Patricia

You have my heartfelt and grateful thanks for a unique experience in my long life. You have given me hope and confidence to face the future. I could not have achieved this after 20+ years of suffering and misery, without being so wonderfully supported in your beautiful home. I am already free of longstanding pain and will continue to improve by following your Vitality Lifestyle. I feel renewed and no refuse to give in to “old age”.

Well done to you both for your hard work, commitment and sincerity.

Loving thanks,
Shirley (age 72)


Dear Peter & Patricia

Thanks so much for all your inspiration,  enthusiasm, wisdom and sincere interest in me and my future. I leave here after spending time watching and learning from two people who are what they teach. And I found spending time in your beautiful home so relaxing and refreshing which is also what I needed.

Thanks again, love
Sue Bryden
Qld Australia


Dear Peter & Patricia

I am so grateful that I made the decision to come here. I am leaving behind a lady full of fear and no hope for the future and am now ready to embrace a future full of Hope and Health!  Thank you for your love and sincerity – you have made an incredible impact on my life on all areas of my life. I feel like a new woman!

I look forward to continuing my new life and reporting on even better news!

Natalie Shoesmith


Dear Peter & Patricia

All I can say is “GRATITUDE” – such a beautiful word and I say it with all my heart. Everything was done with such care, excellence and beauty. I look forward to a new way of thinking – thanks to all your time and care you have given me Peter.

Thank you for having me.

Many blessings,


Dearest Peter and Patricia

Words cannot convey or even partially express my gratitude and appreciation of all you have done for me. This visit was the saving of my life. It was stopped and near final till Peter renewed, fixed and guided me to a fabulous burst of renewed energy and love of life and it many beauties. A zillion thanks, Jaki Van Honste 2/3/14