The current global pandemic (Plandemic’ is a more accurate word), has caused more fear, stress, distress and financial hardship than this world has ever known. The mental trauma and fear of the unknown has lead to unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, family violence, drinking, gambling, social violence and suicide.

All have been unnecessary as the successful treatment of this ‘virus’ is well documented and the evidence continues to grow all around the world but is completely censored by the world corporate media. What is being reported? Only the worse ‘negative’ vision to increase fear of ‘the virus’! The many medical doctors who have come out and spoken of what is really happening are taken down from all social media outlets.

Why? Because the most powerful people and industries on this planet, including pharmaceutical companies stand to make tens of Trillions of dollars with the manufacture of – A vaccine for ‘this’ virus! This is another story suffice to say here, do the research and see for yourself. If you are comfortable personally to take responsibility to make your own opinion and not just leave it for the Government, medical industry or church/religion to tell you how and what to think and – what is true (about everything).

Please be aware, all Government leaders who have ‘closed the borders’ (and all the other restrictions that are crippling our society and mentality) are taking their instructions re ‘social isolation’ from their Medical Advisers! The whole global lockdown has been orchestrated and managed by the medical establishment in the name of ‘Public Safety’.

The Good new is – The virus is no threat to healthy people and with the right nutritional supplementation. Simple Nutritional Laws applied will boost the body’s ability to do what it does best and that is function well and stay that way!

I do recommend the currently unhealthy take responsibility for their own health and welfare and get their act together by seeing a good Natural Physician or a ‘healthy Practitioner’ who actually ‘Practices Health’ who uses therapeutic nutrition. Now is the time and season for You to make the changes you need to improve your health and realise once and for all, relying on medical drugs to treat symptoms while the underlying cause continues to be active and grow is a fools game.

If you are not prepared to change your diet, attitude and lifestyle where needed, you will be stuck where you are and this is not a positive place to be at this point in time on this beautiful planet we loving call Earth and our home.


For one recent report of effective supplementation to prevent COVID19 – follow this link:


For some positive information re Ross River Fever – follow this link!

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I have been in professional clinical practice for nearly 40 years and often encounter severe disease conditions. Please know and gain hope.

‘The body has an enormous capacity to self-regulate, self-adjust and Self-heal’ where it is possible’. And what is ‘Healing’? Simply, just another name for – ‘Rejuvenation’!

When you regain your Health – You have Hope. When you have Hope – You have everything.