Bed & Breakfast Stays at our Rejuvenation Sanctuary.

Highest quality accommodation and facilities.


Two large Beautifully furnished rooms both with their own ensuite

Unique Functional Gymnasium

Hydrotherapy facilities. Ozone Spa, Steam room, Hydro Jets, Pool

Indoor Exercise & Yoga Studio. Large Re-Creation Room

Outdoor Exercise and Yoga venues overlooking the Gold Coast coastline and Hinterland.

Consultations, Treatments and lessons available as optional extras.

Lessons include:

How to use Gravity Traction to decompress your spine.  Vitaly important subjects such as Healthy Nutrition, Exercise to improve your shape & Functionality, Brain health, How to use your mind to enhance recovery and Finding Peace and Balance in this sometimes ‘crazy’ modern world! All under the guidance of Leading Australian Naturopathic Physician, Peter Edwards.

Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist, Remedial Therapist, Certified Functional Ageing Specialist, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Exercise & Fitness Professional. Certified Functional Ageing Specialist – Certified Brain Health Trainer.

Patented Ozone Spa, Traditional Steam room, Large Pool, Aqua Jets. Excellent Gymnasium and both indoor and outdoor Therapeutic Yoga studios. 

If you have found this website, there is a strong chance you or someone close to you is suffering from the a serious degenerative disease condition.

I have been treating patients with such conditions for many decades with close to 100% success using the same program and now with increasingly swifter results. Allowing for adjusting the program for individual specific needs, I use the same detoxification program with patients suffering with all manner of long standing diseases and, with the same results as described in this unsolicited report from a patient recently.

The program is not only for any who suffers from on-going symptoms of disease, it is also for healthy people who want to ‘Invest into their ‘VITALITY TANK’ and enhance revitalisation and rejuvenation where it is possible.

There are three specific supplements I have formulated that have proven very helpful in moving my patients quickly towards a successful lasting outcome. Click here to view

I have been in professional clinical practice working on the front lines for nearly 40 years and often encounter sever disease conditions. Please know and gain hope. In very many cases you can fully recover’. When you regain your Health – You have Hope. When you have Hope – You have everything.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation:

$250* + GST per night – per room including Breakfast. Minimum 2 nights.

Use of Hydrotherapy, steam room, Spa and Pool included.

Consultations, Treatments, Gym & Therapeutic exercise sessions, nutrition lessons are optional extras.

* Prices subject to change without notice.

A final note for any who are suffering from Ross River Fever. If your condition keeps returning or you have not felt completely well since getting the virus, I recommend you have a consultation with me in person or via phone or Skype and I am quietly confidant we can achieve a lasting positive outcome within a short period of time so long as there is no other underlying disease condition complicating your health. We can deal with this also. A stay here with us would be highly recommended!