Full Recovery from Ross River Virus and Dengue Fever is Possible

How I fully recovered thanks to Peter Edwards

Full Recovery by following Peter’s program

Before : The one on the top left was taken the day I started Peters program. 

Death warmed up. Completely devitalised!

After : The one on the right was taken exactly 3 months after my first visit with Peter. Healthy, strong and 100% revitalised! Click here to read full story plus many other ‘Full Recoveries’ all using the same program. 

Most people report ‘Significant reduction in pain’ within 7 days.

Below, 90% improvement in 4 days

Peter Edwards – Natural Holistic Physician

If you have found this website, there is a strong chance you or someone close to you is suffering from the devastating effects of Ross River Fever-Virus (RRF) or Dengue Fever (DF).

I have been treating patients with these mosquito-borne Viruses for almost 30 years with close to 100% success using the same program and now with increasingly swifter results. I also use this same detoxification program with patients suffering with sever pain and debilitation with also, the same results as discribed in this unsolicited report from a patint recently.

The program is for any who suffere from painful, inflammed joints and any from of degenerative arthritis including osteo, rhumatoid, gouty arthritis and inflammatory disease.

I have discovered that the virus cannot survive in the internal environment this ‘Program’ produces. This environment is also extremely ‘Anti-inflammatory’ thus drastically reducing pain and symptoms quickly.

I have also discovered that medicines, treatments and supplements cannot destroy this virus on their own.

However, there are three specific supplements I have formulated that have proven very helpful in moving my patients quickly towards a successful lasting outcome. Click here to view

Successful eradication of the virus from my patients has been almost 100% so long as the patient follows the program correctly as outlined in these pages. Normal response expected within SEVEN DAYS is ‘SIGNIFICANT’ with patients reporting 50 , 70 & 90 % reduction in pain and IMPROVEMENT of all symptoms.

I have been in professional clinical practice working on the front lines for nearly 40 years and do not often encountered such sever disease conditions as Ross River Fever and Dengue Fever Virus. They are painfully debilitating and have caused many to become completely devastated and disabled.

But please know and gain hope, ‘The Virus can be destroyed and you can fully recover’. When you regain your Health – You have Hope. When you have Hope – You have everything.

My new eBook outlines the complete program and shows you how to fully recover

If you are suffering from Ross River or Dengue Fever and condition has not improved or it has returned or you have not felt completely well science then, I recommend you have a consultation with me in person or via phone or Skype and I am quietly confidant we can achieve a lasting positive outcome within a short period of time so long as there is no other underlying disease condition complicating your health. We can deal with this also.