Internationally Dr. Peter Edwards is a world renowned physician specialising in Nutrition and preventive medicine.

Dr. Peter Edwards delivered his PhD address in 2001 to a medical university proclaiming that people do not have to be ‘celiac’ to have a problem with gluten and wheat. Many people have an inability to digest gluten and suffer because of this. Sine then world medical science has identified a condition now know as, ‘Non Celiac gluten intolerance’ which has taken the world by storm revealing that a very high percentage of sufferer of chronic disease do not digest gluten and this is the cause of disease.

Thorough his distinguished career, Peter has helped many to overcome so called ‘incurable disease’ to the extent he was recommended for Knighthood by the University he lectured for.

Book a Mind/Body Revitalisation and Rejuvenation Session with Peter.

Expert guidance and instruction on everything you need to find your ‘Best Self’ and the accompanying quality of life that goes with it.

Learn how to:

Exercise to improve blood flow to your brain to enhance all mental and physical faculties.

Produce chemicals in your brain and body to improve functionality on All Levels.

Consultations, Treatments, Lessons and Training Sessions

Learn about:

Using Gravity Traction to decompress your spine.

Exercise to not only improve your shape & Functionality, but also to improve memory and Brain health

Gain a new understanding and Attitude of mind that can alter your personal dynamics to feel young and healthy, successful & Sexy!

Healthy Nutrition to support everything you are doing to help yourself

All under the guidance of Leading Australian Naturopathic Physician and Therapeutic Exercise Professional, Peter Edwards PhD.

Patented Ozone Spa, Traditional Steam room, Large Pool, Aqua Jets. Excellent Gymnasium and both indoor and outdoor Therapeutic Yoga studios.

And what if you are feeling old and sore? This is what I have set up my Rejuvenation Gymnasium for. It is specifically a Therapeutic Exercise Pad! Moreover, I can show you how to detox and feel young again if this is needed as the unsolicited message below shares.

I have been in professional clinical practice for nearly 40 years and often encounter severe disease conditions. Please know and gain hope.

‘The body has an enormous capacity to self-regulate, self-adjust and Self-heal’ where it is possible’. And what is ‘Healing’? Simply, just another name for – ‘Rejuvenation’!

When you regain your Health – You have Hope. When you have Hope – You have everything.