The Natural Healing Arts are a wonderful alternative to modern medicine. While we certainly do need medical help, it is becoming more obvious that one treatment protocols to fit everyone is not always wise or healthy.  All too often, it can be the drugs themselves that cause other complications within the mind and body of the individual.

The courses I offer are taking ‘the best’ of that I have learnt, observed,  experienced and taught over the past 45 years of study, research and practice in the natural  healing arts.

Uniquely, I offer a ‘Holistic Approach’. One that works with the dynamic laws of the living body. One that is safe and does not harm the patient. Any side effects are in effect, positive for the patient on all levels. It is a system and method of ‘Education, not just Medication’! One that will naturally bring out ‘the best’ in the individual so long as they are willing to take responsibility for their own health and life.

The courses I teach are not complicated but refreshingly simple to understand and apply. They are based in biological law  how everything fits and operates in universal law’. The study of how things happen the way they do, why this is so and how we can work with these set laws to produce positive responses of biological benefit.

In studying the universal Laws of Cause and Effect, it is a course of learning in how to not only read and understand the expressions of the living organism, but also how to work with these laws for a positive outcome be it improved health, greater awareness of ourselves or an enhanced quality of life on all levels.

It is not a course of just giving a disease a name according to the symptoms and then ‘treating’ those symptoms by following a proscribed protocol with  medicines and remedies!  

This is a course that works with the dynamics of the human organism (mind, body, emotions and spirit) to give opportunity for a more complete and vibrant expression of all that is possible and positive within the realm of human potential.

It is a course of instruction that will teach you how to read the signs, signals and symptoms of the living body and understand them. 

It is a course that will enable you to work with the body’s inherent healing and rejuvenating capacity and powers of resilience.

It is a course that will show you how to build health so strong it will overcome disease – where it is possible.

It is a course of Educating people and empowering them to help themselves!

Health building supplements are used but as an adjunct to, not the main course of treatment.

It is a course of learning where you become, as Hippocrates put it, ‘Nature’s Assistant’. We will be working with all the powers of creation in us and in the universe of what we are a part of. You will be working with the dynamic health powers of recuperation in the body. You will be educating your patients how to ‘listen to and work with their body’. 

Medicines, surgery and good body work will always have their place but, for a lasting positive outcome, lifestyle changes (as in diet, attitude, awareness, exercise, and identifying and dealing with whatever is contributing to the cause) have to be made in order to move and progress towards its potential.

Whatever you are seeking in life, that is also seeking you!

This is true and happy are those souls who have an inner resonance driving them towards their source of Self-creation and expression!

Finding what you want is the hard part.

Knowing it and doing it superbly is much easier!

If the above renovates with you, then you may have found what you have been searching for.

We really do live in an ocean of life. A living universe of creative energy and it is how we understand and apply the laws that govern us that determines how we ultimately experience life.  

Luck and misfortune have nothing to do with it. It is all ‘created to coincide’ (coincidence) in direct relation to how use or don’t use our creative instruments, our minds and bodies. We are constantly receiving back in response to what we are transmitting. Our body is an expressive instrument and whatever is happening on the inside will be manifesting on the outside. Likewise, when you start moving on the inside, you cannot stand still on the outside and vice versa!

How can you give what you do not have? 

An essential prerequisite to studying this course is that you accept the responsibility to make the most of your opportunity in life and dare to give place, time and energy to cultivate and give birth to what is pushing, struggling and burning to be expressed through your particular genetic code and community of cells making up your unique and unquestionably, magnificent individuality. 

Do you want personal health, happiness, success and peace? They come with a price. The price is focus, dedication and discipline in applying ‘correct knowledge’ to your living. This brings me to the title of this course. 


What is ‘Biological’? 

‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘logical’ meaning ‘sense!’ 

‘Bio-logical’ means – ‘Life-Sense’ or Sensible Living (I like to call it ‘Vitality Living’) and this is the great secret of this course. It is a course of ‘wisdom applied to living’ for people with ‘Common Sense’. Do not be fooled by this simplicity. I have conducted one of the country’s largest and may I admit, most successful health centres for more than forty years by simply teaching people how to live sensibly in such a way as to build health so strong, it will overcome disease and greatly improve their quality of life. This is a large reason why this course is different to just about all the rest. I teach a way of listening to and understanding the body, mind and life experiences and not fighting but rather ‘working with it’ to a positive outcome. 

Things fall into place for those who get out of their comfort place to move forward in the direction of their sense of destiny.

Powers grater than our own come to assist us as we

go out of our way to help ourselves. 

The creative mind is a universal magnet attracting

whatever is needed so long as we are

creating and maintaining a focused mindset. 

No coincidence –

All is to coincide with our dominant aspirations! 

A person’s body does not just get sick or dis-eased for no reason. It certainly does not start attacking itself as many of the modern medical minds would have us believe. This is a misunderstanding of how the intelligence of not only the human body works but also how the universe works. Keep in mind, we can see the dynamic laws of the macro environment by observing the microenvironment. 

The body is always responding and expressing. Symptoms are singes that something is wrong within the fabric of our life. Taking medicines to take away the symptoms or stop the body responding naturally is not intelligent and not working with the wisdom of the body. It certainly gives no credibility to the truth that the body has any instinctive intelligence at all. It creates an illusion that the body is in a constant struggle against itself and floating in a tide of no law or reason! The good news is – there is law and for essential reasons!

The Law of Cause and Effect governs our inner and outer universe

All is governed and can be predicted and calculated by applying the rules of this law, similar to the language of mathematics. Everything is in balance or striving for balance. Positive or good cause – positive or good effect. Negative or bad cause – negative or bad effect. No cause, no effect! This applies to our minds just as much as it does to our bodies.

Generating a rewarding career and healthy income in this new age of unprecedented challenge brings with it, that golden word, ‘opportunity!’ The  growing number of aware ‘Baby Boomers’ are rising to the forefront and  driving the demand for ‘quality information and services’ in the natural Healthcare field rather than relying on modern medicine!

 These are the days of a ‘hi tech – high cost’ and ‘low touch – low talk’, drug or supplement taking mentality. However, more and more of the ‘thinking’ modern community are realising they must take responsibility for their own lives and play an active part in the implementation of ‘lifestyle strategies’ to keep themselves well, out of hospital and off chemical drugs!

Now there has never been a time where the modern popular need   ‘health and wellness education’ taught by teachers who ‘know their stuff, walk their talk and disperse correct information.

The Top 5 Percent

If you apply your faculties,

Focus, dedicate and discipline yourself –

You can be in the top 5 percent

of your field in 7 years or less!

I know this because – I did it myself.

Such is the power in you.

If you want this, if you work for this and if you are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve this!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. 

Who looks inside, awakes”

– Carl Gustav Jung

When you regain your Health – You have Hope. When you have Hope – You have everything.