Metabolic Formula Explained (extended)


Do you feel you are living in a ‘Metabolic rut’?

Do you want more energy, vitality and virility and all that goes with it?

Would you like to function better, feel and perform better and think clearer?

Do you want to build your health so strong you can overcome disease and stay well?

Do you want a higher quality of life to the extent you find a new lease on life? Would you like to replace unwanted weight (fat) with lean muscle?

Would you like to supply your body with a food that will assist it to function better?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need to read further!

It is with pleasure I present my formulas that are the culmination of my observation, research and experience throughout my career in the health sciences that now spans more than three and a half decades. I originally conceived the idea for these formulas as I repeatedly witnessed hundreds of thousands of patients find a literal ‘new lease on life’ as a result of doing my special ‘Detoxification and Revitalization Program’ as outlined in my book, ‘VITALITY VIRILITY and LONGEVITY – Functional Rejuvenation of Mind and Body’ and then following a sensible lifestyle that served to ‘hold’ the new vitality they had found. This new lifestyle of necessity contained in it a well-organized exercise plan. Not only did my patients recover from severe and often life-threatening conditions (many being medically considered ‘incurable diseases’), but also with very few exceptions, they actually went on to be more vital, healthy, virile and younger than they had been in many years. Sometimes decades!

I considered what is actually happening here on the biological plain because this has to be our frame of reference seeing that our minds and bodies are governed by biological law. Sure enough, it didn’t take me long to discover what was happening. These people were being revitalized and rejuvenated simply because they were giving their bodies the biological conditions needed for this. They were effectively detoxifying their bodies of accumulated and often contaminated toxic wastes and then supplying mild but potent food fuels that provide the body with the chemical elements it requires to functionally rejuvenate itself – where it is possible. And here we come to the key to their transformations. It all comes back to the basic two essential qualities of life, namely, ‘nutrition and drainage’ or anabolism and catabolism, together known as the twin phases of metabolism. Metabolism is in reality; the key to healing and healing is just another word for ‘rejuvenation.’

Metabolism – the key to healing and rejuvenation

Metabolism is the very process of life.

It is also the key to healing, staying young and living a long healthy life.

Every individual cell in the living body has within its living structure the two essential qualities of nutrition and drainage, commonly referred to as anabolism and catabolism. Working together in harmony the two actions combined are called metabolism. Metabolism maintains life and is the very process of life itself and hence it is the key to healing and this is just another name for ‘rejuvenation’ and remaining young in bodily function, expression and appearance.

Our metabolism is the key to our continued rejuvenation and staying young.

Both processes allowed to operate in a harmonious balance are indispensable to life and are essential to healthy function and sustained vitality, virility and longevity. Where the right conditions are supplied and maintained and the body has sufficient vitality, which is biological energy, the cells of our bodies (including the brain) can be renewed in a healthy and youthful state on what has been shown to be an on-going basis! The significance of this concept and of highlighting the essential role of metabolism, which is proper nutrition and adequate drainage, is revealed in the remarkable experiment I often share that literally reveals the key to the disease process and how to remove it and significantly, the key to healing and rejuvenation and how to maintain it.

In the first half of the last century, Dr Alexis Carrell, 1873 – 1944 (Nobel Prize Laureate) at the Rockerfeller Institute for Medical Research in U.S.A. took small pieces of heart tissue from a chicken embryo and demonstrated that under suitable conditions the living cell could live a very long time, perhaps indefinitely. The heart tissue was immersed in a nutrient solution from which it obtained its food. Likewise, its waste material was secreted into this same solution. Every day the solution was changed, taking away waste substances and providing fresh nutrients. It is amazing to report that this chicken heart tissue lived for 29 years in this fashion without any signs of degeneration and aging. It died one day when the lab assistant forgot to change the metabolised, polluted fluid! In other words, the accumulations of the tissues own wastes caused its death. Said Carrell of this experience: The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals; give the cell something upon which to feed and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.

This excellent work of scientific research revealed this significant concept that if used, can be life changing. If we supply our body with the right conditions it needs biologically, and here, in this instance, I mainly refer to the proper nutrition, and also importantly, allowing sufficient drainage and elimination of wastes, the cells continue to function efficiently and stay young for an indefinite period of time! As was demonstrated in this remarkable experiment, the principle is the same. If ever there were a fountain of youth, this would have to be it. But in reality, it is just simple biological law in operation. ‘The human organism is capable of dynamic function, performance, healing (rejuvenating itself) and living a lot longer than generally believed when given the chance.’

There is a saying I like very much: ‘Nutrition is a great science. While it is not everything, without the use of nutrition, everything else will be nothing’. I have seen the validity of this statement. Also, I would like to quote the great father of the healing arts, Hippocrates: “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.”

Food medicine – an essential part of intelligent health care

I present here, what I believe to be a biologically effective ‘Food-medicine’ as a very necessary adjunct to the ‘standard Australian diet’ (‘the SAD diet’) and importantly, an intelligent alternative to supplementing your mind and body. With the arrival of these formulas, 80 percent of my naturopathic medicine dispensary was no longer necessary. The entire ingredients I have chosen for the Metabolic Red and Green are organic and not synthetic which means they can be fully taken-up and utilized by the living body and this is a crucial consideration when discussing nutritional supplementation and any form of medicine in general as it is not what you eat – but what you digest that makes difference.

The word ‘digestibility’ is a very significant consideration as if the food or chemical element is not ‘fully digestible’; it cannot be fully broken down and assimilated into usable fuels to feed the body. Worse than this, incomplete digestion and assimilation leads to fermentation and putrefaction which further leads to toxic wastes entering the bloodstream and over time the body becoming encumbered with these metabolic wastes and leftovers. These substances are toxic and offensive to the body and as you will read in many of my books, toxaemia is the root cause of most degenerative disease. There are many medicines and nutritional supplements on the market that are not fully absorbable and actually end up being lodged in some part of the body such as the liver, arteries, stored in hollow organs or in joints where it can cause degeneration and serious health problems over many years. The ingredients in ‘Metabolic Red and Green can be digested, assimilated and eliminated efficiently. It is the ideal ‘extra nutritional support’ for people in this modern age. It is a natural food supplement that is like nutritional back-up insurance.

METABOLIC RED and GREEN are a two-part natural food supplement specifically to assist and support the two essential processes of metabolism namely, anabolism and catabolism. To maximise synergistic value in accordance with biological law, one is to be taken in the morning and the other in the evening.

Metabolic Red ‘The Physical’ for rejuvenation, vitality (energy) and strength’ is taken in the morning and supplies essential ‘raw material’ nutrients to assist in building or ‘rebuilding’ the body as the process of anabolism requires. It provides fuel for biological energy and is ideal during the day when physical and mental performances are required. It also serves to strengthen and assist the renewal of cells and tissue.

Metabolic Green ‘to come clean in a toxic world’ is taken in the evening. This is to assist the body in detoxification and drainage. It provides ‘cleansing foods’ and assists the metabolic process of ‘catabolism’. It is relaxing and ideal to be taken at night because the body cleanses while we rest and the most perfect form of rest is sleep. Together, taken at the beginning and end of the day, they provide extra support for the vital functions of the body.

I refer to these formulas as ‘natural food supplements’. This is food-medicine and here we are really moving towards a higher level of intelligent health care. Small amounts consumed on a regular basis as a food supplement, all ingredients are completely natural and derived from natural organic food sources.

An ideal ‘supplement’ for everybody, children and adults in these busy modern times. Taking this supplement while travelling will help ensure you of getting what you need when you need it. It is an excellent enhancement not only your metabolism but also your whole feeding program. This is taking ‘food medicine’ to a new level of bioactive available to the body.

What do the Metabolic Red and Green contain?

Contained in the formulas are foods harvested from the earth and ocean providing the most dynamic sources of micronutrients and essential trace elements needed by the human body available on this planet. Furthermore, these ingredients are not only whole and fully digestible, they are uniquely combined to produce a remarkable ‘synergistic’ bio- available to magnify and enhance each other. Ingredients are listed in order of percentage of formula from highest to lowest.

METABOLIC RED contains organically grown:

Spirulina – Known as ‘Nature’s richest food’ and a ‘total food’ in itself! A concentrated whole food harvested from under water it is the richest whole food source of many essential chemical elements. It contains an amazing amino acid profile providing an incredible 60 – 70 percent digestible protein. This makes it the ‘food of choice’ for physical rejuvenation. It is a natural source of digestible iron being 58 times richer than spinach and 28 times higher than raw beef liver). It is an excellent source of anti oxidants including vitamin E and contains more beta carotene than any other food on the planet (25 times richer than carrot). It is a highly concentrated source of essential fatty acids being one of the few whole food sources containing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the form of Linoleic, Linolenic and gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). It is one of the richest sources of calcium being a whopping 10 times richer than milk. B complex is abundant and especially B12. It is the richest source of chlorophyll being a massive 3 to 30 times richer than alfalfa or wheatgrass. The chlorophyll spirulina contains along with another substance, phycocyanin, actually traps sunlight and transforms it in to energy in plants. It seems to have a similar effect within the human body! It also contains many other minerals a grand list of enzymes, essential trace and chemical elements including selenium. Spirulina is a complete whole food that will enhance fat metabolism (remove fat) while building lean muscle mass. This whole food is nutritionally biologically active and rich, it is the greatest survival food on the planet and this is why NASA is testing it for ‘space travel food.’

Barley Grass – has been correctly referred to as an ‘anti aging and anti cancer food.’ Uniquely, it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and many other valuable trace and chemical elements that, when present at the same time, produces a ‘synergistic’ effect to magnify all nutritional values of each. This whole food promotes oxygenation of the blood hence its vital role in assisting the body to encourage cellular change reversal and maintenance of cellular health.

Alfalfa – known as ‘the father of all foods’ because it is one of the finest foods on planet earth. It is one of the richest sources of calcium on earth being rich in enzymes and assists in healthy digestion. Containing vitamins A, E, K, and D as well as high levels of digestible protein (a massive 18.9 percent) than beef!

Brown Rice – rich in B complex and the chemical element, ‘silica’ known as ‘the surgeon’s knife’ used to break down unwanted, unnatural build-ups within the body. Both elements are essential for digestion, blood sugar metabolism and improving healthy blood sugar levels.

Kelp – provides the essential trace element ‘iodine’ that is now deficient in Australian soil. This chemical element is needed by the thyroid and parathyroid gland in these stressful times. The thyroid gland is ‘the emotional gland’ and requires iodine for its healthy function and production of thyroxine. Kelp contains many other minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium and is essential for healthy functional metabolism of the entire body.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus – essential to healthy function of the small and large intestine. This is cultured naturally in this highly active complex to work synergistically with the green whole foods to produce a ‘bio-active’ formula.

Pectin has a beneficial effect on intestinal flora metabolism supporting the growth of bifidobacteria and suppression of adhesions of pathogenic bacteria.

Peppermint – is a digestive aid and also improves taste.

METABOLIC GREEN contains organically grown:

Wheat Grass – a very unique food in that it is almost the same chemistry as human blood except it has magnesium where our blood has iron. Otherwise, it is very much in a harmonious chemical profile. Its therapeutic properties stand along being almost identical to barley green. It can uptake 92 minerals out of a possible 102 in rich soil. The enzyme profile it contains is unique and to my experience it is one of the greatest body tissues and blood cleansers available to us from the earth.

Chlorella – known as ‘the jewel of the orient’ it is a fresh algae with chemical properties similar to seaweed. Its name is similar to ‘chlorophyll’ because it is so high in this biologically active chemical element (containing 10 to 100 times the chlorophyll of leafy green vegetables). Chlorophyll is a blood, tissue cleanser and body deodorizer making it a wonderful detoxifier. It is particularly rich in organic digestible iron, zinc and various other minerals. It is known to have a positive restoring effect on DNA and RNA and is only second to green barley leaf for its enhancement of microphage activity.

Carrot is a liver metabolite assisting cleansing and drainage of this key organ of body chemistry and elimination.

Celery – one of the riches sources of the chemical element, ‘sodium’ known as ‘the youth element’. It is sodium that keeps us supple and youthful! It does this by neutralizing and removing acid hence; it is a key element for the regulation of calcium and essential for the maintenance of the structural integrity of the whole body.

Beetroot – another liver metabolite and as well as playing an important role in detoxification, it is another ‘anti cancer’ food used successfully to reverse the path of cancer cells.

Cabbbage – A ‘phytonutrient’ that research has shown to assist the body in cleansing and has become known as an ‘anti cancer’ agent’.

Broccoli – Another ‘phytonutrient’ in the caggage family that has been shown effective in assisting the body to cleans.

Metabolic Red and Green are the ideal ‘organic whole foods’ for a nutritionally starving modern world.

Green brain food

Organic iron is richly supplied in these formulas. This is the blood’s ‘oxygen carrier’ and with correct breathing you are literally filling your blood full of life giving oxygen.

This has an enormously positive effect upon the chemistry, structure and function of all the cells in the body and this includes the brain! Your brain will function better with this green whole food.

An ‘anti-cancer food’

The difference between healthy cells and cancer cells is oxygen! This was demonstrated in the middle of the last century and apparently forgotten by modern medical science. This has been explained clearly in my books however I must bring out this very important biological fact: ‘Low oxygen in the blood and tissue causes cellular starvation and eventually cellular degeneration and death.’ Restore adequate oxygen levels to the blood and tissue and cellular change causing restoration and rejuvenation (where it is possible) is enhanced! What a concept! This information removes much of the guesswork out of health and disease.

A body-detoxifier and revitalizer

These organic whole foods blended into a ‘balanced formula’ such as they provide a biological safe and efficient way of assisting the body to rid itself of the ever being produced, waste products left over from cellular metabolism, digestion, assimilation and general wear and tear of the living moving body.

A body-rejuvenating formula

As revealed in the ingredient profile, these organic whole foods provide a most dynamic combination of raw materials for building healthy clean blood which is the basis for the growth of healthy clean cells and tissue which go on to build healthy clean organs, systems and a healthy clean and strong body. This is the substance of rejuvenation! Ideal for repairing bodies and is the perfect food for growing children.

The natural ‘body-survival food’

If there were any foods I could choose to have in my food storage in case of famine or limited food sources, these two formulas would be top of the list! Given the nutritional profiles of all the ingredients, one could survive solely on these foods.

Complete books have been written about most of these foods – and for good reason! One teaspoon is more than equal to 12 kilograms of fresh, whole organic vegetables. They represent to the writer’s mind, the most dynamic combination of organic, digestible and nutritionally rich whole foods available to the modern population.

What is the feedback? – Reports are flowing in!

By far the most common report we hear is that there is increased energy on all levels, people are losing fat and clothes are fitting better. Other reports include sleeping better, clearer minds with better memory. Parents relate that ‘their children are thriving on it’

Many delightedly report improved bowel function. These are just a few comments:

I was totally exhausted feeling like I could lie down and die and it wasn’t getting any better! I was to the point of tears! Then I read the label on your product, ‘Metabolic Red’, ‘Energy, Vitality and Strength’ I wanted all of that! The difference was instant! I proceeded to paint the whole house over the next seven days and one night worked through until 7 a.m. to finish before the carpet layers started. I was not tired and to add icing to the cake, I have lost one stone in one month!

– Lois Skinner.

It has now been only five weeks since I began your health program. Now an amazing thing has happened. It feels as if all the muscles have relaxed, the tenseness and stiffness has gone and the deposits of whatever, around the joints and problem areas have disappeared… over the past few days I have felt so good and so alive, almost as if I could ‘jump out of my skin’ if that were possible. I feel very peaceful and relaxed – not stressed out like I was. My skin is beginning to glow and my thinking processes are sharper. I can’t remember ever feeling this good… Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I’m so happy and grateful.

– Lyn Ashford.

I have suffered a life time of health problems including constipation so bad I was forced to use enemas regularly but not any more! Since following Sir Peter’s advice I have a new lease on life and can have a regular bowel motion every day effortlessly. The Metabolic formulas have helped me immensely.

– Hilda Drager, Qld.

Since including the Metabolic Red and Green in my diet, not only have my bowels improved, my mind is clearer, my memory is better and I have much more energy. I feel fantastic and my friends tell me I look great.

– Carol Kennedy, Qld

Bone Mineral Densitometry Study

A DEXA scan of the lumbar spline and femoral neck was performed using Geelong Database.

BMD (g/cm2) *T Score **Z Score
AP Femoral Neck 0.656 -2.35 -1.17
AP Lumbar Spine
(Average L2-L4)
0.772 -2.46 -1.46

*T-Score = Number of standard deviations from the mean BMD in the healthy young adult population
**Z-Score = Number of standard deviations from mean BMD for current age/sex.


The BMD value in the femoral neck indicates osteopaenia.
The value in the lumbar spine indicates osteopaenia.

In comparison with previous study of 10/08/03 there has been a 5.7% increase in the BMD values in the femoral neck and 9.4% increase in the lumbar spine BMD values.

Each decrease in T score of 1 increases age-adjusted risk by a factor of about 2.

Thank you for referring this patient.
Dr R. Mason

Bone density increase by a remarkable 9.4 PERCENT following taking METABOLIC RED AND GREEN for one year.