Teaching the Art and Science of Healthy Successful Living

This is the core subject of the course and essential for all who aspire to understand correctly and teach powerfully, health, rejuvenation and ‘Wellness as a Way of Life’.

It covers the all important philosophy of ‘The Art  and Science of Healthy, Successful Living. This is the course to not only empower you to help yourself and your family, but also be able to  teach and present ‘A Lifestyle’ that can assist others to transform their lives.   

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Accolade awarded at the successful completion of this courseChanging People’s Lives!

I invite you to view some of the positive outcomes ‘and transformed lives’ that are regularly occurring through correct Biological Lifestyle Education

transformation 1

The power of education and improving digestion and bowel function

This person suffered from chronic constipation – But not anymore!
transformation 2

No More Overweight Children!

The power of ‘Lifestyle’!

Amanda lost 11 kg in just 12 weeks by following a healthy lifestyle plan as set out in my texts Vitality & Glow with Health

You can do and teach this too!

And I certainly do not pay these people to write these positive comments! They are the natural outcome of quality health education!

I really have to tell you that your book ‘Vitality’ is absolutely brilliant!’ It has made me fully understand the natural healing capacity of my body.  I do your detoxification and revitalisation program regularly – My husband & I used to do it once a year when you first introduced us to it in 1997.

In 1998 we did it twice in the year and this year 1999, we decided to do it every change of season from now on. Why do we do this? Because it makes us feel so darn good! And we also look so good because we glow from the inside from having a clean system.

– Penelope Doyle

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My daughter called her naturopath into the hospital and without realising it at the time, this was to change my life completely. I am sure on this day I was given a new life within a life and for this I am truly grateful.

– Trish Odewahn.

I no longer carry my bulky little Ventolin inhaler with me. Asthma! What asthma? This cure worked for me!

– Darryl Simmons.

30 years of headaches finished in just a few days! – Thank you Peter.

– Greg Fenech.

I wanted to share our joy and say a big ‘Thank you’ for making the birth of our baby possible.

– Leona, Ray and Carly Batz.

I am now a new woman. I feel vibrant. It is so wonderful. I want to thank Peter for saving my life and giving me the will to live a healthy and happy life.

– Carolyn Hodgetts.

Peter thank you for your help and expertise during my pregnancy. You have been one of the major contributors in bringing such a healthy beautiful baby into this world and also my continual improvement in health! Thank you, Regards

– Natalie Kane.

Your publications are excellent

– Lord Pandit Raja-Guru Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya

Your training will teach you to not only transform people’s lives but also, their bodies!

transformation 3

From this – to this – following the information and program in the book – The Vitality Lifestyle 12-Week Rejuvenation Plan

Seeing is believing – No computer touch-ups!

transformation 4

May I ask – Which girl looks happy and healthy?

I rest my case!

 12 Week Rejuvenation Plan

You will be taught how to teach this too!