Excellent Home Recumbent Exercise Bike

The BODYWORX 932 is the most popular unit for home fitness and has proven to be reliable and friendly to use. It is finished off very smartly, is quiet, smooth and is very easy to program and use.

Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

The BODYWORX AR5100 is a Commercial unit that is build very strong and robust and will support being used everyday all day if needed. More suited for Health Clubs, gyms and places where it will be used frequently.

Functional Trainer

This is a quality ‘Top of the line’ Functional Trainer and essential equipment for every home Rejuvenation Gymnasium. Why? Because you can perform so many different exercises on it in a large variety of ways. It is called a ‘Functional Trainer’ because it is designed to assist and enhance the user’s ability to perform functional moves requiring the whole of the body. By this I refer to being very valuable in providing controlled resistance training in many standing, sitting, incline, decline and lying positions utilising the body’s own core strength.

The Hip Sled

I recommend the ‘Hip Sled’ because of its versatility once again. This is another very versatile unit with a smooth 45 degree Leg press. We also have the unique  hack squat and two exercises for the caves all in one unit. Very quick to adjust and use. Semi commercial quality means you will not wear this baby out!

The Ultimate Exercise Station

I am very pleased to describe how well designed and smart this little unit is. Yes, I say little because for the amount of exercises that can be done on this unit, it requires only a small fraction of the floor space needed by conventional gym equipment providing the same exercise equipment to do the same exercises.

Versatile yes, many exercises yes, see the accompanying brochure but, it is also very unique. How? It has the same option that many much more expensive commercial unites have. With the pull of a lever, it has the ability (a Patented mechanism) that will require the user to use their own core muscles to stabilise and balance their movements while performing their chosen exercise. It is a good looking unit and I enjoy its smooth flowing movement every time I use it and its versatility never ceases to amaze me

Adjustable bench and set of Rubber Hex Dumbbells

If you do not have a lot of room, a set of rubber Dumbbells and this well designed ‘Adjustable bench’ is an easy way to get started. The bench has optional extras that enable you to do many upper and lower body exercises. The accompanying brochure shows the options. Ideal if you do not have a lot of space and on a budget.

Smith Jones Machine

The Smith/Jones machine is a very unique unit and I would not be without one in my personal gym.

* It is ideal for serious ‘home alone’ training as it makes heavy lifting – SAFE!

* It has a unique ‘Balance Bar’ where it requires you to keep the bar level which is one of the great significant features of using ‘Free weights’. This causes you to have to stabilise and use your core muscles whereas it is very rare to find other models with this feature.

* This unit can be used for so many exercises for upper and lower body – And all safely when used correctly.

* It is of commercial quality which means, unless you accidentally back over it with your truck, it wont wear out or break but will last probity as long as you do!

* It’s a very sexy looking unit! Silver grey and sleek. This is the first piece of equipment I recommend for any new home gymnasium setup where the clients want to lift to their maximum are serious about cultivating their physical bodies.


Inversion Machine

One of the most important pieces of ‘health equipment’ any home can have for the whole family. An ‘Inversion unit’.  Known as ‘Gravity Traction’ I have used, recommended and sold these units just about all of my career. They have helped me through some serious spinal accidents. Moreover, they have helped hundreds of my patients with serious back problems. Some were so bad, doctors could not operate and they were left helpless in a degenerative sate. That is, until they were treated by me and I recommended they purchase one of these units and follow my instructions.

Designed and created by an insightful and gifted Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gravity Traction has worked near miracles for many ‘Bad Back’ sufferers around the world but has never really been given attention by the medical profession. In fact, I know of no practitioners recommending this form of self help.

I have completed the full Gravity Guidance System Professional training and can give advice on using these units safely and correctly. Just hanging up-side-down is not the answer and most often will aggravate the problem as many tell me they have done before meeting me and  following my instructions.

I have an E Book for sale now and soon a DVD showing exactly how to use this remarkable rejuvenation unit.

‘Essential’ (Only if you do not have the Functional trainer or Exercise Station).