Advanced Massage Techniques Volumes 1-3

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Vol 1. Produced by a highly successful Remedial Massage Therapist. In this volume you will learn how to give an excellent full-body, relaxation massage. A course with an excellent set of notes are also available.

Vol 2. This DVD takes you deeper into being able to deliver a ‘real therapeutic experience’. This volume contains many of the best therapeutic moves Peter has used throughout his very respected career. Results speak the loudest and you will not be disappointed.

Vol 3. In this, the final in this Master Massage Series, Peter shares more of his highly effective therapeutic techniques. Many of these moves are not know by the majority of massage therapists. Peter teaches you how to ‘feel your way’ and know the areas that need work rather than just skimming over them as most therapists do. The skills taught here transform your abilities from ‘giving a massage’ to ‘effectively treating a person in a highly therapeutic manner’.  A course with an excellent set of notes are also available. See our ‘Education Centre’

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