30 Minutes That Can Buy You 20 Years


A Uniques exercise routine! A 30 minutes investment that can make all the difference to how you feel, look and experience life. An easy way to get fit and toned by putting your whole body through its natural and needed moves! Just push ‘play’ and work (flow) along with Peter.

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When you know how to exercise correctly, you will be surprised how much you don’t have to do! – Peter Edwards.

This is Peter’s very popular ‘Total Exercise Workout’ for your whole body. These exercises are also corrective exercises and represent a very well organized stretching, toning and breathing exercise routine with a significant aerobic benefit all completed in just 28 minutes! This unique routine is a compilation of the dynamic yoga and structural balancing exercises Peter used to restore his own back and body and since then has help thousands of his patients to do the same. Ideal for people with bad backs, sore bodies or just to keep it all healthy and strong!

It will put your joints through their full range of motion, stretch and tone all major muscle groups and increase your aerobic fitness and physical strength all at once. This excellent excise routine is a flowing ‘dynamic’ physical feast for your body! Also containing highlights of the famous ‘Vitality Walking’ technique. THis DVD has an excellent companion e Book, ‘BACK MAGIC’.


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