If you have already read my book 'BACK MAGIC' you will have seen how essential the use of gravity traction has been in my life for restoring my back and spine to health. After spending a small fortune on treatments, Gravity Traction made 'All the difference' TWICE! Furthermore, I have used this therapy on hundreds of patients and recommended they purchase their own to use daily for not only pain relief but also to assist in achieving a lasting positive outcome. It never ceases to amaze me the positive results that flow back to me.I recently showed the recent X-Rays of my spine to one of the Coast's top Chiropractors and Osteopath. His comment was, "You have the most well preserved disc space in your spine I have ever seen in a person your age and 20 years younger". I shared with him, I use Gravity traction regularly. This is also a reason I have kept my full hight of 6 feet 3 1/2 inches or almost 192cm in my 60's.I must make it perfectly clear. I do not recommend you just 'hang up-side-down'. This will not help and in most cases will aggravate your condition. There is a proper way of using Gravity Traction and with all purchase, I include a copy of my E-Book, 'Spinal Decompression through gravity traction' - for Free!And please, do not save in the wrong place. Two of my patients who I recommended to buy one of these units purchased a cheaper unit each online. Both were unhappy with them. One actually got stuck up-side-down and then came and purchased the one I recommend!Please read the amazing story of one of my patients below: