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It has been truly said, ‘A long life lived is not enough but a good life lived is long enough’.
I like this and may I also say, ‘It is not so much ‘how long we live’ but ‘How well we are while we live’.
‘Wellness as we age’ being the important concept here’!

Throughout my professional career and also observing the modern population, I continue to see the vast majority of seniors suffering unnecessirily from degenerative disease and being propped up by increasing amounts of prescription drug cocktails as well as needing regular medical visits and treatments. Prescription medical drugs I must add, are legally registered as ‘scheduled poisons’. May I make it clear, I am not saying ‘no prescription drugs’. I am saying, ‘Less prescription drugs wherever it is safe and possible’!

Maintaining as much quality of life as we possible can throughout our life is a very wise goal.

To age with grace, maintaining all our facilities and then to arrive at our time to depart this life with dignity is to my mind, a most worthy destination.

Almost all baby boomers and people over forty in general are ageing prematurely because of the side effects of the medical drugs they are taking as part of the normal plan of modern medical treatment to treat their ailments. And it is interesting to observe that the number of ailments and drugs always increases as the years pass with this system of healthcare? Modern medicine does not treat the cause of disease, it is set up to treat the symptoms with chemical drugs.

I am not against modern medicine. The modern community needs medical attention! However, I am ‘For’ a system of health care to produce ‘healthy ageing’, and nothing that advances degenerative ageing as is currently the case.

The main cause of death in the modern world is increasing at ‘an alarming rate’

The international medical newsletter ‘MedScape’ has recently published an article showing the number one cause of death in the world, ‘stroke’ is ‘Increasing Alarmingly’! This is not a positive report but does reveal the direction where the modern highly medicated population is heading.

“True wealth is not what we have, it’s what we are. And it is our Wellness that is far more precious than our riches as we age. It also pays much greater returns than any other investment”!

“You the individual, can do more for your health, continued wellness and Sanity into your latter years than any medicine, treatment or therapeutic device”

Investment seminars are everywhere these days. People are chasing money and all that goes with it more than ever before. I treat many of the ‘rich rich’, Billionaires who have made the money but are not well enough to enjoy their achievements let alone feel and express their personal power. There is wisdom in building financial reserves for security in our years however, there is more to planing wisely  and than just financial planing. The greatest of all is, ‘How we enhance and maintain our functional wellness on all levels throughout the years!

There is an old saying I use a lot in my writing and presentations:

“You can loose all your money and you have lost a lot.

You can loose your health and you have lost much more. But! –

If you loose your peace of mind – you have lost everything”!

All you have achieved, your family and even your self cannot be appreciated and enjoyed anymore.

Today there is a epidemic of mental illness, dementia, cognitive decline and depression in the modern society. The statistics are staggering. The use of anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs is skyrocketing even amidst our children. The biggest area of growth in the health care industry is reliably predicted to be – ‘Caring for and dealing with, the mentally disabled. All those who have lost or are loosing their mental faculties and ‘Peace of mind’. 

Would you like to learn about ‘Real Personal Wealth Creation’? One that will show you how to reestablish your Personal Power and show you how to become strong and well on all levels – And assist you in staying that way? One where you can once again ‘Wink and mean it’? I’d like to share with you about Personal Investment that can change your life for life! One where you will be digging in a vein of pure gold.! Self investment, anything to improve yourself and lasting quality of life is ‘the greatest investment you will ever make’.

I offer another way from what sadly has become ‘the normal’. A better way. A way that is healthy for you and bring you to your best wherever it is possible. A way where all the side effects are actually good for you. I will show you how you can help yourself if, you really want to.

Improving and maintaining our physical health and strength and our mental wellbeing and sanity

As I share in all my lectures:

‘The greatest way to remain on top in whatever sport or physical discipline you practice, is to remain injury free’.


‘Two of the greatest ways of maintaining your physical and mental health, functional wellness and independence is to remain injury free and also prescription drug free’.

If you are already on prescription drug medication, the goal must be to be able to safely reduce them as much as possible. This is done by the support of a good medical doctor willing work with you in this positive aspiration.

Secondly and most importantly, you need to know what you can do to help yourself improve your health so much that you no longer need so many drugs. Does this make sense to you? If it does not, then it will be better you maintain your current treatment with your medical doctor. If it does make sense to you, well then, we certainly do have seething to talk about!

Consider making an appointment with me for a consultation either in person which I always prefer or at least to get started, by phone or Skype. Please see my home page and click on the photo of me at the top left. I am looking forward to sharing with you.

Do I sound too confident? May I say, as I approach my 40th year involved in the study and practice of the Natural Holistic Healing Arts, I have come to see two things:

1/ The human body (most animals and living organisms for that matter) has a remarkable capacity to heal and regenerate itself once they it is given the chance. And secondly,

2/ A person has to understand what to do and how to do it properly to allow the body’s healing and rejuvenation response to be maximised to its full potential.


The Wealth of the Wise

“True wealth is not what we have – It’s what we are.

The greatest investment you will ever make – Is in yourself.

It used to be “Survival of the Fittest”

Now and in the future it is, “Healthy Survival of the Wisest”

The wise plan not only for their future wealth but also for their lasting health.

The greatest physician you will ever have, is You!

However, you can only help yourself when you know what to do.

Knowledge and understanding yield wisdom and personal power to help yourself.

Survival and real wealth which is Lasting Health requires you to be Health Wise and Self Wise.

Simply, continued Wellness is ‘The Wealth of the Wise!

 Let me share with you – the Wealth of the Wise”. – Peter W.Edwards