Consultations with Peter William Edwards

Specialist Naturopathic Physician

Modern medicine as well as modern ‘natural medicine’ have become increasingly caught up with almost entirely relying on the prescription of ‘medicines to treat disease’ rather than looking deeply into the fabric of the individual’s life, lifestyle and mindset. 
These days both are establishing more and more ‘protocols’ to follow as the recommended and preferred method and prescription for the treatment of the specific ‘named’ disease condition. 
Less time discussing and investigating possible underlying causative factors and swift proscribing of medicines and supplements has become the norm.
So often the individual’s mindset and internal and external environments are producing toxic chemistry effecting the person’s health and overall life experience. 
We can do better than this!
Peter offers a very real and personalized approach to each individual who seeks his assistance. None are treated as routine or ‘protocol’ – all are explained what is causing their disease and this is what makes his service and approach different from most other healthcare professionals, medical and non-medical alike

Peter’s main focus is simple. Correctly identify the cause of the disease and show how to remove it where it is possible. This is the swiftest and most effective method of stimulating the body’s own healing response. If you are unwell, there is a reason (cause) for it! Identify and understand the cause and you are more than half way to recovery!

‘Lasting improvement and recovery are only possible when the underlying cause has been successfully identified and removed. The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself once it is given the chance. I offer no wonder drugs or miracle cures however, it has been my repeated experience that the body is extremely resilient and responds remarkably once given the chance. Only by working with your body and its needs, reading the symptoms correctly and not just treating them, can an individual hope to realistically work towards a positive and lasting recovery. – Peter W. Edwards

Peter has seen recovery where it was medically not thought possible. This being achieved by applying his biological method of understanding and treatment to the patients unique and specific needs. And as Peter likes to say and stands upon:

In the final analysis – when all is said and done –
Results speak the loudest!
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Distance Consultations

You can have a consultation with Peter from anywhere in Australia or the overseas via the phone or Skype.

For many years Peter has successfully advised people using this process. Peter can give you personalized instruction that can help you specifically move forward in your desire to help yourself. To book your phone consultation now, simply Click here.

Do ‘Distance Consultations’ work?
Here is some feedback from previous patients who received Phone Consultations

“within  a week of modifying the diet the moody, uncontrollable little boy was becoming more controllable (and loveable) again.”
Our four year old son had been suffering with sever asthma  attacks for ten moths, and had been constantly treated with steroids, Ventolin and Intal. Not only was his asthma still persisting, but he had become totally uncontrollable.

Our consultations were by phone… within  a week of modifying the diet the moody, uncontrollable little boy was becoming more controllable (and loveable) again… has not had an asthma attack in almost one year…

All this is due to our monthly phone consultations…Thank you.

Kind Regards, L H-L ‘Orient Station’

“I want to thank Peter for saving my life and giving me the will to live healthy and happily.”
I was almost paralysed down my left side. I could not move without sever pain. My joints were swollen and I knew I was in trouble . My GP confirmed Ross River Fever and said ” You could suffer for the next 3 years”.

I had a very good recommendation to Peter Edwards… I immediately arranged a phone consultation. Since then I have not looked back…

I am now a new woman. Now just 4 months later after being so ill, so depressed and so stressed I feel so healthy happy and young and I am able to set my mind to do almost anything. I want to thank Peter for saving my life.


“I couldn’t believe how easy it was, as after only three days I was free of pain”
I suffered for four years with shingles seeing four doctors during this time who all told me I’d have the pain for the rest of my life.

Then I was recommended to see Peter…I couldn’t believe how easy it was, as after only three days I was free of pain.
Peter has always been just a phone consultation away.

Ann Porter.